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Small ham's small art gallery




that party matchmaking comic HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL
epic want more 10/10


omg that mapo so cute!!! ;__;):heartpulse: /saves
Also, legs everywhere! this is a great thread! lol (*´ ¬`)


gotta love your fellow southeast asians

P.S. i actually prefer being on telsiai LOL orsha’s nice and all but i feel more comfortable with other sea players


RELATE. 11/10 :joy:

this is why I prefer playing on NA/EU servers than on my own home server >.<



more of a one sided rant, don’t take too seriously; not good for anyone’s health

also: saw the pied piper costume today. it was so cute i needed to draw my children in it (see: the kagamines)


I’m loving so much you arts because I’M DIEVDIRBY TOO <3


These rants are amazing
Keep it up kappa xD


Your style has a lot of personality and feeling keep it up!!!

Funny snips here :laughing:


aaaaaa sweet children
rin’s kepa ribbon omg


these two sketches are sooooooooooo niiiceeee and they have s much gesture and im in love :smiley:


some… ink practices/doodles

ay my loli archer

gotta make the future druid look like a druid somehow (?)


omg the last one is perfect!!! :sparkles: And I always wondered… are SEA players really like this? Because I only met really polite and nice ones! :joy: lol


Seems your luck in meeting good people is high cause SEA is flooded with all sorts of unwanted people XD


so far I’ve only met one guy who swore at me like the comic above lol but a lot of people ignore me when i ask them to lure to corner wehhhhh


We sure have all sorts of lazy people in SEA
That’s why right now there is a fleeting class discrimination on 210+ grinds wanting only people with at least peltasta C1 in their builds lel

Such laze much wow


tfw all the grinding spots in dina bee farm get taken


whoops sorry for lack of fart recently i was stuck in the lv166 exp wall (((but now im out!!! yay!!!

anyway i noticed that my more… colourful kids tend to be more popular within my little circle of twitter friends


I almost spill all the coffee I took this morning… LMAO i want MOREEEEEE!!! :+1:


Gratz getting past that m8
Keep caution though as Myst guild has declared war to us for no reason at all.