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[Silute] Guild using 'invincilbility hack' on Sulivina's Lair/Boruta

Better and wierder than some of my videos together.

@Arkantos you are right, and thank you for your help/perspective.

How much dirt … I hope that they investigate well these accounts and the transfer of items of them (seals boruta, etc)

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This vídeo is so weird… Something is happening here.

Found something simmilar here:

There is probably a loss of synchronization with the large server, resulting in a packet loss and this does not cause any damage

These users are cutting the packages coming from the server that comes with damage receiving none in the client getting immortal

And oddly enough this sync error comes from a guild made up of alternate accounts that is not “afraid” of being banned, is it?
A lot of coincidence


I’m glad of reading heitor_kim & Arkantos both of them are real gentlemens when discussing this type of concerns.


There is definitely some grand bug causing long-time invincibility at PvP, I once was immune during like HALF OF FEUD (I created a topic and sent report… with video!). I was just coming to enemy’s NPC area and attacking them with iframe skills, and after iframe skills I just walked away, literally no skill was ever hitting me at all, like 5-6 ppl at the very least were attacking me at the same time and I just was not getting any hits at all… Some of my mates reported having the same issue a few times, but it wasn’t ever clear what caused this.

IMC staff answered “nah, check your internet connection, but rest assured we will investigate”. Yeah, right. Mousemode not fixed since 2016 (mounted classes untargetable by targeting skills and target-AA in mousemode), and that bug is not even “evasive”…

Seems like those BR guys found a way to recreate that bug after all. Can always count on regular players to be more proficient with the game then it’s actual devs.

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this is so true

but I have to say I’m impressed with Paradise, they are always ahead when abusing exploits :haha:

Thats concerning.
If this is a thing and people learn how to sucessfully reproduce this it will turn any pvp war into hell.
IMC has a very bad way of handling bug reports, they deleted several posts of bug reports that I made with this same message “we will investigate” and some of them are still present in the game and being abused by people.

see this thread…

People are just hurling accusations are certain guild just for the sake of it. Lets just wait for the verdict

Tbh, I don’t think this is a hack.
Stuff like this happen on Gemstone all the time…
The thing is, the whole PvP on Boruta is such a bad idea from the devs, the server can’t even handle Gemstone Feud with 60 players (at the beginning, at least 20 get kicked/DC/VGA before the end). The game ALWAYS crash when you select the Return button at the end of it, and Miner’s Village’s chs disappear.
I really think that this might be just another of the infinite bugs the game has, they’re just exploiting it (nothing new).
Also, guys keep blaming everything on Paradise and then complain that they are “provocative”…
Just accept (as I do) that they are well organized and geared, so it’s granted that they will win on contents like this.
Want to blame on someone? Blame it (as I do) on the devs that insist on trying to enforce players to participate on PvP contents, when they can’t even fix PvP itself.

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so much evidence and evidence and so far no response from imc …
Congratulations, imc, great work.


Nothing until now ?

Yes, let’s pretend that hook64 never existed, you must be new here or just cynical.

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