[Silute] Guild using 'invincilbility hack' on Sulivina's Lair/Boruta







Thanks for you all for commenting, i think we need more to reach the staff to do something about this


The answer to invul hack is:


Nothing dirty


looks like desync. They died eventually


I wouldn’t be surprised with Paradise exploiting certain issues to get things they wouldn’t otherwise have got, wouldn’t be the first time. For now I just want some explanation from the staff


nothing dirty about beeing next 60 people from a different guild in boruta and not dying from any skills that are being used to boruta, yeah, that seems right.


Another angle: https://streamable.com/0nehy

It’s not desync. And how could it be desyng? like everytime with only these 3 characters in the entire map?
Besides, this ‘desync’ didn’t happened with any other player.


S/ 10BS


Not that i want to be against you or what but


Look at your guild mate. Is he dead or alive? It really looks like desync or lag


this frame looks weird.


thank you very much /20chars


This happens sometimes in Sulivina’s, it’s not uncommon to die while your character stand like this.

And there’s this another video showing that it isn’t some ‘position’ bug, he is damaging with a Mace (in front of him), after that he tries to use some skills… without success


If you are certain they used 360 aoe skill like wheel and not dying then that is possible.

But im saying its possible that they can stand with 50-60 paradise and not take damage from boruta at all. Maybe you are right, or maybe they just controlled their aoe skill from paradise character


in the “Invulnerability 1” they died because of the wheel from the inquis, since all the skills turns into basic attacks, so that does not change the fact that skills were not killing them, and there is no debuffs on them that would suggest such thing


That is exactly what lag/desync does…


20 char


So this is jump hack now?


First of all we are not allies. We just adopted the same instance of previous Borutas, don’t attack us when we are killing boruta and we will not mind if you stay in the map.
This week was an exception because last week everyone formed a big alliance and kept us from entering the map, well I don’t need to explain that part, you are aware of why we are killing certain guilds and letting others stay in the map.

You used Jointy Penaulty on them and it was effective and also damaged them, this just looks like another position bug

Did you watch the vídeo carefully? You used Outlaw’s Blindfire 2x at 00:06 and we can see both damaging the characters.
Also you mention the “fall” effect, but this is a common thing in boruta around the corners, I guess. You can see your own character falling the same way in this same vídeo at 00:38

Yes, with only 2 Vengeful Fever gimmicks the other guild managed to get the 3rd place. It was not easy to get them to the pool because you guys were killing them, in fact, an entire pool was lost because they couldn’t get in time because they were being killed.

My personal note: Indeed the vídeos seems very weird, and before posting this I also thought it was some sort of cheat. But after talking to other people and analysing the vídeos I just came to a conclusion that this is Tree of Savior we are not free from bugs and I don’t think they were intentionally abusing position bug because I don’t think they know how to reproduce this.
Also, there was no need for such, they would have earned enough points to surpass your guild sooner or later with the Vengeful Fever gimmick.


Jump hack?

I’ve never heard of this before, can you explain, bro?


i think u can just end this circus now, for good


I think he is speaking about the polemic jump addon from Rainbow Trek event
everyone knows about that, right?
But I don’t see people teleporting in this case


Its just very very bad desync.
This is what actually happens. Sometimes you see it in fued or even TBL


Hi @Arkantos

We thought it could be some position bug; but how it happened with only those 3 characters the entire event? In every video (and other I haven’t posted) anyone (Paradise, Australe and Fire Emblem) are aways taking damage and beeing affected by skills everytime; while these ‘jobless’ is aways ‘invulnerable’.

Videos made by other people:

and this (at 4’48):

When you see 1 video, okay, it seems like another ‘usual bug’, but this is happening every time, with other people, it’s very strange, Arkantos.


This is clearly a position bug, the map had more than 70 people and this is normal to happen when the map is full.
I think you’d freak out with a regular video of GTW lol


Do not try to debate, they are members of rival guilds who are trying to ban members of Paradise for no apparent reason.

If you find something wrong in logs, please ban the accused, but it’s impossible to be a hack or something illegal