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Share your IRO1 character's name server and guild, find old friends/rivals

Since i know there is a huge RO1 population here and since RO1 had such a close social community, I thought it’d be cool to see who’s around. I’m looking to limit this thread to official RO international servers to keep this thread useful.

Please post:

  • Character Name
  • Sever you played
  • Dates you played
  • Guilds you spent the most time in
  • Class


Ikeris - LK
IRO Loki- 2003 ish-2007ish
Gods of War
Dues Ex Machina
Cetra leader

Mariner -Rouge
IRO Valkyrie server
launch to 2008 or 9
Ethos leader

***EDIT I think i remember some of you guys but it might be helpful to mention which classes you played.

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iRO Loki
LittleGlassPuppy - dancer
Dungeon Masters

Impromptu DM dance party!

…yeaaaah I made that when I was like 11.

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I was honestly hoping for more responses here!

  • Ecko / Hisatsu
  • IRO Chaos / Ymir / Valkyrie-ish
  • 2003-2012ish
  • WB, Elysium, Yoink.!!
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iRO Chaos

Gregory Gawaran
iRO Chaos
Alpha - The Mass Hacking
Blacksmiths Incorporated (BSI)

Oh man, two sort of old school iRO Chaos players so far, though I don’t specifically remember either of you.

iRO Chaos 2002-2004ish (Beta to Juno expansion era)

Name: CelticMist, 99 Knight

Guilds: Apotheosis, Veracity (short lived), Aoi No Kaze

I don’t know you by name but I definitely know that guild. I made many weapons for people in that guild! haha By guild I mean Aoi No Kaze

I’ve been in Aoi No Kaze before, as a FS priestess… =) Brings back memories!

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  • Min / Faile / Tea
  • Chaos/Loki (iro)
  • From beta to… well… 4 ou 5 years later maybe…
  • ChupaChuwa (I think…, can’t recall XD), Elegy
  • Hunter / Priest / Sin
  • Shell [Sea Kub]
  • Chaos
  • Alpha- p2p [~2011]
  • Celestial
  • Priest [Wizzard]

l Dahlia l
iRO Classic/Loki
2012 - 2015

  • Well got to many name i changed them all day so…
  • same as before but i will point the “biggest”: Tsume / DiM / FeelRo / Ymir / Eternity Ro / TFE / Paradise / Aetel / Legend of Fea / …
  • Launch to 2013
  • Guilds: First of all Eclipse on tsume / Utopia / GS (Gold Saints) / WG (What Guild) / WPE (Worst Player Ever) / Misclick
  • Class: HW FS => DD or Crea SPP => DD

Here’s a bit of a treat, a screen shot from the original Lutie PvP event during Chaos beta.

If anyone remembers Nightmares of Eternity, was pretty much the top level guild at that time. It dissolved and a lot of the members then became members of Wild-Blades, Empire, Apotheosis, Aoi No Kaze, which was the WAKE alliance that controlled the Aldebaran Guild Forts after the first WoE events. (Won’t let me properly post images yet, so click the annoying link)
Lutie PvP

(Also the guild Denuo Convena (sp?) formed out of NoE).


Skopein, Sister Myriam, Prof. Rossi, Couplets.
iRO Loki/Chaos; Bunch of Private Servers.
2003-2007, 2007-2010 (Private servers)
Einherjar, Entity, Failboat, Synergy.
High Wizard, High Priest, Clown, Gypsy, Professor

Probably been a year since I played iro.
Only WoE with Impact and normally hang out with Malaysian player.

Character Name: Firechan and Kitsumi Kumiko
Sever you played : Sakray, Chaos and Loki… Ymir… ALL OF THEM.
Dates you played: Beta - Current
Guilds you spent the most time in: 8-bit Generation, Deux Ex Machina, NO, FR, Apricats, and Obliviate Callous
Class: Hunter & Dancer

I currently play as Lucky on Chaos… I’m remaking my character since I haven’t played in ages though.

Character Name: Xin (Was also very active on the forums… well up intill warp portal
Class: Assasin-X/G.X,+all other 99-150 class
Sever you played : Valk, ymir,loki
Dates you played: don’t remember when i started quit in like 011-012
Guilds you spent the most time in:YKW (You know who) DS (Dark souls) UB (unbound) and was requested assassin for hire for other woes lol.

If you are beta testing this 4th and want some one to play with you guys can reach me on skype @ League_xinn

i remember impact xD our guilds had some good battles!

effing warp portal and al the changes since pretty much ruined the game. I never got my accounts set up right with it.

Sir Bragi
99 Knight