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[Silute] Guild using 'invincilbility hack' on Sulivina's Lair/Boruta



First of all, I apologize for my english, I’m from Brazil and it’s not my mother language, I might write something incorrect. My team name is Immanence and I’m from Australe, a small and friendly guild from Silute [SA].

I’m here to make public something really dirty that happened in Sulivina’s Lair during this week in our server. To summarize:

We were attacking Paradise* guild and their ally Fire Emblem on Boruta this monday.

*Note: Paradise is the largest and strongest guild on Silute, with a lot of equiped members and active players; 3 cities are owned by them right now — and there’s nothing wrong about that. I have to mention that they are the most hated guild on our server — a lot of members from Paradise are toxic/provocative. So, everything that goes wrong on our server people tend to blame this guild, every crash, bug, lag, etc. I’m not one of these people, and eveything I’ll say is based on proofs/videos/prints.

Our guild Australe was fighting with only 14 members this guild with 50+ players that day on Sulivina’s Lair. We died a lot, and with much effort we got the third place in the rank — and we were very proud of that, because other Silute guilds (most of them larger then us) were not facing the Paradise.


But after 08:40~09:00 pm we saw this Jobless guild ‘farming’ points in Boruta, and surpassed us in rank very fast. The problem was that this Jobless did this with only 3 players, and the most suspicious thing is that they were simply invulnerable to skills. As you all will see in my videos, there’s no buff on them causing this immunity, and it wasn’t lag or dodge too. I’ve checked with a lot of experienced players from NA and even Korea and there isn’t in the game a skill or interaction that makes you invulnerable to skills like this.


The members using this ‘hack/exploit’ were: team name Hitori, MestreCervejeiro and KopiLuwak.

*Note 2: This Jobless guild is known to be from alternate accounts of [some] Paradise members; this guild only appears during Boruta — while Paradise controll the map — this wasn’t the 1st time. But as I said, I can’t prove this relation, only the fact that Paradise (with their allied Fire Emblem) was protecting and conniving with Jobless, to say the least.

All my guild mates experienced this too, only auto-attacks were affecting these characters. I’ve made some tests and videos to show clearly this ‘hack’ working:

In this clip is possible to see their ‘invulnerability’ to skills. Another important thing is that they are being protected by the guild members from Paradise.

Another video where I keep trying to damage them with skills, but only having success white auto-attacking — note how they ‘fall’ from above the map, almost like they’re levitating/unreachable. At the end of the video the are ressurected and Paradise members are keeping them safe.

At the beginning of the video I’m damaging them with auto-attacks, and they are moving (updating their positions). KopiLuwak dies and get the Revive invincibility buf; the others don’t, and I use a large AoE skill “Annihilation” and none of them are taking any damage.

At 00’31 I’m using electric shock, with MestreCervejeiro/SweetStout selected, nothing happens (there was no ‘resist’ message).

In the beginning of this video I’m killing Paradise member ‘DPT’ with my Annihilation, while doing 0 damage to Jobless’s KopiLuwak. Is possible to see too how I’m damaging Paradise’s ‘L0thar’ while KopiLuwak is immune to my skills (Instant Acceleration), like he isn’t even there.

Here, again, Paradise’s ‘V3ntrue-’ taking damage from my skill, while KopiLuwak is 100% untouched.

In this video I’m using Blindfire and they are not receiving damage. Only with autos. As you can see in the beginning of this clip, I’ve ‘DonaMaria’ (team name KopiLuwak) selected, and there’s no buff indicating immunity. After some autos with my sword I’ve made 2 hits on the player, indicating he is positioned right in front of me (note that he won’t move the entire sequence). Then, my guild mate casts Fire Pillar on him, at 00’15, but 0 damage. Kopiluwak dies from my autos at 0’17~18, activating the invincibility buff from Revive. But after this buff goes on, I use Annihilation (really large AoE) and Kopi doesn’t take damage.

