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Sorcerer Info Megathread

Unfortunately i got it from someone whom are very lucky getting the gem on that map when she was questing there so i can’t really give you any tips on it >.< However, i can confirm that you get can the gem from siaulav mage. [Altar way]

The cards can be the same however if you use say 2 Templeshooter cards the morphed one WILL NOT copy over the stars from the main card, but rather act as a 1 star card summon.

The only way to transfer the stars over on morph is to use a card thats different from the original one summoned.

fammidus is a bad summon,
u can keep her for fun,
just dont bother lvling her card.
there is a tread with most of the summons and vid.
i will link it if i find it

and personally i am considering skipping the 1 additional point evocation and maxing out desmodus and summon familiar .considering that i am a wiz 3.
it would be more dmg efficent

and never skip hold and attack gound.
they are the main reason why u are in sorc 2

ur TS can become a potential dungeon tank if there isnt a tanker or healer around.
it helps u setup ur links (if u are a linker 1 path)
and speed up the dmg process before any mobs can deal u dmg

I am Sorc3, 278 lvl, let me correct you.

Desmodeus hits 3 times.

How much damage u do with summon familiar lv 15? with or without quick cast atribute…and is summon familiar lv 15 and summoning lv 15 worth it rank 3? or you recomend something else…can you solo well? and help party in dungeon? (sorry for my bad english)

I cant decide what to take on rank 7. Sorc3 or Warlock.
Which can be better in groups (grinding/instances/bosses) and for solo grind on 240+ too.

I fear sorc3 is lacking in damage compared to warlock. But is fun to tank bosses with strong summon, and sorc3 is helping keep aggro on summon.

Any warlock/sorc3 here can help me decide?:smiley:

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Do you have wiz3 ? if no warlock won’t be as amazing because it has big cooldowns and you will hardly finish your mobs with dark theurge.

What about skill mastema? better to take mastema or invocation as sorc?

And nope, dont have wiz3.
My path is wiz1->pyro2->link1->sorc2->? ? ?

Im just worried about being useless in parties when i take sorc3. Dont know why, its just seems not popular to take. Dont know how strong is Sorc3 compared to Sorc2 and Warlock.

Pyro2 forces me to putting mobs in one place and burn them (ofc with summon help) so i was thinking warlock is not bad, because its just another “damage pillar” and dark theuge.

Didn’t you forget a circle there ? I only count 5

yep, forgot to add link1. :wink:

Doesn’t seem to be an optimal build but warlock would probably be the stronger choice here because you don’t have much CC ability its better for you to kill quickly than further pumping your summon, whose scaling doesn’t looks great either.

Just saw this video ->
Wiz - Pyro -Pyro - Linker - Sorcerer- Sorcerer - Sorcerer

It is pretty amazing. :slight_smile:

I know dude I’m a sorc LOL :cold_sweat:

Does anyone know what does summon familiar scale off of?
I’m sorry if it’s already been answered.

Probably your matk added to skill damage in the description for each bat
Multiplied by the attribute and the rest of the usual formula. Just like Fireball or Snow Rolling.

Any Wiz 3->sorc can confirm or not that? just to be 100% sure…

is wiz 3 > linker 1 > sorcerer 3 good for late game? can it solo well? and do some damage in party,i am currently wiz 3 > linker 1.
Which one is the best wiz 3 > linker 1 > sorcerer 3 or wiz 3 > linker 1 > sorcerer 1 > necro 2? for more damage with flesh cannon and quick cast and in future sorcerer 2 when rank 8 launch.

ive heard wiz3, cryo3 and pyro2link1 all as options before sorc2war1. what are the differences? im guessing cryo3 is more pvp. does wiz3 provide enough for sorcerer or is the pyro route better for the easy leveling?

what the best way to test it for a wiz3?

familiar deals damage around the same as skill damage + matk + property dmg * attribute multiplie

quickcast gives a flatout 50% bost on the of it

actually the best choice is sorc 2 warlock

cyro3 has all the ice spell that allows you to pull mob close together, and freeze, allowing your pet to hit multiple target easier, much like linker does, or the concept at least

not sure why pyro2, i always think pyro1 linker2 is better choice personaly

wiz3 is just quickcast for high dmg bats, and sleep is a nice cc skill, or at least it was before nerf