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Regarding Server Log-in Issues [UPDATED]

It seems like server tweaking heavily affected the servers as currently interaction with objects and NPCs is almost impossible or takes a very long time to go through (at least on Klaipeda server). The game is literally unplayable at the moment.


We have freeze at server Klaipeda, I can end the quest and spend my skill points. I click, but nothing is happend. Fixed it please.


Some of my Brazillian friends told me to put Level UP! as pet name… so it could take off people’s happiness on PvP. Now my another pet will call IMC for the same reason.

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I just want to be in EU :sob:

think there’s no point waiting today for a fix. Im sure they will allow users to transfer their account to the EU server at some point this week.

You could just delete everything, and start over again tomorrow so people would start at any server. Just pack those DLC’s back and give moar compensations. Players will lose 1 day of semi-playable game and reserved lodge names though. Still the benefits are huge:

  • No manual cross-server transfers for thousands people needed
  • Playable game
  • No queues.
  • EU community won’t be splitted in 2 servers.

Yes, please fix Kalipeda server. I was able to progress a little bit in morning after waiting for a long queue, but now server has been frozen for practically an hour.

Just delete everything and start over again tomorrow as kyuubinoreiko said


A new server does not directly solve the current situation in Klaipeda or Orsha, but it does help mitigate and prevent a similar situation in the near future. You can ease the load when people keep arriving.

It’s been less than a day and both servers are packed. Where will the rest of us go, the ones that haven’t even had a chance to play yet due to real life reasons? I planned to play this afternoon when I get home after work… now it seems I won’t be able to enjoy that. If there were more servers I’d join those and it’d be a totally different story than it is now.

As more people come to play it will become even more populated and may make it worse than it is (hopefully the servers don’t crash). I think you need to consider adding more servers for the people who will join in the coming days. Or make the current servers much more powerful so they can handle the load.

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Good plan but for those who want their names they gotta camp the client till it re-opens lol (which I may of done for the initial release and would probably do again)

The queue times seems to have improved, but now as others have stated I can’t turn in quest and add status/skill points

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This. At least we’ll be able to play, use Founder’s Pack properly and won’t need to wait 1 month of queues and server lags.

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The problem isn’t that transfer tokens are no more than a pipe dream,
all this mess could’ve been null if you just told us about the upcoming EU server.
Everyone waited for four hours due to an undisclosed technical problem,
if you just told us about this third server I’m pretty sure every EU player would’ve waited.
I’m sorry, I understand that you’re trying your hardest, but this is pure incompetence.

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THIS. I don’t mind lag, server queues etc, (even with all the pre-launch assurances) BUT!

Announcing a new server hours after the first two went up…wow. Obviously thousands of players would’ve redeemed their packs.

Out of interest, is the lag any better?

@cosx774 now you see what you got

welcome to lag / hardcore queues and nobody is able to play


Smart players didn’t claim them. We need a new NA server

^^^^^ Unhelpful and without basis. IMC increase capacity on Klapeida and Orsha PLEASE!!!