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Invulnerability + Teleport exploit in PVP

  • Server : Fedimian

  • Team Name : Noctula

  • Evidence:

I play a lot of Gemstone Feud and lately I started noticing a weird behaviour from a player called Noctula. He was surviving my sage nukes all the time, until I noticed that he, somehow, was mitigating all the damage. I began to do some research on all the possible immunities but couldn’t find any feasible answer for that event. So I decided to record my matches and get it on video to analzye it in detail.

As you can see in this video he teleports (not to be confused with steed charge, animation is a lot different) and gains a buff with a duration of six seconds that repels all my damage. This is a buff only mobs can have.

A second video with the same protocol: Teleport + invul buff

P.S. The player has already admitted it in private messages, I’m just making this public so you guys are aware that this kind of exploits are still real and to put pressure on IMC to create counter meassures about it.
I personally dislike the way this unfolded since he was a big and respected player in the past.

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Im here, no drama needed.


Not even 3 circles of monk can give you that effect, yet you need to have it in a catagoon? smh

The reported player made a deal with the “reportee” in order to get banned :frowning:
What a sad thing to do.

Made a deal? You have to be joking. He got cought “on tape”. There was no coming back from that point so Anik asked if this is bug or exploit… End of story.

Cheaters and exploiters have to be banned.

He did it in order to be banned on purpose and he told Anik to film it as a deal. :frowning:

maybe he told you that because you’re in the same guild, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. (as you are reidculo from teatime). in fact why would anik go to the trouble of making videos to expose someone else’s exploits/hacks to get them banned…he could have gotten himself banned on his own.

That’s because a person can be quite dumb and couldn’t think of any other way to stop playing :frowning:

pls stop trolling…

Maslinu emu za pazuhu!

What is more sad about this situation is what happened once I posted this. Receiving threats from the exploiter meanwhile his guild remained deaf to what he was doing.


Can we have a GM post in this topic? :tired:




Almost 10 days and still no official statement from the staff members.

Any comments? @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Han @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Ethan


bump this topic for the justice! and nice jpg)

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Baffled by the lack of interest in something so game breaking.

Can we not protect those who blatantly abuse bugs? It is truly scary to see there’s obviously an effort from the team to bring a more engaging PVP environment to the game but at the same time there is no follow-up or even any acknowledgment with such issue.

Stop turning a blind eye and get it together!

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This is a feature of hook64, the cheat tool is alive and well.