Tree of Savior

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once i set down an ausrine because everything else was on cd, then a qs came and kicked it down…


Yea, most QS are egotistic. They won’t understand diev don’t only carve statues but look after them as well


That’s the reason why I stop caring/keeping archers alive especially QS in mission, sauulus, dgns etc…

I’m so sick and tired of them being selfish and not putting attention in the field and stuff, they just charge in and start pounding bosses as soon as they see it. I’m just loving it the moment these kinds of players die and I really refuse them to be healed or resurrected :smiling_imp:


i love throwing up sterea trofh just as the golem slam down and watch everyone run out of it only to get thrown off while i stay alive wahahhahaha


what inquisitors feel like to me, and trying out tones in medibang ayyyy


:cry: Sad lyfe those these classes

  • no peltasta melee


Haha it gave me a good laugh :joy:


existential crisis, and a gesture sketch dump ((((my skecthes are usually more detailed than these trust me it’s just that my hand is having some mysterious pains recently


I like cute big head characters… :pensive:


Rest a bit mate
try soaking your hands with cold water with ice while taking a break


neutrality, when you need to pee but you’re in hell


Kalejima’s toilet kind of hell.


I like it but I dont get it LOL :joy:


Keeping the conversation with the NPC keeps you temporarily invulnerable from mob aggro basically~ hence neutrality~

at least that’s what i understood 8D


i did it too!!! lol :joy:
may be it will be more clear if you add some elite mobs around him :grin:

just a suggestion…


hmmm yeah was kinda afraid people won’t understand ((((((because i forgot to add the nuos in the background thanks!!


i tweeted this but i figured it’ll be good if i asked here too

which one is your favourite? I’m thinking of drawing #3 along with whatever is most popular


which 1 better?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

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If IMC is giving talt,I vote for number 3.


may i ask what is this about? seems like i cant open the link…:sweat: