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TankStriker - Is this build good?

lol and wizard lethargy attribute for 100% more damage to strike :stuck_out_tongue:

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How about pelt c1 rode c3 fencer c2? Fencer have a very strong strike skill

because strike debuff uptime is short, and DoV lvl 5 will only provide short amount of Pattk, maybe pelt 3 rod 3 with high guard lvl 1 is the good way to have the best amount of dammage in one strike.
umbo and rim blow base damages during high guard are 1700 (3400 with attribute lvl 100) and you have 4 activations (2*2).

But is it possible to reach at least 50% crit chance ?


Sorry for the 1-2 days late reply. Busy researching and other stuff.

Regarding fencer, hoplite and DoV stacks…okay :thumbsup:. Got it.

Stats wise, after having given much thought about this build, i’m thinking of focusing mainly on STR:CON and leaving out DEX.

reason is because with this build, blocking with a shield will literally be the main ‘meatshield’ for all physical attacks (both melee and range). Since magical attacks cannot be blocked or evaded, the amount of HP one has will be for that purpose - to absorb magical dmg. I understand that it is impossible to block 100% 24/7. But it should be at least…most of the time.

So back to stats, i’m now thinking ‘3.5 : 1’ for STR:CON. So at Lv280 Rank7 with 35 bonus stats, 225 into STR and 89 into CON. 750 phy atk is nice as a base. it will be a difference of 200 from a PURE STR build. Of course, evasion is not completely out of the picture. there’s 286 evasion and if the situation calls for it, i will pop Guardian for the +18% Evasion. And if im desperate, i will be popping Slithering, Pain Barrier, High Guard and manually Guarding as well. Anything else to pop!? :joy:. In that situation, i will be praying that the shield doesn’t break!!!

Reason why i want to be blocking more than evading is because of 2 debuffs: stagger and iron fist (-84 phydef for 60secs). Blocking will become a lot more purposeful instead of just invalidating all incoming physical damage. i wouldn’t know how well it will play out but that’s the idea…for a start. putting points into CON raises block too. With all the additional block from Peltasta Class Attributes and from skills too, i thought why not raise the bar (blocking) even higher? And with the latest patch/update from kTOS, STR now adds to block penetration. With this build, i think i should be safe from PURE STR players penetrating my blocking. :cold_sweat:

i do not know how the formula works. But at the end of the day, you either block or evade an attack. you can’t do both at the same time for 1 attack. Also PVP and GVG wise, many people are going after this ring. Soooo…blocking doesn’t trigger that right?? only evading right?? :laughing:

Okay! so this leave us with one concerning issue: Critical Hit. I will be responding to that at the bottom below, because other people have raised that concern too.

@Firstookami @YuseiXyan

regarding choosing other classes at certain ranks.

I am actually comfortable (or rather leaning more towards) choosing Doppel at R6 instead of R7. i see no urgency or a real need to pick Rodelero C3 at R6. Because the benefits of Doppel C1 is FAR MORE than Rodelero C3. So get it first the moment you can. As for Doppel C1 vs Hop, Barb, Sword, Pelt…let’s look at each of the skills that Doppel has (except Punish):

DoV – +50% atk. I’m going for 3.5 STR:1 CON ratio. Sorry for not saying this earlier but i was still researching and considering. So every attack, every dmg-dealing skill will increase! phydef -50%? No problem! Block them!
Mordschlag – its a decent Strike-type skill. BUT, it guarantees a critical hit on all cloth-armored enemies and has 2 overheats.
DPE – hit a jackpot or found a treasure chest, James from pokemon appears and says “Make it Double!”. White, Blue or Gold glowing monsters…or bosses…adventuring just got way more fun with this.
Cyclone – C :vulcan:cl :o:ne :cloud_tornado:

Come on! How does any other class beat all 4 of that!? Its a mega-awesome package! If i am to pick Rodelero C3 at R6, its just plain boring “yay more strike dmg!”. but i will need it if i want to climb further up the DPS-Strike Ladder. No way am i skipping Doppel. Its a must have.

