Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


another thought about the emotional owl…

he’s not talking about himself crying, he’s talking about another owl I think


I’m not sure. It does look like it’s him being sad. His name suggests that pretty well too.

Besides the owl, what still bugs me is the black crystal in Saknis Plains.
I know they usually give nothing useful but I can’t be sure about this one until it’s confirmed.
I’ve tried multiple times spending hours to complet it, feeding it CURSED PURAGIS and clearing them all over to make them respawn. I really put so much effort into this… but the crystal is never satisfied.

I grew to believe that it’s near impossible to clear this gimmick alone. I think you need a party for it (much like you need it for Driekple of Appraiser quest).
There are a few other secrets I’d love to experiment with in a group, including skulls at Underground Grave of Ritinis and water bowl but it seems there’s little to no interest in that on my server.


I found Troubadour today. Silute Server



Anyone knows how to obtain this toy (assuming its even obtainable)?

I want to try to use it on the boulder.


Hm. Dunno. I haven’t seen it in game anywhere.
I can see though that it’s a Toy type with a description exactly like Shovel (obtained for Medals) so perhaps it was replaced.