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TankStriker - Is this build good?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 24th June 2016

This Build and the ‘revised’ version below somewhere in the comments are both outdated.

I will be coming up with another Build with several changes but the idea/concept will still be the same. However, all discussions are welcome and i will still be replying until i am done with the improved build

Will be planning to go more into details and elaborations.
As of now, my current plan for the TankStriker build is like this:

Investing stat points: 225 STR, 89 CON.
Will be going for C2 Dop at R8: Lv10 DoV, Lv8 Mord, Lv2 DPE, Lv10 Cyc.

This build focuses on 4 things:

  1. Definitely an above-average tanker. Not the best but 2nd best? =D
  2. deal MASSIVE strike damage in under 10 secs, every 50 seconds. (close to Shinobi’s Clone Burst Method)
  3. lots of debuff and CC skills
  4. moderate damage throughout thanks to DOV
    +) has Double Pay Earn! good for with parties hunting bosses!

FIRSTLY, one can purely play as a Tank if the situation calls for it. Guard all the way!
SECONDLY, with 2 ranks into Rodelero, you can help out in debuffing and crowdcontroling while tanking. You can also try to close the gap with 4 skills! High Guard, Shield Charge, Slithering, Cyclone?
THIRDLY, if the above 2 is unnecessary, tanking is the time you BIDE and charge up your DOV while letting your other skills cool down!

About (1): Tank Role
Obviously with this build, one is able to block!
PLUS the following…

– phy def +50% when Guard is Active
– block +25% when equipped with a shield
– Swash Buckling: max hp +25% when active
– Guardian: eva +18% when active
– High Guard: +170 Block +50 phy def

– Slithering! heard that its practically immune to all damage (physical, missle and magic) but has problems when dealt with CC.

About (2): Burst Role
Time to unleash the POWER from all that TANKING! Don’t tank for the sake of absorbing damage. Tank to become a Tank that shoots! after gettting 10 stacks of DOV, activate Pain Barrier and Slithering. Then use the following skills in under 10 secs:

– lv10 Mordschlag (2255 atk, 2 Overheats)

  • gurantees a critical hit against cloth-armored enemies
    – lv10 Targe Smash (972 atk, 3 Overheats)
  • has a chance to inflict Blind. additional +100% damage to petrified and frozen enemies! Spreads Burn when killing enemies affected by Burn.
    – Lv1 High Guard (-50% atk, both skills below does dmg at 330%)
    – lv10 Umbo Blow (373 atk [x3.3], 2 Overheats)
  • additional damage to enemies staggered by a block. i came across that it does x2 damage and hits twice instead of once? Umbo Blow --> IMBA BLOW! Also, it has 25% chance to stun enemies for 3secs.
    – lv6 Rim Blow (262 atk [x3.3], 2 Overheats)
  • Rim Blow deals additional damage to enemies that are petrified and frozen.

Not forgetting…

  • Slithering causes enemies to receive +100% STRIKE damage! not a buff to skills but a debuff to enemies! This is very impt to take note because when High Guard is active and it -50% to atk, it does not affect the ‘+100% Strike Damage!’. Unless of course i am wrong and the game is wrongly coded to also include that, which it shouldn’t since its debuffing the enemy.
  • DOV gives +100% atk! With High Guard’s -50% to atk, its +50% atk for final results!
  • i haven’t added the Enhance Attribute yet too. So another +100% (to skill damage)

Just look at all those additional damages that the skills are getting!!! It sounds too good to be true in theory and i really have no idea if its really that awesome in gameplay wise.

Also, i do not know if its possible to activate 10 skills in 10 secs. But it might be with an increase in atk speed from DOV and/or from Chronomancer.

Once 10secs of bursting is over, there is 50secs left for High Guard’s cooldown, which is the skill with the longest cooldown. Once this cools down, every other skill should be cooldown as well. Either your hp is dangerously low (but you still have High Guard up!) and you should switch to being a Tank Role after that to stay alive and recover. Or if possible, use this 50 secs to build up your DOV again. Rinse and Repeat!

About (3): Debuffer, CCer Role
While Tanking, you can help your out team mates by debuffing enemies.

– Provoke: Swash Buckling (lv10, 16 targets)
– Knockdown: Bash, Shield Charge
– Knockback: Targe Smash, Mordschlag
– Stun: Bash (chance)
– Stagger: Guard
– Paralyze: Montano (chance)
– Blind: Targe Smash (chance)
– Unbalanced (-150 def): Shield Push
– Turn around: Shield Shoving
– Stats scrambled: Shield Bash
– +100% strike damage: Slithering

You also have 4 skills to close in the gap towards your enemies:
Shield Charge, High Guard, Slithering and Cyclone (due to its Resistance Attribute?)

About (4): Damage Sustainability
Low on SP? Unable to spam skills? With lv10 DOV that grants attack speed and +100% dmg, one doesn’t need to go full STR. Not forgetting this build utilizes a shield to block physical damage and has a slight boost to evasion. This allows more room for considering to invest into CON and DEX.

There are 2 shields that provide elemental damage. One ice and one poison. Who needs daggers when you got those 2, am i right!? lol! With Sacrament, its a nice boost to offense along with all the defensive benefits from using a shield. Pair it with Flame 1H-sword. Use that sword&shield pairing to go on the Offense. And weapon swap to Iron Fist+Emperor Shield to manually block and reduce enemies def to make them take slightly more dmg! This mace+shield pairing can also be used for Tanking purposes to reduce magdmg, while blocking+evading phydmg

About (+): Bonus!
So much for Defense and Offense…its not so bad to also have 1 point into Double Pay Earn for some nice extra help while Adventuring in TOS for experience and loot! mainly for killing and hunting dungeon and field bosses.

– Definitely going for plate armor to get more hp, more stamina (for running!) and +15% phy dmg reduction. But with so much blocking, perhaps going Cloth or Leather armor can be considered.
– There is a mace called Iron Fist that reduces enemy’s phy def by 84 for 60secs upon succesful blocking. Using this to tank will be great! then simply swap to a sword+shield to take on an offensive stance! and swap back to mace+shield for a defensive stance!
– As for the stats, i haven’t figure out yet what would be best for this build. Definitely putting into STR and CON. Not sure about DEX. So if you got some suggestions, that would be great =D. At the moment, i am thinking 3:2:1 for STR:CON:DEX.
– With this build, one can play 3 roles: Tanker, Debuffer/CCer and Burster (if the dmg is good).
– i also came across that more enemies will be plate armored on high levels. if its true, then that’s great! And also most of the Swordsman will be using plate armor as well! Great for PVP!
– with so much blocking and some evading, i do not know if its easy enough to get 10 stacks of DOV in a short period of time, particularly when fighting against bosses.
– the only bad thing about this build is that you will have to sacrifice the last 3 skills of doppelsoeldner: Zornhau, Zucken, Redel. Because you need to equip a 2-handed sword to use them.

Would like some opinions about this build. if its lousy, do explain why too. If something doesn’t work together with something, let me know too. Thank you.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed!

******* REFERENCES *******

From Damage Guide

Umbo Blow (When enemy is staggered by a block) :
+100% on Plate armor
+150% on Cloth armor
+200% on Leather armor

Targe Smash “Frozen Stone” Attribute :
+20% to +100% on Frozen or Petrified Status

High Kick :
+100% from Strike attacks for 10 seconds.

From (PSA)Peltasta's [Umbo Blow] does x2 Damage + Multi Hit on blocked/staggered targets

Peltasta’s [Umbo Blow] does x2 Damage + Multi Hit on blocked/staggered targets

Uncommon but very legit build in my perspective. It’s a R8-proof build.

If you are using mace + shield I’d suggest you taking Rode 3 Doppel 1 instead of Rode 2 Doppel 2.

Shooting star does a pretty decent damage alongside Slithering and High Kick.

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OHHHHH…you are right!!! High Kick makes enemies take 100% more strike damage for 10secs too!!! think i’ll skip shooting star though XD

Correct, so you do 300% strike damage.

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suggestion i can make: drop punish and add 1 point to double pay earn. put mordschlag at 8 and cyclone at 10.

if my maths is right, this could potentially beat Shinobi’s Burst damage, even if the boss receives max possible additional pierce and slash damage from other players for Shinobi’s clones to use Kunai and Double Slash (including maxing enhance to lv100 and critical hitting). And the best thing is this build is defensive and won’t get rekt like how shinobi’s clones will cause the shinobi to (unless this change in the future).

Just to calculate Umbo Blow alone without adding the char’s base physical dmg and without any critical dmg. And also attacking a Leather-Armored enemy:

– Lv10 Umbo Blow is 373 atk (skill dmg).
– Lv10 Umbo Blow + Lv100 Enhance is 746 atk (skill dmg).
– With High Guard active, it deals 330% of 746 atk. the -50% atk can be negated by DOV’s 5 stacks +50%. So 746 x 3.3 = 2461.8 atk (skill dmg).
– Based on the Damage Guide, it will do +200% on Leather Armored enemies when they are staggered. So 2461.8 + (2461.8 x 2) = 7385.4 atk (skill dmg).
– It has 2 Overheats. So 7385.4 x 2 = 14770.8 atk (skill dmg)
– If it crits without any critical dmg, 14770.8 x 1.5 = 22156.2 atk (skill dmg).
– From High Kick and Slithering Debuffs, enemy receives +200% Strike dmg. so 22156.2 + ( 22156.2 x 2) = 66468.6 atk (skill dmg).

Is this right so far? Without Char base dmg, without critical dmg. Thats a hell lot for 1 skill. There are still 4 other STRIKE skills:
Rim Blow, High Kick, Targe Smash, Mordschlag.

Yes…lol. Apparently there are still quite a lot of different ways to play, different builds to come up with apart from just choosing different classes.

Hmm…good point. punish wont probably be used at all amidst all the fighting. i prefer mordschlag to be max lvl so that the strike dmg can further be multiplied. cyclone is slash type. Unless the damage output is greater, i wouldn’t mind.

I don’t theorycraft that deep so I don’t know if you’d reach that amount of damage…

By the way, there are several things that I’d suggest you to change on your Rodelero skill distribution.

Montano: Lv1 wonder unless you want to focus on slash-type skills, the skill doesn’t do much damage and only the CC is worth it, honestly.

Shield Push: I don’t recommend getting it past lv1, the debuff duration is the same and 150 def for 5 seconds is basically nothing.

Shield Bash: The debuff is great, it has fast animation and the damage is actually really good, I recommend getting high or even max level.

If you are planning to go for Rode 3:

High Kick: Max it, amazing strike damage.
Shooting Star: due to the low damage scaling from leveling it up, leave it at lv1 just to have it.

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cyclone is multi-hitting big damage skill, considered to be the bread and butter of doppel, even with damage type debuffs. plus, you dont lose as much damage from 2 pts of mordsch as you do cyclone.

Mordschlag from lv3 to lv5 has the difference of 343 base damage, which is doubled to 686 at lv100 attribute, which is tripled by Slithering and High Kick (assuming he’s going for Rode 3) at a total of 2058 damage.

How many hits does cyclone hit in 4 seconds?

3 hits per second, lvl 8 is 14 or 15 hits for 200 less damage than lvl 10 16 hits. so its a loss of 2800 damage + 1 or 2 more hits worth of damage, before figuring in any modifiers.

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That sounds way better damage-wise.

I guess it’s better to stick to cyclone lv5 then.

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forgot to also say, since it hits multiple times, you are also looking at 14-16x (rank 8-10) physical attack added to it, property attacks, etc. so after all your stats/gear and modifiers, cyclone will hit for a lot more than mordsch.

this is true for many multiple hit attacks, if not all. more points are going to be more worthwhile if number of hits increases than in a skill that just increases base damage.

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Sorry to broke your dreams guys but math are a serious business : -50% attack and then +50% just mean a final attack equal to 75% (so yes if +100% after -50% it will reamin the same).
Also, last test from my own pelt c2 shown that there is still a bug and your AA seem to hit the ground with high guard, not just -50%.
Pelt C2 is probably not a good choice.

@Anarth i have relooked at the skills that you have suggested and thought that it makes a lot of sense to invest into Shield Bash instead of Montano and Shield Push. I also considered Shield Roving as i thought the dmg is pretty good too at max level.

i am also making some slight changes and going for C3 Rodelero + C1 Doppel instead of C2 of each as you have suggested. :slight_smile:

@YuseiXyan Sounds great! i shall max Cyclone then. As for DPE, i think i will leave it at lv1. Is there a reason to go lv2 with it?

@Firstookami wow seriously!? lol…okay. But at least that only affects Umbo Blow and Rim Blow during the Burst Phase. i re-calculated for Umbo Blow based on the formula above and it was 49851.45 atk (skill dmg) instead of the 66468.6, a staggering difference of 16000+.

But when High Guard is up, i doubt people will be auto-attacking with it. i mean its more for blocking/surviving/tanking, since atk dmg gets reduced so much. but i hope this bug doesn’t work on skills.

OKAY! Here is the revised TankStriker Build:

*** NOTES ***
– i have maxed out Rim Blow from Lv6 to 10. Swash Buckling reduce from Lv10 to 6. It may seem like a small difference of 100+ atk dmg. but i did some calculations and that difference is a staggering lot of difference after all the additional damage.