So C1 Doppel vs Hop, Barb, Sword, Pelt…nope. Doppel still wins overall. As for why Pelt C2, the only reason is because of Umbo Blow and Rim Blow. Majority of the players are saying its not worth it in the end even with High Guard. BUT with this DPS-Striker Build, it can be a different story. So i am exploring and looking into something that majority of the people disagrees with and digging deep into the mechanics and formula surrounding these 3 skills. Shall let you know the results soon! :grin:

As for the other classes being mentioned, pretty much agree on every point about shinobi, dragoon and fencer. Thanks for the interesting write up. :thumbsup:


Attaque.C is really nice. Also with its 8secs CD. But just for that nope. if Umbo Blow and Rim Blow (empowered by High Guard) turns out to be truly horrible and i have to repick a class to replace Pelt C2, i would rather choose Doppel C2.


10secs is pretty decent for bursting. But yea…it may not be enough time for the number of skills i have to use in that period of time. As for the maths for both Umbo Blow and Rim Blow, i will have a look at it soon.

Crit Chance! yes…right at the very beginning of planning this build, i too was thinking that it would be nice to at least have 50% Crit Chance as a minimum. But i have no idea how the formula works. As of now, majority of the consensus says its like this: Critical Rate * (42/Level of Char).

So to have 50% Crit Chance at Lv280, i would need about 333 Critical Rate. It is achievable with 3 Lv10 Diamond Gems. But that requires ton of materials. Well…something to work towards to for an Epic Long-Term Goal. :laughing:. However, having 333 Critical Rate equals to 23% at Lv600. Critical Rate needs to be at 713 for 50% at that level. it would require way too many stat points. And then there’s Critical Resistance. So…im not sure how it will be much much later on higher levels. But i guess we can expect some awesome gears at Lv600 to help cover that :sunglasses:. Lets look forward to that! :laughing:

Even with 700 P.attack, dopple c1 +50% buff mean +350 and only with full stack and all your str already here.
When in the other hand Rod c3 will raise shield bash from 677 to 1059, so even without attribute it will already be +382, and target smash
972 to 1350 will be +378.
Adding 1300 base damage skill and strike weakness, and all of this is instant and doesn’t require stack and not lower your def.

Anyway, at the end we have to be very carrefull about what we are looking for: Best sustainable DPS, Best burst and also pvp or pve ?

We can’t have all :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on going to lvl up a ‘test char’ in order find data like AA vs skills ratio, dex (crit) vs str (p.att).

Real char will be trained when we will receive those épic patch

i’m not sure what you are trying to say here in your first paragraph. You were explaining the damage from the skills you mentioned…and then…:confused:

Ehh…not really best in every aspect. Best? If it turns out to be, that’s great and not so great. IMC might look into nerfing it. :joy: but if you remember - i have pretty much make myself clear that this build won’t be the best in any aspect right at the top of the build when i first posted. But it does focus on tackling several disadvantages of being a swordsman and trying to take advantage of those disadvantages. The only problem here is…how will it really play out in the end? Is it as good as it sounds on paper…in theory so far? Because there are so many mechanics involved. So yes…i have been very careful.

As a Tanker...

i would like to be at least a very good tanker. best definitely not. the best tanker is one who specializes heavily in evasion as well and going heavily into CON and probably DEX too. But here no.

As a Burster...

i would like to at least be able to do that in a short period of window when activating all the buffs, debuffs, etc followed by certain skills. Not all skills. There is a lot more activating compared to Shinobi’s Burst (Clones, Kunai, Double Slash). 3 skills while over here…its way more.

Also, its not something that i can do all the time and it does require some conditions such as building up DoV and timing. of course, this comes with a heavy SP price. I think it only makes sense to achieve high damage by activating lots of skills with this build. So far i have only come across Shinobi’s Burst that doesn’t use a lot of SP - 3 skills. the only mega down side of that is, its also the riskiest among every build that can burst. Requires lots of precision in timing and positioning and knowing the attack patterns of every boss.

