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Is this possible to make a SP drain from Summoning a bit less or just shut down? My Sorc is 4:1 INT/CON and i have SPR only from items, current SP recovery is 192, and around 1799 manapull on 153 lvl, anyway im eating big mana pots from market and siting on the butt :laughing:

Hmm should be 4.2 (truncatted).

Summons all have a bonus 100% modifier at base. Then you get 90% for a 10 star card.

130% + 290% = 420% which is 4.2x
For 1 Int = 4 damage (and 5 int = 21 dmg.).

pyro2-linker1 here. I think pyro2 is better choice because of dmg. link2 sure is better to parties, but linker1+gem can link 6 mobs its almost the same.

For me linker2 is a waste of rank. Pyro2 can melt mobs really fast.
Just check this video ->

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anyone farming a monster gem? i feel like i should shoot myself soon

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I think that link just convinced me to stay with my current Wiz1>Pyro2>Link1 path. Still debating whether to go all the way with Sorc instead of Warlock at rank 7, but yeaaah.

Has the same problem Sorc3 or Warlock, and i take sorc3 and do not regret. :slight_smile:
In my case summon dmg from lvl15 skill goes up +600dmg per hit (7 star TS), and 15 bats do great job on linked enemies. Sorc3 have high sustain, warlock is more about short-time burst.

Warlock have only 2 good skills, pole of agony with 2min CD, and dark theurge which deals tons of dmg but i dont like mechanics of DT. Overall in longer fight, dmg is almost the same compared to Sorc3.

If you like summons much, go sorc3, if you like more deal dmg with your char - take warlock.

When IMC fix “morph” Sorc3 will be unstopable. :smiley: every 20-25s strong burst from TS.

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Sorc3 if you don’t pick wiz3.

Can anybody explain to me why he’s picking Reflect shield? I’ve been reading that it sucks and is useless due to no scaling, and he’s not picking any SPR so, am I missing something here?

I’m Wiz3>Link1. I was thinking on going to sorc>Rune Caster>sorc2

I can imagine this scene… my summon tanking for me, while i cast rune of destruction/justice. or me using rune of giant and just stand side of summon damaging to everything on our way. I think, it will not be very efficient but funny xD

Now seriously, if i’m right Rune Caster have good damage, the problem is the time to cast, so if the summon tank for me and i use Quick Cast think it will work

Besides will be funny (i hope) to be a giant while the summon fight, i don’t know if the summon disappears when uses rune of giant. anyone can confirm it?

Stats mainly INT. But some points in CON and few in SPR. (50 CON, 30 SPR, the rest on INT)

I do not want to have a build that everyone has, I would have a build that is rarely used and fun to use.

Of course, I am aware that if it does not work very well, I’ll have to make another character and start from scratch, but this is my first character in this game and I think that mistakes make it more fun to play than just follow a fixed path traced by others and not experience it myself

Is a crazy idea? of course yes, but I don’t know how to work, if I don’t try first.

Any suggestions? Thanks and sorry for bad english

I see… I’ll probably go with Warlock for the meantime. I’m kinda fond of dealing damage, even if it’s not the best kind of damage out there. XD

Although… I keep hearing about late game Pyro skills falling off that I’m wondering if I’m better off going Wiz 3>Link 1>Sorc2>Warlock. Seeing that video kinda helped calm me down. I usually hear how Pyro is great for early leveling but kinda… bad later on. >_>

I don’t mind rerolling if going Wiz 3 for quick cast attribute is the better option for the long run, but I don’t have anyone to help me transfer my 6-starred Templeshooter card to a new toon, lol.

Any sorcerer here who dont use templeshooter? Chapparition and Harpeia looks pretty good too imo. Riding on a giant bird looks cool af. Specter Monarch’s auto attack is not bad either, pretty good for c1 sorc. Its skills when riding sucks tho…
I’ve been sitting in the corner of royal worker’s lodge waiting for TS to spawn. Alt+tab doing homework and read the forum. Maybe I’ll just learn to use other cards if TS and me are not meant to be. More diversity in sorcerer’s summoning :smile:

If im just screwing around i use Deathweaver because that’s my favorite looking boss. Otherwise use Chaprition if you cant get a Templeshooter as its a solid choice. Edit Anything with a large aoe attack will work until you get TS. Avoid Unknocker and Shadowgaler as they have slightly buggy hitboxes for thier auto attacks.

Have been sitting for 3 hours and a random person said he killed it an hour before I started afk. So that thing should have appeared by now but nopeee :persevere:

Hi :slight_smile:
My Sorc build currently Wiz1 Pyro1Linker1>> . Should i go with linker 2 or Pyro2 next ?

templeshooter card cost like 10 talt its cheap

thanks! //20charactersssssss

a few questions with Evocation:

  1. can you cancel your animation after casting?
  2. if yes, are you able to ride the summon and use it’s skill to delay it’s explosion?

it uses secondary summon, so you can’t ride that

The only way is through gimmicks events (those things you find on some maps Huge List by Lostac and others ) a few of them will give you a sp regen buff. This buff does not reactivate you sp regen, but will regen some of it for you, i think is %based just like summoning so it may cancel for a while.

Not doing that until my archer reach that map… no, no, thanks, sir :pensive:[quote=“alejandrovelez, post:534, topic:188142”]
Is a crazy idea? of course yes, but I don’t know how to work, if I don’t try first.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Consider taking Sorc2 before RC if you find the AI too annoying tho xD.

That’s really up to your preferences(more damage or support), folks in the forum usually say the Monster Gem for Joint Penalty helps a lot if you chose pyro2-linker1.

Evocation is just a fancy magic skill, just like earthquake :cry:. Cant ride that lightning.

hmmm what Summon has the best MAGIC SKILL ATTACK?