[Silute] Guild using 'invincilbility hack' on Sulivina's Lair/Boruta


Lothar and V3 were moving constantly and updating their position, Jobless was not doing that. You came to attack characters that were standing still for some time already.


The cry is free! At least you guys managed to take 4th place



Is it just me or is this discussion turning into a meme?
This is clearly the effect of revive …


Yep, this skills (both Annihilation, Rampage and Blindfire) have a really wide area, in some videos is possible to see I’m hitting another players (paradise/fire) with those skills, white they are ‘far’ from me.

Here KopiLuwak takes damage from my melee auto-attacks, he is right next to me.
I have him selected and I use ‘electric shok’ and nothing happens (there’s no resist message appearing).

After that my guild mate Humphries uses a Fire Pillar and Hell Breath on our location, and nothing happens to them, 0 damage.


this was already clarified ^^ the problem is after I’ve activated their revive (so, I’ve killed them, obviously) and after this buff goes away, I still don’t damage these characters with skils.


See the videos I posted above …
Desync is not something small as you imagine, from watching videos you can see characters lost in places that are not normally accessible and that are certainly somewhere far away from the one indicated by the screen.
It’s part of you to complain and it’s good for IMC to check, but certainly is a common case of desync.


Hello @heitor_kim,

We are now investigating this issue.

Thank you.


Blindfire did hit them in another vídeo.
The reason that FirePillar and Hellbreath did not damage them it’s because they were under effect of Revive:Invicibility.

You seem convict that they were abusing of something, clearly, so I don’t think I can do anything discussing with you, you always will come with something we both don’t know what happened, the same way I can’t explain everything that happens in a TBL match I also can’t explain everything in your vídeos.
So lets just wait for IMC response, GM Francis is answering right now.

Let’s not turn this thread in a guild fight, members of your guild and mine are already posting **** it’s a matter of time for other enemy guilds to join and I don’t want that.


Nice! keep us posted if you can!


@Arkantos but they (Jobless) moved on that video.

Like here, were KopiLuwak is using a skill and still being unaffected by my Annihilation

And at 00’38 seconds I’m using Rampage, a one of the largest AoE skill (both in front/sides/behind of me) And they are not taking that.

*Rampage AoE


There wasn’t ‘Revive:protect’ buf on KopiLuwak, he doen’t die in this video… look at this moment where I have him selected; no buff from revive, no damage:

At 00’10 https://youtu.be/pv_68NoTUbE?t=10

I’m really reading and considering all you are saying @Arkantos. About our guild mates flaming, I’m just ignoring them and not taking this as a GvG. I respect people who can talk and argue sensibly.


look this video, it is at least suspect, not to say obvious, that a person controls the 3 accounts, only one jobless member moves at a time, never the 3 together, only 1 at a time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6koxEfkDr0


Thank you,

Sorry to @ you all.

I hope IMC can clarify this.

best regards


Help Paradise please!
we dont deserve this


Your screen froze at that time, just before the firepillar.
Look how v3ntrue apparead from nowhere


It did for a sec before he casted the Fire Pillar, and even after the freeze (nobody moved, neither the pillar… the pillar is there on us before & after that freeze, still no damage) KopiLuwak didn’t received damage, even from that 1sec of hell breath on him.


server delay he may caused some damage but we wouldn’t see the numbers because of the lag/desync and we can see the revive:invicibilty effect so the attack was hitting him.


He died from my auto-attack, is possible to see the final hits at 00’35~37

So, he was in front of me (the beginning of the video), because I’ve made damage on him using my sword-auto attack.

You can see that during the entire sequence he doesn’t move even 1 step, and he avoids Humphries’s fire AoE skills.


Ual, what offensive, dont make me cry



He didn’t avoided, Hump’s attacks only hit him under the effect of invicibility(maybe hit once before revive procs, but we can’t see that bcoz of the freeze), after that the attack was redirected to another enemy.