As a Damage Sustainer...

its moderate. meaning average. Since when was “Best Sustainable DPS” mentioned? i wouldn’t consider it good but it may be with Sacrament, a shield with elemental damage and just DoV. Excellent or Very Good? definitely not. maybe good enough. However, corsair still wins hands down when it comes to this. The reason why i even mention it as an average damage sustainer is because there is definitely a case of being low on SP. So casting only DoV and then spamming AA is a way to help sustain damage throughout the course of time. Take it as a much better replacement of Gungho and Concentrate for a buff to damage. Being a tanker helps to counter the downsides of having low phy def. In theory, there’s sustainability.

If there is some kind of rating system for Swordsman builds, i will roughly rate this build like this:


Burst DPS: 3.5-4 / 5
DPS-Sustainability: 2.5-3 / 5
Adventure: 1-1.5 / 5
CCer: 3.5-4 / 5
Tanker: 3.5-4 / 5

Earth Tower: ?/5
GVG: ?/5
PVP: ?/5
PVE: ?/5
Bosses: ?/5


Burst DPS: ? / 5
DPS-Sustainability: ? / 5
Adventure: ? / 5
CCer: ? / 5
Tanker: ? / 5

Earth Tower: ? / 5
GVG: ? / 5
PVP: ? / 5
PVE: ? / 5
Bosses: ? / 5

Just for future references for anybody, as of now, my current plan for the TankStriker build is like this:

Investing stat points: 225 STR, 89 CON.
Will be going for C2 Dop at R8: Lv10 DoV, Lv8 Mord, Lv2 DPE, Lv10 Cyc.

As you explained it… You will probably enjoy more something like s1>p1>h3>d2(d3)
Here you will have a good use of your str and DoV, dopple 3 ready for rank 8 and Huge Block bonus.

As the original suggestion was tank striker, you will need to lower your STR for a good base of CON, lowering the interest in DoV.

So, coming back to the idea of tank able to burst quicly, rod3 pelt3 will be the answer: Rod strike weakness and pelt3 blow skills (best base damages of all strike skills ?) will impress your team.
Also, rank 8 will allow you to pick dopple and take advantage of your STR, even if, again, STR on a tank build is “strange”.

Still in love with STR build and DoV idea ? No need for more than Pelt C1 I think, pelt C2 will be a waste, even Sword c2 will do the job better

Very nice build — s1>p1>h3>d2(d3). Yes…this build does fit perfectly with what i had in mind when building the TankStriker build. Very interesting. Thanks for the build! What i think of it:

Compared to TankStriker: The Pros

(1) has much better blocking rate due to Finestra. it gives 30% block at Lv15.
(2) has much better DPS-Sustainability due to Finestra and another rank in Doppel at R8 for Lv15 DoV.
(3) Able to max out DPE since there is no need for Mord in this build. There won’t be any Strike-Debuffs. Optional

Compared to TankStriker: The Cons

(1) hardly any CC-er skills.

(2) has 2 lesser “close-the-gap” skills. But maybe 2 is enough compared to 4 in TankStriker. So this isn’t much of a con. just typing to point out.

(3) I am not sure if this build will be able to Burst DPS due to lack of multiplier modifiers and it has a few multi-hitting skills. There are, however, 2 skills that hit a lot of times. Potential is there simply by thinking about it without diving into the maths yet. So it probably goes like this:

– stack DoV to 15 and activate Finestra.
– Spear Lunge x 1 for the Pierce-Debuff.
– Followed by Stabbing x1, Pierce x1.
– Spear Lunge again and maybe spam Spear Throw until Pierce-Debuff duration ends.
– Followed by Cyclone x2.
– Mordschlag can be included

I will definitely dive into the maths.
Comparing TankStriker’s Burst Phase to this:

(+) the player will definitely have a much easier time to unleash these set of DPS skills. There are far lesser skills to activate and there’s more than enough time for each skill to burst
(+) it will cost probably only 2/3 or 1/2 of the total SP of TankStriker’s Burst needed.
(-) Bursting Phase will probably be 2 times longer than TankStriker’s Bursting Phase. As long as Shinobi’s Clones Duration (20secs). Why? Due to Stabbing x1 and Cyclone x2.
(-/+) Bursting Phase can be done every 45secs due to cyclone’s CD. every other skill should be cooled-down after Cyclone cools.
(-/+) Likewise for TankStriker, with the help of other players’ debuffs on the enemies, DPS can be really really good with these set of skills.


If using the same stats investment:
225 STR, 89 CON

Burst DPS: 3-4 / 5
DPS-Sustainability: 4 / 5
Adventure: 1-3.5 / 5
CCer: 1 / 5
Tanker: 3 / 5

Blocking wise, a solid 4.5 / 5. TankStriker is at 3-3.5 / 5
DPS-Sustainability, a 5/5 will be this i think:

As for Pelt3Rod3, i will look into it considering now that i know how High Guard works maths wise. done looking at the Maths

Pelt3Rod3 vs Pelt2Rod3Dop1

At Lv280, up to Rank 7 and presuming that High Guard reduces ONLY char’s base physical attack and not the skill’s atk or the whole entire maths, Pelt2Rod3Dop1 wins total damage wise but loses in terms of DPS in the shortest time span.

With the presumption about High Guard’s atk penalty stated above, Yes, you are right that with Pelt3, Umbo Blow and Rim Blow will be the BEST strike-type skills. Hence in the shortest amount of time, Dmg per sec (DPS) is extremely high and i would like to say smth about this for PVP wise. But will be stated below. So however, due to DoV 5 stacks that will also boost Mord & Cyclone, in just 6secs, total damage will be way more than Pelt3Rod3. Cyclone takes the most credit for this reason.

To top it off, DoV will also boost every other skill. and there’s DPE for a better Adventuring experience in TOS.

As for the 3 new skills in Pelt3: Butterfly, Langort and Umbo Thrust.

Butterfly’s Strike&Slash type…i wouldn’t know how it works. it hits 3 times. so maxing it gives Skill Atk 661 x 3. But which of those hits are Strike-Type? surely not all of it or is it? need to find out.

As for Umbo Thrust, it hits once so lets not talk about damage here. The armor break lasts for 14-15secs i saw from a video. just for that, its pretty good utility wise.

And Langort, its currently buggy with the blocking attribute. i have no idea how it works and the damage is SUPER low and pierce type even though it hits 3 times.

So all in all, Dop1 comes up right on top against Pelt3. If Langort gets fixed and buffed (which i think it will be becos the dmg is RIDICULOUSLY LOW) in whatever ways, it can be worth it. Then again, Doppel is too good.

About the PVP…

After calculating Umbo Blow with Pelt3, there is an extremely good chance of 1 HIT-KO any armor type staggered player after slithering and high-kicking in PVP. So Activate High Guard…move in with silthering, stop moving when close enough, guard and then high kick and BAM with Umbo Blow. dead!

But i still find it hard to agree on Sword C2. What is it giving me for this build? its just a stun (that doesn’t work on bosses) and 5secs more for pain barrier. every other skill is…not worth mentioning.

My current character is Sword C3 Cata C1. well…newbie char. lol! and Restrain at Lv10 is really awesome for 60secs as i could stun-lock normal monsters with 40% chance with Auto-Attacking! At Lv10, because the duration is 60secs, another 60secs for CD. but at Lv5 with only 20% chance for 45secs…ehhhhhhh…stun i know isn’t that long. feels like 0.5 secs. dunno :open_mouth:.

