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Remaining ToS mysteries compilation

ToS has a number of mysterious places and objects scattered all over, with no one knowing their real purpose.
They could be part of unfinished quests, simple easter eggs, or clues leading to content that hasn’t been found out for years.

Together with @venetiansnare we decided to make a compiled list of such mysteries.
Perhaps some players would like to join in on the hunt to figuring those out or perhaps someone has had the luck to find out anything else that we don’t know about.

If you are interested in messing with any of these secrets, feel free to contact me or @venetiansnare
I’d also suggest joining ToS addon development Discord server. We have a channel dedicated to this stuff there.

Royal Mausoleum Cube

Once you complete all story quests in Royal Mausoleum and one blue quest with Royal Guardian getting destroyed on 4F, Royal Mausoleum Blueprints on 4F will start teleporting you to a locked out area with a mysterius cube and a bookstand. You can roll the cube, which will say your character name and a random number between 1 and 6. The bookstand tells you that it’s content seem to have been erased. It also has a function of teleporting you out of the area.
So far no one knows what to do with this cube.
Note: Entering the cube area is required to achieve 100% exploration of Royal Mausoleum 4F.

It happened once that this cube has stopped rolling numbers. It could be rolled but it no longer gave a message. There was nothing out of the ordinary on the map at that time. Everything worked as it should, including teleporting, monsters, skills, NPCs etc. This state has also persisted through relog and character swap. It resetted probably only after channel restart.
It is hard to tell wheter this was a bug or a randomly triggered step in the right direction…

Grave of Ritinis Skulls

In Grave of Ritinis there is a set of 5 locations where strange skulls spawn. There are always 2 skulls located randomly on 2 out of 5 possible locations lined up under a wall.
Skull spawns are different on each game channel and change every time a channel gets reset.
Player can interact with the skulls, which either does nothing or applies a buff suggesting player to return to lobby or change map.

Kateen Forest

Kateen Forest is a set of 4 maps. Each of them has something suspicious about it.

Wandering Bard in Entrance of Kateen Forest.
He spawns every 1,5 - 2 hours since channel reset. He is quite unique for the fact that he is the only game object (except Tree Root Crystals on some maps) that can spawn randomly anywhere on the map.
When approached, Bard tells you these lines of dialogue:

Sleeping Owl Statue in Entrance of Kateen Forest
It’s hard to tell wheter this owl statue is of any importance related to other Kateen Forest mysteries or wheter it is just intended to introduce lore of Kateen Forest and owl sculptures.
It has always been very intriguing though as it looks important while not being directly used in any quest.

Boulder in Owls Burial Ground
When approached, this boulder shows a message.
No other way to interact with it has been found.

Tree Root Crystals in Owls Burial Ground

Tree Root Crystals on this map have rather odd spawning pattern.
In most maps they always spawn randomly within specified areas or at exact specified locations.
In Owls Burial Ground, Tree Root Crystals seem to always spawn just outside player’s screen.
Their maximum number is also unusually high - something around ~20.
If you stay in Owls Burial Ground in one location for a long time you will find yourself surrounded.

Wandering Merchant in Poslinkis Forest
Years ago there have been cases of players meeting a mysterious Wandering Merchant NPC spawning at a fixed location.
When approached he said the following line: “Like a dandelion’s seeds, I am merely one who follows the wind. Since we’ve met in such a curious way, perhaps you could spare a moment to view my curiosities?”
For years now, this NPC has not been seen by anyone.

Sensitive Owl in Saknis Plains

This NPC spawns for mere 5 minutes every 4 hours since channel reset.
When approached, it shows a line of dialogue. Nothing more is known about this statue.

Foreseeing Owl in Saknis Plains
This owl is hidden very well behind a tree at the very end of the map.
The first few times you talk to it, it will send you off with unimportant dialogue.
If you’re persitent in interacting with it, it will eventually start telling you more about lore of owl statues and their creator Tesla.

Mystery of Kateen Forest has it’s own topic with a long history on this forum: Secret of Kateen Forest - continued

Telescopes in Mage Tower 4F

There is a set of 2 telescopes in Mage Tower 4F. If you complete main quests in Mage Tower, these telescopes will start giving you random messages reminding you of events that happened as you were questing.
They seem rather suspicious and confusing to be just mere lore reminders.

Broken Device in Tiltas Valley

It looks like a part of cable car like the one in Akmens Ridge.
If you approach it, it gives you a message.
Nothing else is known about this object.

Vines in Barha Forest

In one of the dead ends of Barha Forest there are large vines. At 4:00, 8:00 and 12:00 server time, these vines will go down for 5 minutes, revealing entrance to a secret zone in Barha Forest.
Inside this zone there is only exit arrow and one interaction with “Tangled Vines”. If you persistently choose the option to cut them down, eventually they will teleport you out of the secret zone.
No one knows what else can be done with these vines.
Note: Entering the secret area is required for 100% exploration in Barha Forest.

