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So, About These Blue Mobs

First and foremost, I’m honestly okay with the experience rates. I’ve played games that were much worse in terms of grinding (SoF probably being my longest played). I’m neither here nor there with a slight tweak though.

My only concern are these blue mobs. I actually went from 28 to 31 in less than 10 minutes yesterday because they somehow just kept spawning right on top of my body :cherries: . I told someone I was leveling with earlier and he kept calling me “lucky”. That’s when I realized, we really have no idea what makes them spawn. It just seems very… random. I’m actually not a huge fan of that. I managed to get 3 levels that could take a few hours, in a matter of minutes due to sheer luck.

So that leads to my question. DO we actually know the conditions in which these blue mobs spawn? Feel to give your experiences with these! Also, just in case an argument breaks out…

RNG based …

You ARE lucky. I’ve only ever seen one. O_O

They are gifts from the goddesses.


I just keep killing stuff until they appear. It’s like a shiny pokémon, but not so rare.

yeah not so rare, our party have farmed at chapel 1F for like 2 hours, only one appeared
there is only our pt in the map so there’s no ks

Grinding my way from 32 to 40 , My party killed at least 10 of those. The blue mobs were essential to level otherwise something that took 4-5 hours to complete could take 10’s of hours.

You guys managed to find one at the chapel? I spent like two hours there and not a single one showed up.

My party and i found over 15 at Tanet Gardens tho,

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There seems to be no cooldown. Literally saw one spawn 2 seconds after the death of another. I don’t know if it’s exclusive to one per map, though. Might be one per map, at all times.

Also, @iEden I killed a blue one of the walking stump guys.

They are supposed to break up the monotony, and they are really good at that.

Yeah, but they break the ranking system, that is if there is any point to it.

How? Everyone has the same “chance” getting them. Furthermore, the ranking depends on more then leveling.

Nothing is better to crush your soul then getting KSED on a blue mob. I had it happen 3 times when leveling from 37-40 where the mob was one hit from dying and a archer came from the corner of the screen and sniped it.

On one hand it’s like opening gifts on Christmas morning when your party finds a blue mob. It certainly breaks up the monotony of grinding and even makes it exciting to hurriedly chase after that blue mob before other parties notice it.

On the other hand, introducing RNG to leveling speed is very depressing for those who aren’t blessed by the RNG gods.

personally I think they should just remove blue mobs (or severly reduce their bonuses, maybe 5-10x normal rate?) and increase the normal exp by 3-4 times at least. Right now these mobs give something like 100,000% exp or 1000x taking a normal mob worth 100 and making it worth at least 10k they basically instantly give a level and while they make things interesting they do not make things fair. I mean some people thing RNG is fair, but really it’s not. Everyone having the same “chance” and being fair are two different things…

iCBT ended and still got no clue how these blue mobs spawn or anything. But they do show a lot in the Tenet Gardens. Yesterday we had 3 show up in 5 minutes and another 1 -2 within the same hour. It’s hard to predict. >.<

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we may not really know what condition applies for a spawn but there this things to consider when hunting one:

  1. there must be a high chance of monster spawn at a spot
  2. monsters spawn as fast as they die (meaning there must be atleast one party sharing a spot)
  3. they do spawn on a predetermined spot (ex: there are a high chance of getting one @ top spot of tenet, as well as veja`s lower left, and top right of golems)

and with the above its not always
1 spawn per “spawn”, there maybe 2 in the same area or 3 spread out or maybe more at one time.
1 spawn per predetermined time
1 spawn per a number of mob killed

it looks like rng, but i guess we can atleast predict where it will spawn and how to spawn it.

regarding @ how it affects the “grind”, i think its a great ice breaker for people leveling. makes you not literally count how much you should kill to lvl up~

I thought exp was distributed based on percent of the damage dealt and not last hit. In my case whenever I brought a mob down to a sliver of HP and someone last hit it, I got a higher percentage of xp. Not sure if that’s the case for blue mobs though.

i like the idea of the blue or yellow/golden mobs that drops more, but, there are just too random, and way too easy, they should make a lot of dmg in my opinion, you get a big reward for it, so i think that’s reasonable.

Works different for blue mobs. Whoever last hit it, get the whole exp.