Your original plan of pelt2/rode synergy is flavor that is close to meta in damage for a swordie at this very moment. Things will change in the near future – aka barb and maybe highlander into doppel or doppel shinobi (slash damage buff advantage) meta. Things will change in the far future – 3 ranks unknown, I would estimate builds being at least 50% different at lower levels as current low rank skills will only be useful for buffs not damage.

as far as comparing to what you can get from a swordie ranks 1-5, your burst is correct rating, sustained dps is accurate when high guard isnt active, when it is any autos or 0cd skills will still take the damage penalty hurting you big time. lvling will be difficult until you get high guard combo and then will still be relatively difficult until rode where you can just pull everything and eventually mob them down. high hp mobs will be your bane. for ranks 1-5 tank rating is easily a 5/5 even without full con/dex investment. CC is pretty good, would say your rating is accurate. Rank 6/7 changes these ratings based on classes chosen.

Generally with a true rank 6 or 7 choice thats not fencer (ignoring due to 0 cd skills being gimped by high guard) your burst will be relatively the same or max for a swordie, dps will be same or slightly better, lvling will be much easier due to simply better skill base damage, cc is likely to drop, and tankiness will drop due to stat investment but with your buffs won’t drop much. This build is a hybrid dps/tank that in its form in theory is only beaten by fencer overall (dodge tank ties or beats your defense buffs and sustain dps beats your nondoppel/shinobi burst), and corsair tank in damage (better sustained autos, and flexible lower ranks corsair 1 or 2 for jolly roger defense buff and optional hexen and DWA, and flexible r6-7 makes this build have more potential damage for less defense investment)

Go for this build, it will be sureproof option come r8 too as it should blend with a r8 class, shinobi at r8, or doppel 3 as it should scale DoV and cyclone well at the very least. But, I estimate 50% of ppl will have new characters as mains come r10 lvl 600 cap if it comes, 75% could be likely too if people care about minmaxing.

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i just experimented and learn something very interesting about Umbo Blow: Staggered bonus on leather-armored vs plate-armored enemies.

From Damage Guide

Umbo Blow (When enemy is staggered by a block)

+100% on Plate armor
+150% on Cloth armor
+200% on Leather armor

Leather-armored enemies may seem to have the largest bonus. But when i tried it in gameplay, plate still turns out to have the highest damage dealt and then cloth and lastly leather. Reason is because of the ‘Armor Modifiers’:

Armor Modifiers

Slash :
+50% on Cloth armor
-25% on Plate and Ghost armor

Strike :
+50% on Plate armor
-25% on Leather and Ghost armor

Pierce :
+50% on Leather armor
-25% on Cloth and Ghost armor

Magic :
+50% on Ghost armor

Not saying it is not working as intended or it is not better or it is lousy. But it is to know that at the end of the day despite having the largest bonus damage for leather-armored enemies, plate-armored enemies will still be dealt with the most dmg from Umbo Blow when staggered. By just taking a quick look, it is easy to be fooled into thinking that ‘-25%’ is nth compared to “+200%”.

i do not know yet when High Guard is active or when there’s silthering’s debuff and high kick’s debuff. will have to lvl up and try it out. :grin:

Not sure if this information is accurate : I was always thinking staggered enemies just receive bonus damages from umbo blow calculated from your block value and separate from the initial damages.

If somebody can confirm that …

at lvl 25+, my block value is only 20-30. so it can’t be from my block value. after staggering Vubbe Miner, a leather-armored enemy, and then upon using UmboBlow on it, 2 numbers pop out “373” and “295”, no crit, no gungho, no sacrement. char’s phyatk shows “106-112”, which includes my weapon and other gears as well. UmboBlow skill atk was “202” at that time without any enhance attribute. no way can my block value achieve that kind of high figures. :laughing:

without staggering, i did “225” to it. so it can’t be 202 + 20-30 (block value). the -25% armor modifier doesn’t fit in anywhere to get “225”.

Even if you are referring to the '2nd number" popping out, (202+block value) * 0.75 * 3 doesnt equal to “295”.

So it has to be from my char’s base phyatk + gears + skill’s phyatk. staggered bonus applies after adding them and after the armor-modifier penalty (if not before i think). i could do more testing. will post when i can.

