Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


Has anyone played around with zoomy camera to see what’s inside the boulder? (If thats even possible)


I thought about it but I uninstalled it, will install again and try it…


I’ve seen Sensitive Owl at 2:10pm.
It stayed 5 minutes as usual.
I entered Saknis Plains ~4.5 hours earlier.

I’ll try to investigate spawning times some more.
It is easier and more accurate now that I’ve started recording videos.


Have you noticed any pattern to his spawn times?


I managed to record an entire One Night at Kateen Forest of owl jumpscares without being kicked out of the channel.

Owl showed up at:

  • 2:10pm
  • 6:50pm (4:35 after previous)
  • 11:28pm (4:33 after previous)
  • 4:27am (4:54 after previous)

It seems like it’s spawning time is 4.5 + random 0.5 hours.
I think it’s safer to assume that this might be 4.0 + random 1 hour.
Timer probably counts from channel start time.


The boulder is at the end of a road that leads nowhere. Clearly that’s some abandoned or not yet implemented area.


I’m not so sure about that.
ToS maps have lots of potential map exit paths that don’t lead anywhere. They are probably left for new maps that will be added in the future. These not-yet-implemented exit paths don’t have boulders.

I’d say that perhaps getting past the boulder might not necessarily be as important as just getting rid of it somehow.
There’s many possible things that could happen: something spawns in it’s place, NPC comes from that path, some NPC is grateful for clearing the road, you get a stamina buff for 15 minutes. Who knows?


Sad, do you even have evidence that the Kateen Flower is there / obtainable ? Or anything leading into solving the mystery? Huh
I preciate everyone who is doing this,
But if you guys have no data mined stuff, no strings and or variables found it’s just a abandoned quest.
IMC also not very helpful with this.
They could give you hint that it’s possible but they like to act like stupid and tell you it’s a mystery to be solved. (What if there’s nothing to solve?) thanks for wasting my time and effort like always :slight_smile:


if its on a long timer like that it has gotta be a deliberate quest


Another idea I had was maybe since the timer is only 5 mins maybe we’re supposed to kill monsters around the statue so that he’s no longer lonely?


Hm. I was actually thinking the opposite.
5 minutes is a very short time to do anything with the owl, considering that you need to camp for 4+ hours and notice it. You might realise it’s there minutes after it has spawned. I think time limited task like that would be too harsh.
I’d rather bet on something simple that needs to be done or a simple interaction with some conditions.

This 4 hour spawn timer reminds me of many hidden class unlock quests.
Now I’m starting to consider looking for some other interaction we need to trigger before or after interacting with Sensitive Owl.

There’s an interesting dialogue I found in language file: “I hear strange howlings from the distance. Could they be monster sounds?”
It seems to be said by an item merchant. Probably the one in Klaipeda.
Has anyone ever triggered this?


Definitely never seen that dialogue, i’ll take a look. The Klaip resident is weird too, he’s got the most dialogues in the town


I still haven’t found the NPCs since I finish all quests and stuff D:

I wish someone would whisper me on klaipeda server after finding it, but am usually alone on my search :expressionless:


It might not be. I actually believe that this was parts of a quest chain that revolved around Tesla, that was ultimately abandoned when they added the Grynas chains much later.

But, it’s one of those hidden mysteries in the game that’s still unsolved, so it’s interesting to see where it goes.

Do you have that addon that shows hidden buffs on NPCs? Like the one that the chrono master has? Does the owl have any?


I don’t have any addon like that.
For now I’m not planning to camp them though. I’ll be looking around to see if I can find any leads elsewhere.


nothing new to report, but i was digging in the game files and found something cool
I guess at one point or maybe in the future they got a full owl-katyn armor set


next time I run into the owl something I wanna try is using the Cry emote for the full 5 minutes next to him


I only recently got “keppasad” emote. Was thinking of trying that too. :haha:

Recently I’ve tried spamming Sleeping Owl Statue in Entrance of Kateen Forest and Explaining Owl with keywords like Ausrine, Tesla, Modestas, Boulder, Troubadour, Wandering Bard, Sensitive Owl, Emotional Owl Statue, etc.
There are hidden quests that unlock when you say something specific (mostly a 4-digit code) out loud so that method is also on the list of possible triggers. (“Ask an Owl of the Forest and he will answer.”)

Other than that, I’m working to get all collections from Kateen forest.
(Although one of them is bugged. for now : ( )

I 'm also gathering a bunch of Dandelions and Dandelion Spores from Inner Enceinte District. It won’t hurt to have them with me.

There’s one thing that I’ve been wondering about lately.
While doing night watch recordings in Poslinkis Forest I’ve recorded a player who walked up to all the dormant interactions on south-eastern side of the map. It looked like he was doing a quest. I’d love to know more about it.
I tried contacting that player ever since, but there’s no response.


that’s weird about the Poslinkis Forest
I’m gonna re-do some quests and see if there was anything new added

Security Cam


I just took a closer look at this guy.
He clearly seems to be interacting with these spots.
I can’t figure out the costume he’s wearing. He seemed to be using Wizard’s shield spell and Chronomancer’s movement speed buff though.
His equipment was low level - Kite Shield (lvl 15) and Crystal Rod (lvl 75).