[Silute] Guild using 'invincilbility hack' on Sulivina's Lair/Boruta


“I also thought it was some sort of cheat.” At the time of the Boruta you thought that it was cheat, and even so, you saw no problem in helping a “cheating” guild to get point at the boruta, if that’s the thought process of an important member from Paradise, then what can we expect from a guild that have such low values.


Yes that is very common in any large scale map like fued or GTW. I just trying to explain what desync looks like actually.


i’d love to see other videos reporting other people with the same problem


I dont think its just a position bug cause the vídeo 7.
The jobless member seems to use a skill with a few range and its Works, while he cannot be attacked by any skills.



6 months ago? its not even boruta


How it could be a desync only affecting AWAYS these 3 players. Severall times I’m fighting fire emblem/paradise and they are being affected by the same skill that doesn’t hit those Jobless members.
This ‘desync’ dind’t happened with any other player (from Paradise, Australe or Fire Emblem) on the map the entire event.

Do you think is possible to be that jump hack you said before?


What exactly happened in 4:48?
The PD tried to use Incineration without the enemies having debuffs on then the same desync bug that happens all the time in TBL happened, the character walked and return to previous position.
Also you guys were focusing in those characters so if it happened to others you may not notice. Jobless were not engaging in combate like everyone else, they were standing still most of time as we can see in your vídeos.

@gabriel.souzamaia Don’t take my words out of context, please.
During boruta I was actively hitting the Dragon not looking for what was happening around.


Falling out of the sky over and over again is not how desync manifests itself, no. Sorry, must be some weird Silute physics where you have players falling out of the sky and ■■■■. The guy is in no gear, he’d have died to casual AoEs more than never, there’s no damn way. Sorry.


Desync is not a problem that started now, it has been around for a long time and happens on any map that is too full of people.
As your guild is small and you probably do not participate in content where Desync happens it is normal to be surprised.


Look at some of the videos I posted (they are from Silute), maybe because the server is of worse quality, it happens here, players not only fall from the sky like they disappear from the map running (LUL)


One question, did you see those characters voluntarily move at any time or either how they reached their positions? Do you have any recording on how they moved to that certain spot of the map?


It happens a lot on Silute, I can look at old vídeos I recorded and upload some clips later.


@ArenaWaifu sometimes they move, like here: https://youtu.be/Q6koxEfkDr0?t=5

@Ersakoz and @Arkantos too, in the beginning of this video they are moving/grouping; there’s a second that I even got hit bi one of them.

After some seconds (it should be enough to load some position/character, as it was loading another players from paradise, for example), I use ‘Annihilation’ skill, wich has a really wide area (that dark circle), it should hit even tome ‘desync’-ed player; deSync is not like this huge position discrepancy, right?

And, another thing here is this ‘dome’ light effect from Revive: Protection, indicating I’m hiting that character. But after the buf goes away he still don’t take damage.


That effect is the Revive:Invicibility and it’s proof that your attack is hitting the target.


Yep, I forgot that.

But this is stranger now; how this is effect up (showing that my skill is hitting him) and after it goes away I do no damage at all? Even some autos don’t hit.



Your attacks are being spread by the Breaking Wheel, even if the position is not right the spread area is wider than normal skill.


So, you are saying that they aren’t inside my Annihilation (that entire circle), even after all those seconds, and they are insed the range of Hitori’s Breaking Wheel?

And if we are desync-ed, why did he put the wheel where I was?

And again, why it was only with those 3 members? All the time? There are some videos where Lothar and V3ntrue, for example came after (so, should be ‘loaded/synced’ after) and I can damage them, but still not damaging Jobless’s members, in the same area.

Like here: https://youtu.be/gv9dhHVdR2E?t=6

@Arkantos this part is even weirder: https://youtu.be/1kIU2sdsseA?t=12

I’m using joint penalty, and it worked (they are in front of me), but when I use a skill with a wider/larger area (Blindfire) they don’t take any damage.


The only problem I saw was Anihilation not hitting them, so thats why I said the vídeos look weird, the other things can be explained.
I went personally to Sulivinas Lair to test this skill but friendly duel was not enabled for that map so I couldn’t test. I don’t play Assassin and it’s a new class so I don’t know how that skill works exactly, based on that I can’t say and have no idea on what happened in your vídeos.

If this were the case I wouldn’t be here discussing this matter.