Watching this build too. I had plans of going pel 2, rod 2, possibly squire 2. But thinking rod 3 dopple now.

IN-GAME Results as of 27th June 2016.
Damages for: Umbo Blow, Staggered, High Guard

Back with some interesting results from some small-scale thorough tests. I have not dive into the formula yet. But gonna paste them here first so that you can see for yourself. If you want to dive into it, go ahead :grinning:


With references from [Damage Guide] and with the following stats

Umbo Blow (When enemy is staggered by a block)

+100% on Plate armor
+150% on Cloth armor
+200% on Leather armor

Armor Modifiers

Slash :
+50% on Cloth armor
-25% on Plate and Ghost armor

Strike :
+50% on Plate armor
-25% on Leather and Ghost armor

Pierce :
+50% on Leather armor
-25% on Cloth and Ghost armor

Magic :
+50% on Ghost armor

Character and Skills Info

Peltasta lv45 with equipments
char sheet phyatk: 181-200
block: 42 (230 with high guard)
no buffs or debuffs

Lv4 Bash phyatk: 107 (slash type), not enhanced.
Lv8 umbo blow phyatk: 316 (strike type), not enhanced.
Lv1 high guard: Lv5 umbo blow specialty.


Umbo Blow, Staggered, High Guard

1… Sorry if you wanted a video or some screenshots. but i did make sure that i caught the right numbers with both eyes since i personally want to get down to the maths and formula surrounding these 2 skills and all its mechanics

2… Both Brown Rodelin and Rodelin have the same attack animations and pattern. In addition, they have 2 kinds of attack: (A) swing both arms at you (B) charge up to do some kind of black magic attack. STRANGELY, i am able to block (B), BUT I CANT BLOCK (A) AT ALL!!! i think its bugged…definitely bugged. All Rodelin-type enemies MUST BE BUGGED!!!

3… We know that rodelin can block sometimes. And when i staggered it and use Umbo Blow, it was able to block the 2nd number and i saw the blue words ‘Block’ followed by a ‘TING!’ sound effect. So i only saw the first number. Surprised…:confounded:

4… I too am aware that some of the damage numbers don’t seem to be right at all. So i have no idea how or why. Such as the damage numbers between Leather and Cloth for staggered. As in the difference are really small. Could it be due to the level difference? Dunno :confused:

5… i tried turning ON/OFF with High Guard: Umbo Blow Specialty. there was clearly a 100% obvious difference and so, the attribute works. Only problem is, it is suppose to be more damaging to reflect the '330% of Umbo Blow’s current lvl", which after calculations, the number i saw in the game was lower than what i had calculated.

  • lv36 Mallardu (leather-armored) stats
    Numbers i saw…
    umbo blow: 349, 353, 354
    umbo blow, staggered: 638+406 (1044) , 590+460 (1050), 536+499 (1035)
    umbo blow, high guard: 1125, 1125, 1113
    umbo blow, high guard, staggered: 930+698 (1628), 919+784 (1703), 916+767 (1683)

  • lv37 Brown Rodelin (cloth-armored) stats
    Numbers i saw…
    umbo blow: 462, 468, 461
    umbo blow, staggered: 830+312 (1142), 806+374 (1180), 752+388 (1140)
    umbo blow, high guard: 1194, 1224, 1207
    umbo blow, high guard, staggered: 887+809 (1696), 1184+609 (1793), 1285+438 (1723)

  • lv40 Rodelin (plate-armored) stats
    Numbers i saw…
    umbo blow: 706, 703, 687
    umbo blow, staggered: 1029+384 (1413), 743+622 (1365), 687 block, 940+419 (1359)
    umbo blow, high guard: 1337, 1341, 1349
    umbo blow, high guard, staggered: 1417+517 (1934), 929+1010 (1939), 1358+592 (1950)

Bash with & without High Guard

1… CONFIRMED! It is clear that High Guard only -50% to your char’s phyatk (what you see on the char sheet screen)! It doesn’t -50% to your SKILLS’ phyatk!!! If it had, the damage will be a lot more lower (<100)!