Leaving out Char base dmg, Crit dmg AND Addtional dmg when enemies are frozen/petrified, the difference is:
Lv 6 = 11000+ atk dmg
Lv 10 = 16000+ atk dmg.

So sacrificing 4 targets and 8pts of provoke for 5000+ more (not 100+) is worth it. Pointless using Swash Buckling in PVP or in GVG anyway. So its only for PVE purposes and bosses…there’s usually only 1 boss. Also, i came across a few people saying that when enemies are frozen/petrified, it’s pretty much 1 Hit KO with Rim Blow + High Guard up. (O_O)…yikes! Better max it out then.

– Montano, Shield Push will be Lv1. Shield Push last for 10secs actually. Not 5secs due to the Duration Attribute. So its not so bad to reduce phydef by 225 for 10secs. But there’s iron fist that -84 phydef for 60secs. So im thinking of investing the skill points into more damaging Strike-Dmg Skills. But putting 1 lvl into it so that Highlander Vertical Slash can do more damage.
– Not going for Shooting Star as the dmg scaling is soooo small when lvl-ing it up, giving only 20+ per lvl up. Multiple hits + 2 Overheats, yes, but its only 4-5 hits i saw and has 30secs CD. it starts at 300+ (low!) too. its Slash type and there’s no other benefit from this skill. Just a damage dealer.
– High Kick at lv1 because i figured out that i will be using it to make enemies take +100% strike damage. High Kick won’t benefit from that unless another C2 Rodelero uses High Kick before i do. So its more of a Utility instead of a damage dealer. Afterall, it only hits once!
– I have max out Shield Roving and Shield Bash. The damage looks great after calculating in with all the additional damage it will get.
– BURST Phase revised! Get max stacks of DOV (5 now), activate Pain Barrier, Slithering and then High Kick. Provided the attack speed bonus from DOV helps to speed up skill animations, use the following skills in under 8-9 secs:

Mordschlag x2, Shield Roving x2, Shield Bash x2, Targe Smash x3
Umbo Blow x2, Rim Blow x2.

That’s…a lot. activating skills a total of 14 times under 8-9 secs. Does the attack speed from DOV speed up skill animations? Would be nice to confirm this.

– Some of the skills here will cause knockback/knockdown. So this Burst Phase is mainly for bosses. Not for normal monsters, PVP or GVG. Dunno about Earth Tower though. lol!
– Also, be prepared to use up about 700-800 SP. Well…its Bursting!! And in under 8-9 secs! So once Bursting is over, recover, cooldown and take on the Tank Role again. Rinse and Repeat.
– I did some maths and sad to say, Shinobi Burst at maximum dmg possible still wins hands down. By about 40000-50000+ atk dmg (skill dmg), excluding char base dmg and crit dmg. BUT thats only true for bosses. this build wins hands down if the enemies are frozen, giving a huge boost in dmg for Targe Smash and ? boost for Rim Blow :grinning:…bosses can’t be frozen or petrified right? This build will probably shine in Earth Tower a lot. there is also very little risk here and there are so many other benefits from this build (tanker, CC-er) to a Shinobi build.
– The BAD thing about this build i realize, is needing LOTS of money to max out the Enhance Attribute of those skills to be used in the Burst Phase. But i guess its the same for everyone - maxing out Enhance Attribute for every skill.
– Last but not least, i wll be going C2 Doppel at R8. Not only will it further boost all the skills during Bursting Phase. But with additional atkspd and atk% increase, it allows the player to sustain good dps when low on SP.

Do note that getting DoV to 5 stacks is purely situational as getting stacks involve in you getting hit by the enemy and you only have 10 seconds to pull it all off

nope. DOV will be build up before Bursting Phase. at Lv5, it last for 35secs. so enough time for 5 stacks. the real concern here is blocking+evading does not grant any stack. so in practice, i wouldn’t know how easy it is to get with much blocking (even without High Guard activated).

Also, im thinking its more difficult with a boss vs getting hit by players or many monsters. however, if im not wrong, getting hit by magic attacks should grant a stack. i came across a comment that activating DOV grants 1 stack. so just need to get hit 4 times. its another reason for why i have came up with this build. make “taking magical dmg” be beneficial and block out all the physical dmg. Also knowing that at higher levels, there will be more magical-casting enemies, etc. Manually dodging AOE magics is fine. but Magical Targetting-type attacks are…yea…lol.

Ahh so that was factored out as well
But yeah that evasion and blocking could mitigate your chances in stacking it without any magical mobs around.
You can however, cancel the Guardian buff by right clicking its icon on the upper left.

Welp GL HF in this build haha

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