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Someone made 2,147,483,648 silver by warping!

The warp was negative, so he earned money!
Wasn’t me, saw it on a reddit post:


Wow… super bug here

Next Patch: Roll back on the prices from prior PRIOR maintenance due to a game breaking bug by teleporting.

oh dear, looks like we’ll be expecting +15’s here and there.

This should be notified to @STAFF_J @STAFF_Marikim asap to avoid any exploit and further economy disaster.


You are the luckiest guy ingame right now!

I don’t see any problem with the guy making this huge amount of silver… won’t the game be wiped? So… let him have the silver and he’ll test more things with this silver haha

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Gratz to him and now he can enjoy doing all he wants with that money for the whole iCBT lel

ahhaha i agree, i mean correct the bug, but who really care about who get strong or rich here? everything will be wiped

he might monopolize the market tho. i hope he’s not that evil

print screen button…

I told him to send in a ticket hope he did before going to bed.

He took the photos for our whatsapp. So they aren’t screenshots.

Can I have some to repair my stuff

not really, just look at silver # per players… notice the huge spike on silver and Bang…

apply justice < whatever that is in your world

I know; however, what I was saying Will most likely happen if this bug won’t be fixed as soon as possible.

CBT market that will be wiped? Well, I understand what you’re saying… if he’s “evil”, he’ll buy everything and then resell it at high prices since he’s the only one who can afford to buy everything…

But still, I don’t think that it’s so bad since it’s just a test server. Problems like this are expected to happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: And someone who would waste time doing something like this… I would preffer call him idiot than evil. What’s the point in buying and reselling things to earn more money in a “will be wiped” server? It’s just a big and retarded waste of time…

Wonder why that maintenance was extended. :dizzy_face: Might be due to this.

Learn to press “PrintScreen” or F12 for steam to take screenshots goddamn. Why people still use camera to take “screenshots”.

Anyway, noice bug. DOSH

Nice hehe, 1 less bug to be on retail.

And that’s why we have closed Betas.


He didn’t make a Screenshot because he made the photo was for out whatsapp group and it’s less if a hassle to edit his Name out.