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Scheduled Maintenance for February 1-2, 2021 - Contents

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for February 1-2, 2021 - Contents’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Wow we get BOTH episode 12-2 AND episode 13 update at the same time. Didn’t really expect that…

“Extra reward will be given when reaching Lv.452, Lv.454, Lv.456, Lv.458, Lv.460”

All expirables… :frowning:
Ofc the only valuable rewards are the emotes :haha:

“Legend Raid Auto Match function is added and Easy mode is deleted”

Feels bad for the easy mode. Getting glacia hearts with easy was a thing. Now you can auto match and spend a whole day waiting… And nothing will also prevent being matched with level 400 savi users with Masinios fixed ichors + Shaffenstar accessories.

" If Premium Token is applied, following materials can be obtained additionally by very low chance"

Basically never… So you still need to do the hard version for the most up to date rewards.

“Auto Match System is added in Challenge Mode and Division Singularity Mode”

I suppose this means one map per area, not one area per map (for ex: I automatch for area 3 on Lemprasa Pond, someone else automatches for area 3 on Woods of the Linked Bridges, we’re placed in the same queue right?)

“If my character’s damage dealing share is less than certain rate of whole party, the final silver decreases”

This basically makes the feature useless because you never know when you’re gonna be matched with one of those overbloated whales that do 100x your damage on WBR or equivalent…

“Equipment limits of [Division Singularity Auto Match] are as follows”

Rules out 99% of the playerbase. Absurd. Everyone will continue doing party DS and never give a f… about this.

“Demonic Sanctuary: Legend Raid is added”

See above. Same requirements. At least the rewards are marketable…

“[Giltine Card] can be crafted by consuming Glimpse of Chaos x10, Lv.10 Boruta Card, Any Lv.10 Legend Card”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… (one hour later) …HAHAHAHAHA simply NO WAY!!! :haha:

“Both [Guild Raid: Blockade Battle] can be cleared by one guild, but the guild member who participated in one Blockade Battle can’t enter another Blockade Battle.”

So you need 45 active people in your guild. Gonna be fun to watch the first week results compared to Boruta battle…

“Res Sacrae Dungeon: Auto Match is added”

This is basically the new level 460 dungeon. Unfortunately the same absurd equipment restrictions apply… Prepare to be stuck with the placebo Res Sacrae you get from the quest, just like your Seal and your Ark…

“10 [Breath of Power] and 1,000,000 silver is needed to purify 1 [Purified Breath of Power] and consumes additional material”

Looks at the meterials required… pages, gems, practos, magic stones sure… moth talc powder ofc lol… and probably arch stones in the future :haha:

(follows 10 pages of explanations almost everyone can skip since they will never be able to get/enhance those things)

“Reputation system is added”

This is basically Content Points #2.

“64Bit, DX11 Update is proceeded”

WOOHOO! Finally something worthwhile!!!

“Unstable Ectonite (3 Days)”


“If you right-click on [Moth Talc Powder], [Heart of Glacia] item, it can be converted into [Refined Moth Talc Powder], [Refined Heart of Glacia]”

Again wtf? Any reason to add those?

“Item name of Stone Debris of Divine Power is changed”

I like the name change. However, you can no longer select your map to get a piece now, it will be random :frowning:

“Reward item of Kedora Merchant Support Selection Box is changed”

I don’t get if you still get the weapon/armor boxes or if they are replaced by those exp cards/AP (I suppose it’s still the case).

“Goddess’ Grace items are changed”

No more arch stone fragments… Alright IMC defintely don’t want non whales to get arks and legend accessories…

"[Overload Raid] is applied for 30 seconds when your attack inflicts damage in areas other than PVP areas when equipped

[Overload Raid]

  • Increases damage by 30% per equipped parts
  • [Overload Raid] Cooldown: 50 seconds"

That’s nice. Usually the skills had 1min CD so uptime has been increased, and for wizards you don’t need to use the SP draining Magic Shield anymore…

“Item given when clearing Challenge Mode in Episode 11 or under is changed from Magic rank equipment item to Nucle Powder”

Nice QoL change. No need to go back to town to dismantle all the garbage (and lose the “fat” status).

“If the player’s level is higher than the level of area by Lv.6, 1% of silver acquisition amount will be decreased per 1 level.”

Goodbye 1mil silver solo CM7 on OWD15.

“You can’t enter the dungeon with lower level than your character”

Goodbye easy content points.

“HP of Small Crystal/Big Crystal increases by 20 times”

Goodbye Feud.

“Level of Boss Monster and Gimmick/Summon Monster is changed to Lv.460”

Goodbye WBR.

“Party Total Damage to be registered in the Joint Strike Raid Rank is changed to 1billion”

Goodbye JS.

“Increases monster’s Hp of [Very Hard] by 3.3 times, Attack by 2.5 times, Defense by 4times”

Goodbye Uphill.

“Multiple EXP cards can be consumed at once”

It took 5 years to get this. Probably the best QoL change ever…

“37 areas of Orsha episode are removed or changed to be unusable, and monsters appearing in corresponding areas are deleted”

If you have a Guild Tower, character saved in Orsha area or whatever… be sure to move everything out before the maintenance, you never know what would be left in the limbs forever…
(you should be safe though)

“Fixed the issue that The Bishop’s Last Mission quest can’t be proceeded due to death of NPC”

Ok so that was a indeed a bug (see thread).

Overall that’s a HUGE patch that will require a TON of playtesting. I guess first thing is to do the new quests and level up chars to 460. Unfortunately I fear that most of the changes will hurt the average player and only benefit the top tier ones. But we’ll see…


Whoever translated all of that: You’re the real champ!

There is only one queue per stage of CM. The areas you get the Cm are the same as the ones from WBR, and it changes every day (or week, I don’t remember). The mobs in these CMs are random each run. In one run you might get Lemprasa mobs, the other might be Paupys crossing etc.

The ‘refined’ version of the materials are untradable (well, team storage only). Also they drop directly from the auto match version of the raids = means the hearts and talc from the auto match raids are untradable.

I see… That’s unfortunate because I fear the hearts of glacia from the market that were helping the players that didn’t want or couldn’t do the WW raid getting glacia equips were coming from the easy raid and now those won’t be available anymore :frowning:

Well that must mean they consider the “automatch” version to be the “easy” version now, so I expect everyone to be able to participate now…

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"Some parts of the area and quest of Orsha are unable to use.

  • 37 areas of Orsha episode are removed or changed to be unusable, and monsters appearing in corresponding areas are deleted."

-this one including Knidos Jungle which is connected to Shinobi Seeker Title - Hidden Quest
-and some of the Anastazija Exploration Riddles Anastazija Exploration Gimmick Quest Bug

Please, is there a way to access old map, i mean like time travels NPC before Episodes 13 maps exist

Quests for hidden classes have been relocated, it says somewhere in the patch notes where.

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