Tree of Savior

Small ham's small art gallery


wowee im assuming ion’s negotiation skills failed too lel


I don’t think it was negotiable at all
They’re doing it for their bloodlust or unreasonable GvG spirit

They declared war on 2 other guilds as well before us which practically shows just that


www ion hiding skill -1


Well there are some guilds out there who gather intel on guild tower locations and selling the info on aggressive guilds for probably a hefty sum so it can’t be helped :confused:


well dang time to put those world trees to good use lol


“nevermind I think she hates you”
(you need to run anti-clockwise around ausrine for it to work)

look at this font i got half a semester ago for a module. wow. good to see you again. gosh you looked so much better on a book cover than in a comic.


Wow so it doesn’t work if you walked in clockwise direction
Great information there XD


some illustrator thingy. was only going to spend an hour on it, then it turned into two… then three…


… then twelve XD ?

great job though :smiley: I’m forever scared of lineless vector illustrations :smiley:


…only three, thankfully ;v; when im too lazy to paint i do vector weheheheheheheheheeh

kleric son is now a druid, yaaaaay


slams self headfirst into bed its late and i have work tomorrow




no comics, whoops. have some inks instead

((((((ive been struggling with the layout recently
(((((((((((((■■■■ 4komas


Is he…even wearing pants? O_o All I see is a belt across his crotch.


(un)fortunately, hes wearing pants… i forgot to draw the lines on the pants…


Shame… I was hoping he rode…bareback. :grin:


well you can imagine he’s not wearing pants… and since that belt is conveniently positioned there…


I am in love with your comics! I am considering making a character in Tel just so that I could meet and play with you! Hahahaha. This is sooo cute and adorable. Definitely subscribing to this thread. By any chance do you have an FB page for your doodles?