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So, About These Blue Mobs

Well i like those blue mobs, and i killed 1 in the chapel, and he didn’t give me any exp, this one droped 6 weapons and 1 armor, that was crazy… 3 sword and 3 bow and 45 junk item. it was a red ball.

Just to say not all blue mobs give only exp.

And for me it’s fine… i was on a party and they forgot to put the exp equal for all member, and i killed the blue mob 2 time and i level up 3 level. so funny lolll.

Then it wasn’t a blue mob, it must have been a glowing white or Golden mob.

I’m not a fan of the current blue mob situation, if you miss one it’s like 20 mins of grinding down the drain.

I don’t think they should get rid of them but they should instead make them more common and give less xp so it’s not as big a deal if you miss one.

thats the OVERKILL bonus

yeah but they also need to increase normal mob exp by level instead of having it be 100 flat

from wat ive gathered it is totally random tho if u kill mobs in a concentrated area really fast they have a higher chance of spawning but there are time i just log in and as soon as i walk out boom a glowy white or a glowy blue + ive grind for a entire day in chapel and dident get one nex day i got 2 lol so idk just about being at the rite place at the rite time but i think when 1-2 types of monsters are in small area and is concentrated and people are killing them fast u have a higher chance of spawning them e.g tent garden but in chapel where the area is really big u cant always see one cause it will spawn in dif locations

I see ya RH icon. Sweet. From East or West?

Wouldn’t he still get a high amount of blue mob xp though because overkill is considered extra? According to the overkill mechanics from this thread, if we assume the blue mob had 1HP left and the last hitter wasn’t able to overkill it by more than 100% of its total HP, then the original guy would’ve had the almost all of the original blue mob xp and the last hitter would have a smaller portion of the xp.

Edit: Missed the reply where someone said last hit gets all the xp for blue mobs. Can anyone confirm? Because this would be a ridiculous mechanic.

Edit 2: Okay did some research and the general consensus is that last hit does get all the xp so it’s not the overkill bonus. I don’t understand why this is inconsistent with how xp is distributed for regular mobs because this isn’t a competitive game where you’re fighting against each other to make it harder to get last hits like mobas. MMOs should be more like working together and whoever contributes the most deserves the most.

who ever last hits a blue mob gets the exp tho o.o

Yup, extremely ridiculous. Whoever last hit the mob gets it all.

Promotes to much bad manners imo, already too often i was tanking 3-5 normal mobs in a corner and some barbarian or caster thought it was ok to kill steal by nuking the whole pack.

I am all for increasing normal mobs xp and droping the blues to make them not as insane, or rewarding to rude ppl