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Shinobi Seeker Title - Hidden Quest


There are other titles related to the hidden classes too. Here’s a few:

“Trumpet-playing traveler” title (needs Miko unlocked):

Oh, and a hidden title not related to the hidden classes (“Fellow Aching Traveler”):

And a guide to many hidden quests, including the ones that give special titles (Chaplain and Rune Caster included):


thx man :DDD /20chars

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I’ve been looking for these for so long…

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this image shows any map in Orsha’s region which got deleted…
i don’t think this quest is exist anymore, due to a lot of Orsha’s Episodes quest removal and changes for new Episodes 13 main quest, is there a way to access old Orsha’s map ?..
i hope IMC sure re-do this or at least make another path to do this title quest

Miko quest also moved to another map