Barrel in Dina Bee Farm

Behind a house in Dina Bee Farm there is a well hidden barrel. If you interact with it, most of the time it will just break. It won’t take long for it to respawn though.
It happens very rarely that when you interact with this barrel it will show a message and apply a buff on you saying that it was a mead barrel.
It’s hard to tell wheter this is a simple easter egg or a part of something bigger.

Man In Barrel in Crystal Mine 2F

The man in a barrel is hiding from Vubbes. In his dialogue he always tell you to get lost.
There is a data-mined extra dialogue of his though, mentioning a piece of paper.
Most likely this mystery is tied to this item:
So far nobody has been able to find that item, any piece of paper nor trigger the extra dialogue.

Location of the man also contains a few other interactions, including a table with rotten dumplings, wine barrels, dried food and a message board with information about resting area business hours.
These objects might be related to the man mystery.

Epitaph of Juan in Miner's Village

Near the entrace to Crystal Mine 1F there is a grave of craftsman called Juan. You can interact with it to get a bit of his story.
After completing quests from the Pharmacist Lady you will receive an armor made by him:
There is also a recipe for this armor - although no one knows if it can be obtained in the game.
If you spam-talk the Pharmacist Lady afterwards she will rarely mention the story of Juan and his armors.
In the game data there are dialogues related to a quest given by Juan. No one has been able to find it though.

Water Bowl in Fedimian Suburbs

In Fedimian Suburbs there is an interactive barrel. If you try interacting with it, appering messages will mockingly suggest that it is nothing important.
If you’re persistent, eventually you will receive a quest item - old bowl with water.
In another part of the map there are burning remains of a structure. You can use the bowl with water to try and put out the fire. This seems to have no effect other than the game mocking you by suggesting it is pointless.
Nobody has figured out if and what can be done with this mystery, even though some players have tried spamming the water bowls A LOT of times.

Disintegrating Letter in Taniel I Commemorative Orb

After completing qusts in Taniel I Commemorative Orb, in a location on that map you can find a mysterious letter. Trying to read it will warn you that it is fragile and might break if you read it.
You are able to read it’s contents once before it disappears.
The letter probably mentions the NPCs that offer quests on that map and someone who was trying to get rid of them.
This is likely just be a piece of hidden lore, unless there’s somehow more to it somewhere.

Fruits in Bellai Rainforest

In Bellai Rainforest there is a basket with fruits. You can try to eat them, which will result in you receiving a debuff draining your stamina.
This is likely an easter egg related to the lore of that map and it’s quests… unless there is more to it.

Red Water in Absenta Reservoir

Inside a camp in Absenta Reservoir there is a bucket filled with contaminated water.
If you try to interact with it, NPCs will ragequit on you to not drink it.
If you decide to drink the water nonetheless, you will receive a debuff draining your stamina.
You can then talk to one of the NPCs to receive a flower item. You can use it to dispell the debuff.
This interaction is likely an easter egg related to Absenta Reservoir lore, though who knows if there isn’t more to it.

Graves in Karolis Springs and Sunset Flag Forest

After you complete quests in Karolis Springs, a number of interactions will activate on multiple graves that are located on that map.
Walking through the graves will trigger messages assuring or questioning (perhaps it’s a translation ambiguity?), wheter the souls resting here are at peace.
This might be a piece of lore telling you what a good job you have done by saving that area or it’s a piece of a bigger myster.
Interesting to note is that these interactions have not been present on the map from the beginning. Developers have added them long after the release of the game (and that map).

Very similar interactions can be found in Sunset Flag Forest.
In this case, you can find graves of NPCs that gave you quests earlier.
It might be a piece of lore telling the sad story, that soldiers who you worked with have perished at the final boss fight.

It is hard to tell wheter graves on these maps are related to each other and wheter there is more to them than just simple lore easter eggs.

Spirit of Varkins in Rukas Plateau

There is a quest in Rukas Plateau given to you by an NPC named Varkis. During it’s completion, Varkis dies.
After the quest, his camp remains with a bonfire in the middle. If you interact with the bonfire multiple times you can summon back the spirit of Varkis. By talking to him you will receive a random one of his dialogue lines warning you of Rexipher.
It’s unknown wheter this is just a lore easter egg or if there’s some way to progress with this.

Ausrine Statue and slide in Jonael Commemorative Orb

In Jonael Commemorative Orb there is a goddess statue that you can pray at. Wheter you pray or not, the game gives you a message suggesting that this statue doesn’t work.

Not far from the statue, in another area there is a slide that can be used to return to the statue.
This might just be a shortcut to spare you a little bit of running, or perhaps the slide and statue are related? Who knows.

At the end of her questline Kupole Leda in Jonael Commemorative Orb mentions something interesting: “Just as I thought, Goddess Ausrine has built altars at five different places. She used her divine energy and these ritual tools to set up a barrier.”
Goddess Ausrine is the one related to the owl statues and spirits of dead people. Because of this, she is a figure that could be connected to a number of other mysteries.

Book in Pyromancer Master's Lab

Pyromancer’s Master lab contains a number of bookshelves with lore.
Contents of most of these are known, except for one.
So far the purpose of this book remains unknown.

Devices in Tevhrin Stalactite Cave

Tevhrin Stalactite Cave is made out of 5 floors.
Floors 1, 2, 3 and 5 each contain a strange protective device. Those devices will send you off with unimportant messages until you complete main story quests in Tevhrin Stalactite Cave. When you do, messages of these devices will change, telling that they were supposed to protect against demons but weren’t enough to deal with the situation.
It’s unknown what is the real purpose of these objects.

Fedimian Guards

If you go the the long terrace at the highest part of Fedimian you will find a guard. Spamming his dialogue will eventually unlock a number of response options. One of those will teleport you to the terrace on the other side of Zemyna statue. There you can find another guard which has an option to teleport you out of this secret area.
It’s uncertain wheter this place has any special purpose or if it’s just a different spot to view the Zemyna statue.

Louise's Seed in Gytis Settlement Area

If you spam conversation with Louise in Gytis Settlement Area he should eventually give you a quest item called Louise’s Seed. (Most likely you need to have his quests completed + there might be some other conditions.)
You can use the seed in an interactive spot inbetween nearby fences south-east.
Using the seed gives a message saying that the seed has died.
Nothing more is known about this interaction and it’s possible follow up.

Camp in Nheto Forest

There is a unique sound being played whenever a player says something near camp at the southern part of Nheto Forest. Nothing else seems out of the ordinary but it surely is a suspicious effect.


the man in crystal mine always made me curious now that you reminded me i will try to start doing the blue missions to see if i find something interesting xD


man deep down i do hope they continue this adventurous side of the game
but tbh its sad to say its abandoned now
they are focusing on rebalancing and adding casual content now
thats why we no longer see treasure chest, buried item, gimmick quest (like breakin gear in front of fedi acc npc unlock a quest) etc
all those things above are also perhaps half done
but you are what you believe.its better exploring rather than just afk-popo in town watching market stocks


well they also said in the roadmap that they will rework some maps and add more quests who knows they might finish these quests if they were really left in half


well one thing i read somewhere down the ktest/ktos patch that i cant link here because im too lazy to search it again is they stated about tel-harsha(?) in ireddian shelter, about adding a story/quest to it. thats the only one interesting adventurus spoiler i read for ages
who knows tel harsha is father of neringa, cursed by kartas

I get the impression that quite a number of players would like to see this kind of content continued and expanded.
The problem right now might be that most players are tired of little or no progress being made, what makes them believe this is all unfinished, which is upkeeping the “no progress” thing.
And that makes IMC believe that players don’t care and there’s no value in developing secrets like these. And then that is only enforcing the impression that everything is “an unfinished quest”.

I am also deeply hoping that eventually they’ll get to developing this stuff once they are done with changes of higher priority.
I believe that regularly released and maintained secrets of reasonable difficulty could be fun and exciting casual content that would bring a new level of fun to ToS.
In my opinion there is no more exciting achievement than finding something no one has seen before you. It’s also why I am still dedicated to these.

For this thing to work, IMC would have to do 2 things:

  1. Regularly release new secrets of reasonable difficulty once old ones get figured out.
  2. Make a clear statement to the players that they are leaving no “unfinished quests” in the game. Right now the biggest problem is that players have this discouraging doubt settled in. And who knows, they might be wrong, or they might be right.

It’s worth pointing out though that Jonael with Ausrine statue is a level 300 map. That place isn’t all that old.
We don’t know if the statue is a lore easter egg or something bigger, but still it’s nice that they are still adding nice touches like that sometimes.


I just edited first post to add information about protective devices in Tevhrin.


Edited first post to add Fedimian guards.

Edited first post to add newly discovered interaction with Louise in Gytis Settlement Area.

This is a fresh find and I haven’t seen anyone mention it before.
Haven’t experimented with this interaction much yet nor any other mysteries after completing this.
Hopefully it might lead somewhere…

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We have found 2 statues by far then? One on Jonael and another one on Rinksmas Ruins (and it’s main quest related).

I suppose the next Episode 13/14 will take place on deeper area of Kateen Forest.

bumping this, good work treasure hunters

Who’s the barefoot little girl with long hair who appears in quests and oftentimes provides cues on how to do quest puzzles? I’ve resumed doing quests on a char lately (just to get completion rewards) but just kind of zoomed through without reading anything.

Apparently this little girl is a projection of Laima cmiiw. Like she becomes the guidance for new saviors and helping them finding Laima’s Revelations.

EDIT : I’m still curious of how Evoniphon realized this little girl is Laima’s projection, and he even tried to kill her with the poison blade. Hopefully they will explain Evoniphon origin.

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the next chapter that has already appeared in Korean will explain more deeply about this projection

all i know of evoniphon is he was hired by demons to kill previous schaffenstar leader as well as prime minister of the surviving royal govt or something which is why the archers, monks, govt are after him

I edited first post to add a newly discovered suspicious location in Nheto Forest.
There are some hints to believe that there’s more to that place.