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Sorcerer Info Megathread

My guess is between

  • Chapparition’s focused AOE
  • Necroventer’s “Hadouken”
  • Specter Monarch looks entirely mage

is it just me? Quick Cast doesnt work on summon’s magic skills…

It doesn’t as far as we can tell someone told me they saw a difference early on and it wasn’t until later that it was really tested and people found out it doesn’t affect summon skills.

Edit Im Cryo C3 Sorc so I couldnt personally test it. I think removed any mention of it affecting summons ride skills from the guide if i missed it somewhere let me know.

No quickcast does not affect salamion or summoning

And I dont think matk does as well, whenever my wep is broken, my salamion and pet still htis for the same

I use ignition, so it has no int

Is rod + dagger the best weapon for sorcs? How about staves that give int (maledic / maledoom)?

Only Int affects Sorc Summoning dmg so as a Sorc you can use pretty much whatever you want. Maga with unroasted blue gems for lower sp and the staff that adds ice skill levels for Cryo sorcs are both popular. Pretty much anything works weapon wise.

10000 Temple Slave mage
11500 Terra Imp

No gem

Finally caved and bought the last gem (only like 1 person has it on the server i bet)…
costed an arm and a leg
Lucky i found the arm and leg from farming gems…

good luck if anyone else have a deathwish, onto hitting rank7 lv15 class

there is no best of worst

if you have cyro3, audra is amazing

if you have money, maga is first choice, then ignition, depending on how you manage mana with summon out

if you want to save up, maledoom is awesome for the price it offers

then there is also arch rod + arde which is quite common until 170+, where people use it whilst farming money

replace any offhand with otravia, leda shield for damage, and sage / aias for defence

I use a +8 Maledoom with no gems yet. And it works fine. A lot better that my previous arch rod (+5) + arde (+3)

So to clarify, do you mean that Deathweaver will have the exact same stat values that Templeshooter had and not just the effect of Templeshooter’s stars boosting Deathweaver’s stats?


hey can you tell me how did you buy the gem? I mean, you can’t trade gems and can’t pass them on other equips because they break when removed right?

You have to trade the item you want the gem on.

you ask them to link you the gem, agree on the price, add the socket, and trade the item across, they put it in, then trade it back to you, alongside with the item they desire

I dont think anyone would have like 5-6mil in talt to offer anyway, so we usually agree by saying the trade is for certain item of the seller’s desire, such as mana-mana for example

Dandel gem drop from temple slave mage?

dandel, gateway of the kings

I have cryo 3 in my build, so I use 3 weapons, maledoom to use sumonning, audra most of time while grinding(also pvp), and catacombs club wich I can use with my shield when I need to tank a bit.

Did anyone get Prisoncutter Card? I killed him yesterday in Storage Quarter (Sentry Bailey) and rolled his cube only to get 3 talts :frowning: (i’m poorererer now) I want him to be my templeshooter’s alt

whats his skills? do u have any video?

Sadly I don’t, can’t open youtube at work -.- .
His name is on the list and he is Demon-type, but looking at This list i guess no one was able to get it yet, or didn’t share.