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Question about the Druid’s Chortasmata.

can i apply both Carnivory and Sterea Trofh on the same Chortasmata?

this will determine if i will go for Druid1 or Druid2 on my Diev build.

if you can’t use both at the same time on 1 Chortasmata, i will just go with Druid1


Apparently the most popular support cleric build in kTos is priest3->chaplain->cleric2->pd/kaba. Big contributing factors are, that rank 5 heal isn’t sufficient for endgame PvE content and Last Rites is a good damage buff.

What I would like to ask however, is how that build fares in group PvP? Is cleric C2 also necessary to support in large scale battles? Is the Chaplain toolkit useful in group PvP?

Thanks in advance for replies.


Nevermind, tos forums ate that youtube link.

Anyway, chaplain’s main issue is that auto attacks are to easily avoided in pvp. Only Exorcise is of some decent use offensively…
Defensively it is a very nice due to revive, aspersion and stone skin.

The plague doctor variant does not solve the dmg issue as it’s still melee range, but it does allow for a insanely tanky build if you went full con. Which does benefit a ton of cleric2. (but int/spr stats are preferable for pve)

The Kabbalist variant doesn’t really need cleric2 for pvp and has no issue hitting enemies with revenged sevenfold and merkabah. But is sadly also not remotely as durable and has lengthy cd’s.

And keep in mind that there are anti tile/circle skills which greatly limit cleric’s use. So it does depend a fair deal what you’re up against. (Watch out for thaums/trappers)

Thank you for the reply. It is clear, that revive should be among the most powerful PvP spells. I do believe that anyone intending to support in PvP will have to get c2 priest. However, if chaplains value is questionable, maybe it is worth it to branch out earlier? Some options do look tempting, at least on paper.

One could drop the chaplain or even c3 priest. With stone skin and higher ranks on your most powerful spells the latter is likely not reasonable. Aren’t the players however tempted to get some high tier class other than chaplain?

I am also glad that you brought up the subject of damage on cleric. From what I have seen in icbt and YT videos, an offensive support will likely be more desirable for group PvP than FS. Earlier I thought that taking a rank in sadhu would provide the character with damage he/she needs. With changes since however this doesn’t seem appealing. Could you kindly share your thoughts on what class would be good to take a circle or two of to assist your team with damage in PvP?

Keep in mind i’m hardly a expert at pvp, but i did see several builds in action.

And it’s most a issue of hitting enemies reliably, since the majority of cleric skills have a very short range. Combine that with a lack of cc and gapclosers and well it’s not good.

In terms of ranged skills:

  • [Str/Dex] Monk3 offers God Finger Flick and Energy Blast. But the dmg isn’t that good and they have lengthy cd’s.

  • [Any] Bokor2 for effigy (low dmg but spammable long range skill) and a movement speed buff for melee builds.

  • [Int] Druid for telepath (control a enemy at 50% move speed for 11-20 seconds, 1 min cd). Easiest way to kill people in the game probably.

  • [Int] Sadhu1/2 for OoB, Astral Body Explosion and Possession/prakriti combo. But is easily interrupted and ruined by anti tile/circle skills.

  • [Any, but int is best] Kabbalist for revenged sevenfold (team reflects next dmg x2 + int) and Merkabah (Long range decent damage).

Oracle’s death sentence could have been nice due to it’s 60% slow, but it’s easily cured and has a 10min cooldown. talk about overkill.

I’d say overall it heavily depends on your build and stat you want to aim for.

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Hey guys. What’s the most optimal build with monk in it right now? I’ve played Cleric1>Priest3>Monk2 in iCBT2 and it was ok. Is it still good? Are there better choices? I can’t into class building soz :V

Most optimal is subjective.
You might want more defensive, more offensive, more utility etc…
Cleric c1->Priest c3 is a more defensive/utility monk build while Cleric c2->Diev c2 is a more utility/offensive build and they’re both good.
So, what do you want? offensive,defensive,utility?

Cleric2>Diev2 sounds interesting! How do I play that?

This is how I would play;
STR/DEX/CON build and fighting around the statues(Considering you’d pick Monk c3 at Rank 7) and using God Flinger Flick for high burst crit damage from a distance with Energy Blast.

Looks great, thank you!

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Just passing by to leave a good piece of information about Kabbalist’s Merkabah:

  • For every wheel that’s being ridden by some1, the damage of that wheel is doubled. I.E, if you have Merkabah lv2(2 wheels) and use it with no1 riding them, they’ll do 1K dmg each. If there’s 1 person riding one of the wheels, the wheel that you’re riding will deal 2K dmg and the other one will deal 1K dmg.
  • You can ride Merkabah over ground skills(like Flameground) to avoid them(you won’t be hurt by the skills).

I got this info right about 30mins ago by asking a streamer ( meddycakes ) in kTOS to test this out for me.


Do riders have control?

No the cleric does though. You select the point away from you where its going to hit, then you hop on them and ride to that point. It’s already predetermined and can’t really go more than a screen away since it has to be somewhere you can click. Just watch a basic video on how it’s cast and that should explain it better.

Aw pooh!! I imagine a couple a c3 QS’s riding by and shooting stuff up.

Maybe C2 Kabbalist will have an attribute :heart_eyes:

Just so everyone knows, clerics make up 20+ spots on the kToS Top 50 PvP rankings. Both Plague Doctor and Kabbalist are well represented. It seems Stone Skin is a hard counter to swordies and archers. I’m so excited to play! (I think iOBT will be released March 14th according to an alleged accidental post by IMC on Facebook)

Cuz think about it. For other players to ride it, they have to stop their own dps.

Oh and btw, if you still don’t know,I have confirmed that Barrier is useless in PvP xD the enemies take one hit, then just walk right by it. The magic def increase also barely makes a difference :frowning: guess Palas are stuck in PvE then. Which is fine, I guess, atleast they’re good in PvE.

Mixed feelings.

I’m truly happy someone else tried this out before I started making the character. I’m disgusted that it doesn’t block passage in pvp. I’ve always ever had WoE in the back of my head when making my builds. Guess it’s back to chaplain.

Btw thank you for bringing the news.

“Pushes enemies away and creates a barrier of protection which doesn’t allow others to enter for some time”

if it’s letting people in, it should be reported in “Bug Report” session .-.

I mean, it’s working like that ever since the arena released(bc there hasnt been anything relating to it in the patch notes) so I think it might be intended tbh.