Another thing is that right after I’ve confirmed (by melee auto) that he is really in front of my (not a position/desync) I use Electric Shock and nothing happens again.

Here you can see that I have selected in my target ‘SweetStout’ character (team name MestreCervejeiro), and he has no special buff/foretell or anything that gives this type of immunity. Still, I’m using Joint Penalty (indicating they are in front of me), after that I’m using Blindfire (larger area then Joint) they aren’t receiving any damage. At 00’10 another player (from Fire Emblem) are taking a damage from my Annihilation while they are somehow invulnerable. In the second half of the video I’m using Outlaw’s Rampage (after Jobless have moved and used skills) and the same happens.

Rampage’s AoE hitbox:

The strangest part is that they have no special buff, this is not some skill/interaction from the game; and sometimes they ‘fall’ from above the map, almost like they are levitating (like featherfoot skill), and that’s maybe why I can only affect them with ranged auto-attacks.

*The only ‘unusual’ buff is that shield on player ‘Shinta (team name Hitori)’. which is the buff of Dark resistance from ‘Anti-dark property bracelet’ he is using (screenshot below)

Right after we noticed these ‘hackers’ I used /memberinfo on them to check their equips/build.Two of them were using Watering Cans as secondary weapon… As you can see in these screenshots from 09:22pm, in the middle of the Boruta event:

Yesterday (5 MAR, 2019) Boruta died, and this Jobless guild kept the 3rd place + rewards (Boruta Seal/Cubes).

*Some Paradise members said that most of these points Jobless made by doing that ‘blood pool gimmick’ on Boruta. By staying on the pool next to 50~60+ Paradise members attacking Boruta, plus Boruta himself, and not dying at all.

So, the guild that toppled us from the 3rd rank was using some ‘immunity hack’ on their characters, and this is very unfair. We’re pretty sure [I’ve talked to experienced members from others servers, including kTOS] that there’s no skill/interaction on Tree of Savior that make you imune to skills and vulnerable only to ranged auto-attacks.

I’ve already made reports/tickets to IMC. I’m coming here to show you all this dirt that is happening in the game, and goes unpunished [so far].

**Bonus: Paradise members ‘flaming’ us on shouts, congratulating Jobless for their 3rd place and Australe’s 4th place.


Thank you for your attention.

Edit: even weirder and suspicious videos made by other players:

And this:


  • Server : Silute [SA]
  • Team Name : Immanence
  • Location : Sulivina’s Lair
  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 4 & 5 MAR, 2019 - After 04:00 pm (Boruta)

Nice , Paradise make this bug to win more stamps in another guild, paradise deserves punishment the evidence is on the table.


Another angle


@STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia


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I think it would be better to check the ip on this accounts, and if they’re actually using a ilegal program something must be done


IMC please check the IP adresses of these accounts, find who are the players behind this guild

IMC need to search for transactions made with these players in order to find those involved



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Save this thread because the staff has a bad habit of excluding threads that expose weaknesses of the game.


Funny … this happens right after some guild players yell that leader is making a horrible distribution of seals … It looks like they got a pretty dirty way of “solving” this problem ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I hope that those responsible will be punished :T


Mae to na globo, quem tava no Boruta sabe o q rolou


Guild FireEmblem Recruit

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this thread is epic omg


It’s not Soul Crystal effect too (even if it was, this effect isn’t permanent).

There’s this buff called ‘safety’ for 10 seconds when SC is used. None of them had that.



dont say things u dont know please.
lets wait till imc respond this thread
until this happens, let me help you with something you may need.
i think someone is a little frustrated, i dont know…


Thank you for reporting this, but if it ends up spreading as a result (especially on Klai) I’m gonna be heart-attack level salty.


close this thread please




It is seems to be bug position abuse, I’ve seen it happen sometimes in TBL, the difference is that it is seems on purpose by what the videos shows.

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan