Tree of Savior

Small ham's small art gallery


I kinda feel sorry for you fellow Savior
Apparently, this guy isn’t that much of a social being even if we are on the same guild :open_mouth:

Regardless, his art is amazing :joy:


Every. Single. Time. :cry:

Happens to me a lot :frowning: I know that feel…

*pats your shoulder *


Awww poop. I would’ve loved to mingle with someone who can make these kinds of comics. Nonetheless, still enjoying everything he has made. xD


Me: healing like there’s no tomorrow… with revive and resu

my !@#$%^&* party mates charges like bulls on magic caster type mobs…


Stupid cleric, why you no heal us, huh??

Me:… oh, wait i have resu…
cast resu… then after that… splat… died again…:skull:

Oh… I feel you…
My everyday life as a cleric :confused:


Dude, you;re amazing <3333

Me and my friend can relate to every one of them lol:joy:


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Not sure if you haven’t found vol 1 but I found it. It’s that map with the owls? It’s kinda hidden between a cliff and a bunch of trees. Really hard to see.


ye googled for it a while back thanks


u see the thing here is i only have five heal tiles

very precious, used to heal dying people wait wtf why did you step on it you have 70% heal f7ck off


LMAO… ikr

and the moment i put everything and they just ignore my heal tiles, then after that they blame me for not healing them… :confused:

Makes me want to bash their tiny brains with my mace when i was C1 cleric C3 priest


//thinks about hauberk
//starts crying




Hauberk should have lived! T_T


i want to see hauberk againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Gosh that storyline gave me the most intense feelings OTL


my heart broke when he yelled curse you all at all of us


I kinda feel for Hauberk a teeny tiny bit (still loyal to the goddesses, sorry). It’d take an insane amount of writing on the producer’s part to actually make us understand why Hauberk is reviled so much. I’d have love to hug his arm too though :wink:

I really should get working on his article in the wiki…eventually… is a professional procrastinator


hmmmmm maybe we’ll see more of hauberk in the future??? and learn about why the goddesses think its good to use him as a cork??? also the pilgrim dude that once housed hauberk is still lying on the ground somewhere i wanna steal his money (


He’s huge. Of course he’d make an awesome cork for a big hole :smirk:


Remember those glass containers at mage tower floors 1 to 5? IIRC those are hauberk’s soul parts, after freeing the last part of his soul at 5f he told that he will see you again in different time and will pay back as a gratitude – demon prison – and maybe again arc for hauberk :sparkles: