Tree of Savior

Small ham's small art gallery


Ahhhhhhh they’re all so cute. ; w;


I really like your art; it makes me smile :3 Also, those loading screens you did, smart and funny. Following this thread for sure :smile:

@tsigetartseht Now that you said it… but after zooming in, the right hand isn’t actually there! :wink:


oooooooooo now I get it
I mistook the arm armor pads as sorta a spear decoration
That arm being almost perfectly parallel to the spear totally fooled me XD



Network code is the cause of a lot of fps/performance issues. Video inside

Google translate ■■■■ ftw -
You got IMC’ed :joy:


is that the real condition there? i wonder :laughing:


my life as a cleric whose 6 out of 8 ranks are all static

…and a lil doodle


meanwhile… the QS just run like a mindless chicken then dies with mole’s spikes, tree’s apples etc and calls you stupid for not healing or supporting him :expressionless:

-life of a cleric- :sparkles:


R1 = stay on the square :tired_face:


it is me, a charred

had an issue with the layers so the original plan to make it transparent was blown




OMG so damn true !! :joy: Most hardest time for QS is before they be QS3 ahahaha


If i am not playing swordsman, i might find this latest comic funny. But after experiencing 1st hand QS3 capable of soloing siauliai mission lamp post, killing bosses in afew mins and repeatedly making me hitting thin air deeply depress me :weary:

Sad life of swordsman and still my persistency got best of me to max out my 1st char…


Awhh, why going Taoist tho?

I thought the third panel would be you in Werewolf form saying the same thing as the second one (and that you would get Druid C3).


uhhhhh cuz a) i’ve one circle in krivis already thought that would help zaibas’ damage a bit b) werewolf is ugly af c) i love taoist costume d) dark sight


Wake me up, wake me up inside I can’t wake up,
Wake me up inside, save me,


new skill suggestion for dievs, for those quarrel shooters who have issues with teamwork

if they can destroy my statues i should be able to smack them with my statues


i hate them too…
my cure, heal bomb, zombomb, and other zoning skill are in vain when they lure away the boss :rage:
moreover, they only wear cafrisun…:dizzy_face:


This will send a message(warning) for those QS before using teardown :smiling_imp:


Just recently found your art! They are amazing!