2… But a little on the downside, it also applies to reducing all your gears, whichever contributes to char’s phyatk - weapon’s phyatk, +str, +maximum attack, +phyatk, etc. not just the char’s base phyatk. i am not sure about elemental damage.

3… Also, the damages and my calculations above seems to be a little off the edge. i guess some of the bonuses aren’t affected? +str? +maximum atk? +phyatk? :confused:

  • lv36 Mallardu (leather-armored) stats
    Numbers i saw…
    bash: 264, 251, 255
    bash, high guard: 166, 148, 162, 150, 156, 157
    ___FORMULA (bash, high guard): ((181-200) / 2) + 107 - 40) * 1 = 157-167 :grinning:

  • lv37 Brown Rodelin (cloth-armored) stats
    Numbers i saw…
    bash: 382, 396, 384
    bash, high guard: 232, 241, 228, 229, 238, 244
    ___FORMULA (bash, high guard): ((181-200) / 2) + 107 - 42) * 1.5 = 233-247 :grinning:

  • lv40 Rodelin (plate-armored) stats
    Numbers i saw…
    bash: 193, 187, 189
    bash, high guard: 117, 115, 113, 120, 116, 109
    ___FORMULA (bash, high guard): ((181-200) / 2) + 107 - 45) * 0.75 = 114-121 :grinning:

All the staggered values fit just right though.

Mallardu : ((181~200) + 316 - 40) * 3 * 0.75 = 1028~1071
Brown Rodelin : ((181~200) + 316 - 42) * 2.5 * 1 = 1137~1185
Rodelin : ((181~200) + 316 - 45) * 2 * 1.5 = 1356~1413

I wont get into High Guard since it acts a bit weird and I’m not sure if the visual glitch (it not dealing the damage it displays) was ever fixed.

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Thanks for doing the maths. :grin: the formula looks right!

regarding the leather and cloth damage numbers being really closed together, i completely forgot about the different staggered bonuses for each armor type during my calculations. i guess i must have seen too many numbers during my tests :dizzy_face:. Thanks!

you are right about High Guard. i tried continuing from your calculations for it and i didn’t get the same numbers as what i had saw. it should be a lot more higher (>2000 or 3000). Either im wrong or the skill isn’t fully working properly as it is suppose to. i will have to trial-and-error to try and get the numbers to tally.

Also, regarding the visual glitch, that is something new :confounded:. bummer…

i have done some simple testing mainly on High Guard. do refer above to find out more

So to continue with your calculations and based on the test results i have gathered from testing Bash with and without High Guard, the formula should be like this:

Rodelin : (((181~200) / 2) + (316*3.3) - 45) * 2 * 1.5 = 3264~3293
But all i am getting is a total of: 1934, 1939, 1950.

In other words, i should be 1-HIT Smashing Quest Bosses (or nearly). Something isn’t right…

At the end of the day, is it still worth using High Guard before Umbo Blow? Yes, just that…it could be “DIE DIE MUST USE”.

Bash with high guard will never have the 3.3 multiplier (remember it’s a specific attribute from high guard, only for umbo and rim blow).

The visual glitch was on ICBT, seem resolved now.

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yup. i am fully aware of that. the test with “Bash with High Guard” was to find out how the attack penalty (-50%) worked. it wasn’t for anything else except that. if you read the notes, its pretty clearly stated

it is? awesome! thanks for the info :grinning:

Wow, this build looks amazing! Are there any videos of it yet? I wanna see it in action.

I might make this as my second char if I have the motivation!

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haha…thanks. none yet and none i could find that is similar either. would be cool to try it out see if its a viable build for what it is. i will be trying to finish up a more detailed Guide on the TankStriker Build soon. i dont want to drag this any longer. Zzzz…

But i have been digging for answers regarding a few mechanics and finally…the answers have been found! stay tune!

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