Tree of Savior

Small ham's small art gallery


Hauberk would make an awesome fluffy pillow.


i love the artstyle. keep it up. :wink:

also… we need a Hauberk plushie.


Hauberk would make one sexy fluffy furry husbando.



Quick someone draw a Hauberk gijinka!


have you ever wondered why are the goddesses barefooted


Well, now we know why everyone wants Windrunner… :grin:


Cute, but I kinda half-expected them to not having worn shoes because they’re too busy playing tug-of-war with them over who gets to wear them first.

Then the shoes get torn up. Or, you know, hidden under the Divine Tree as fertilizer because God’s daughters were tearing the world apart over a pair of shoes and he grounded them.


ive my priorities set straight i swear


we need a comic for chronomancer please! @yunafriend i like all of your comics and art work, keep them up :smiley: PS: sorry didnt like hahaha


this was supposed to be for the artist plaza thread ((fighting pose)) but i didnt get to finish it on time awawawawawawa its @purinaketan’s monk (?) yeye




if you ever meet a druid2 and they do this thing where they make this patch of grass nice green and glowy and you get a little grass icon on your head when you step on it, you stay there. unless you’re fighting that druid, then dont stay there. but the druid will make you go there anyway so might as well walk there yourself



Dat meaning of Sterea Trofh though
It makes saviors solid so that mobs can’t eat them as food :joy:


archers, y’know


drawing a few classes i like; consider it a mini series of sorts


Omg XD that Druid one is way too accurate.


Awesome looking Kabbalist right there :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


imagine if featherfeet really become flying type


LOL That cracked me up XD
It’s true though that they’re going to be a real pain that way :frowning:


bring an archer for all your backstabbing needs