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Small ham's small art gallery


i really like your art @charredh since your post about “knife and hammer” and “sleeping wizard at dina bee” :joy:

this one too, really amusing…
please post another comic strip :heart_eyes:


That one friend who can’t stay alive for more than 50 seconds if left alone


2gudtobetrue! :thumbsup:


Wut?? Is she dancing with Pawndel and Pawnd? :joy:


a bit of shameless promoting here; just opened my redbubble shop so if you like cute stuff and my art please consider buying something!!! maybe as a gift for your buds or for yourself!!! thanks!!!


im want to tell my guildmaster he can forget about getting his talts from me for a while because im so tired of spamming spacebar

(jk pls dont tell ion i said that)


Oh snap… so you’re also suffering from server capacity error? RIP ToS potato servers :skull:


I’m so glad I kinda stopped doing DGs for a while cause I was so burned out doing it everyday OTL


it’s really hot


wow, gore…lolololololol


who’s excited for r8? me. I’m friggin loving taoist’s costume right now


lol, your art make we want it too…altho my build is int non lighting property…


mmmmmdmsman i want daoshi too… druid3 isnt appealing to me at all… but what if dievdruid+daoshi sucks fsgjwjkskzjs


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B-b-b-but werewolf transforming! We can cosplay a scene from Twilight


but daoshi have cool costumeeeee


I’m very looking forward to it too
I’m so glad I haven’t started my Cleric yet so I can make a build focused on the playstyle of that class :joy:


did a dragoon at work; her costume was surprisingly easy


Not sure if it’s just me but I kinda feel like her right hand’s thumb is on the wrong side XD


whut right thumb i didnt draw any right thumb tho…?