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Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


another thought about the emotional owl…

he’s not talking about himself crying, he’s talking about another owl I think


I’m not sure. It does look like it’s him being sad. His name suggests that pretty well too.

Besides the owl, what still bugs me is the black crystal in Saknis Plains.
I know they usually give nothing useful but I can’t be sure about this one until it’s confirmed.
I’ve tried multiple times spending hours to complet it, feeding it CURSED PURAGIS and clearing them all over to make them respawn. I really put so much effort into this… but the crystal is never satisfied.

I grew to believe that it’s near impossible to clear this gimmick alone. I think you need a party for it (much like you need it for Driekple of Appraiser quest).
There are a few other secrets I’d love to experiment with in a group, including skulls at Underground Grave of Ritinis and water bowl but it seems there’s little to no interest in that on my server.


I found Troubadour today. Silute Server



Anyone knows how to obtain this toy (assuming its even obtainable)?

I want to try to use it on the boulder.


Hm. Dunno. I haven’t seen it in game anywhere.
I can see though that it’s a Toy type with a description exactly like Shovel (obtained for Medals) so perhaps it was replaced.


Unrelated to our owl hunt, but I found this while looking for a item in Sunset Flag Forest, it’s similar to the grave effect in Karolis, didn’t know this was here

Karolis Springs graves

I found it at where the red box is, the other circles are related to the trigger HiddenTrigger6



seems to be common on some maps to leave a story bh…

Like on mage tower, there is a telescope you can only use after completing all quest and it details events that happened…

or the dead pilgrim wife on pilgrim path and later on A. Crossroad… where the question of what she truly wanted is left in the air…

and things like that…

I feel like they left lot of stuff open to ad later, jist like how all the maps had obvious roads that were added or will be added later on…


i’m currently investigating the jars in Fedimian, a couple of them give generic messages like “it might break if you hold it”, gonna see if checking them enough times reveals a secret similar to the dirt pile in Taniel


I was going through the txt files and found this in the lv200 file

QUEST_LV_0200_20150317_002040 The merchant is not satisfied for losing all of his luggage. Do you think you will be saved if you find all of his luggage? 상인은 자신의 짐 꾸러미들을 잃어버린게 큰 불만인 것 같습니

다. 상인의 짐 꾸러미를 모두 찾아 주면 구원받을 수 있을까요?
QUEST_LV_0200_20150317_002041 After you found all the luggage, the spirit of the merchant with many regrets seems to be satisfied now. 짐 꾸러미를 전부 찾아 주자 미련많은 상인의 영혼은 이제서야 만족한 것 같습니다.

It’s with the lv200 quests, but these are actually inbetween a bunch of Katyn Forest and other Forest map quests

this is weird too

“QUEST_LV_0200_20150317_001985 You should cross here to look for the sculptor of Kateen Forest which the revelation of the goddess is indicating, but the man with unnormal clothes is investigating something diligently. Talk to him what’s going on.”


I’ve been busy IRL lately so I haven’t been investigating much.

That spot in Sunset Flag Forest looks interesting. Nice find!
I checked on tos.neet and it turns out that there are 3 spots like this, each dedicated to a different soldier. Nothing seemed to happen when I triggered them though.
There’s also another hidden trigger right next to Alan’s spot. Dunno if it’s related.

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yeah it’s basically just a finished quest thing like the graves in karolis i think, it shoots particles out like them


Lately I’ve been looking into possible secret NPCs in other locations using
I’ve got no reliable results there so far, other than learning about a few known secrets that way.
(Interestingly though, I was able to “discover” known secrets I didn’t know about by finding their hidden NPCs on and camping. It might be a good research method.)

One thing I learned about lately has got me thinking.
Hidden quest in Galeed Plateau reminds me of Sensitive Owl.
It’s started from an NPC that spawns every 4 hours for 5 minutes.
During these 5 minutes you’re supposed to complete a quest by picking up nearby stones.
Until now I thought that 5 minutes after 4 hours of camping is too short to do anything specific. I was rather expecting a condition trigger elsewhere.
Pillar in Galeed Plateau has made me realise that devs might’ve indeed expected us to do something within those short 5 minutes (or less if you’re not camping attentively).
I think that perhaps we should try to camp Sensitive Owl more often and try to experiment in Saknis Plains while it’s there.

Also, new troubadour spawn point:

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one thing you can try using the radar addon tpminimap to look for invisible/unspawned entities


another thought, there’s a similar gimmick in ruklys hall of fame where a ruklys captain will spawn every day at like 7pm or 8pm and you have to collect his ghost followers to bring to him

perhaps stuff spawns on the map you have to bring to the owl in a similar fashion

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Sensitive Owl already has it’s own spawning schedule.
Having another timer tied to this secret would be too much I think… Right?..

The radar addon sounds interesting. I’ll be sure to check it out! Thanks!

Today I was able to find players willing to party up to complete Saknis Plains’ stone pillar gimmick.
It took us ~2-3 hours in full party, endlessly hunting Puragis.
We’ve been there so long we even created our own cult, worshipping the stone pillar. I probably would’ve gone even more insane doing this if not for the amusing company.

After all the effort we were finally able to activate it:
As expected, it gives nothing but a useless buff for 8 minutes. “Unrewarding” doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Take note of the word “Slightly”. They even admit how useless it is!
Ah well, at least that’s one thing off the list of things to check.

I’m starting to suspect a theory that these gimmicks were made to help players discover other secrets nearby.
I noticed that many maps with timed secrets have a gimmick or provide items that are required for a gimmick. Perhaps it would be worth it to consider looking into gimmicks from that perspective.
At the least, I can’t think of any other reasonable explanation for why these gimmicks are there, how unbearable they are and what rewards they offer.

Downfall of a deity


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“unrewarding” should be carved on almost all gimmick stones xD

or have a sign that says [not worth it] :relieved:


Well I wouldn’t say all gimmicks are bad.
Some are even fun as a short break or when you’re farming for something anyway.

The bad ones are those that have completely useless rewards (like a buff in a map where you absolutely don’t need it) or those that are unbalanced in terms of effort and reward.

Saknis Plains stone goes into both of these categories.


Seen Troubadour today at 10:42am server time. He disappeared soon after so he probably been there for a while already. He stood at the bottom of the tall cliff in southern part.

Odd thing is I’ve been roaming the map every ~30 minutes and didn’t see him on the previous run… Possibly I took longer that time though. Not sure…

I came to the map around 7:30 am. I’ve found him ~3 hours later so possibly he spawned after 2 hours.

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Today I tried searching for Wandering Merchant while Wandering Bard was still spawned after I talked to him. Not a trace.

Wandering Bard spawned after ~2.5 hours after I entered the channel btw.