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Regarding Server Log-in Issues [UPDATED]

Greetings Saviors!

We are aware that it is taking a while to log onto servers from the server list screen. This issue is caused be a few reasons which we have listed below.

  • Many eager Saviors creating Teams in the lodge
  • Excessive clicking of the ‘Enter’ button by eager Saviors
  • GM messages containing Unstable Service Compensation being sent at the same time

This situation will be sorted out eventually as the GM messages are processed. We would like to ask of you to click the ‘Enter’ button only once as clicking it repeatedly sends multiple requests to the servers increasing the waiting period.

Once again, we ask for your understanding and cooperation with this issue.

IMC Staff

[UPDATE - March 30th]

  • The GM messages have gone through and the server list will allow more Saviors to get through. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • We are aware of the bottleneck when trying to enter particular zones and are looking into methods to mitigate this problem. Another announcement will be made once a final decision is reached.



Well now everyone will be encouraged to spam enter.

If we press Enter once are we put into the queue for the login server? If not why just press once?

i got into server by pressing once and alttabbing - after some time it logged me in. So it does in fact puts you into queue of some sort.

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what if u guys add lets say 2 or 3 more US Servers ._. we want to play u know just imagine once the ppl come back to home from their jobs or school it will be a pain that waiting time

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And thats why you disable the enter button after pressed the first time and put a loading screen


This is drop dead hilarious - hope the servers recover from me trying to connect 2,000 times!

Any help with this? (Not the “Create other character”) Thx

Hello nahuelvillarroel93,

We are aware that some players are having this issue with advancement. The dev team is currently taking a look into it. We’ll make an announcement on our official channels as soon as the issue is resolved. Thank you for your detailed feedback regarding the issue. :slight_smile:

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I wanna change my VIP account to another server.

Klaipeda i cant play… Server QUEUE~1600 , another time… 2hrs waiting to play, SUCKs…server SUCKs, and my money?

Any comments about infinity queues and random server disconnects?

this is hilarious…i hope more people read this post

If you are only going to have a few servers for launch, Shouldn’t you make sure they can handle the amount of Traffic? 1500 people in Q, 30 min later I’m at 1300 in line… This is ridiculous < Proof of the story below.

Sitting in que, streaming the que for over 2 hours. <100 in line. Then get kicked back to server selection screen and now back in que 1500 people.


And yes fear the wrath of a counter-strike player

It happened to me to… like 3 or 4 times

Hey! WTF this Queue for

4 hours

u are kidding me??!!


Check for gold spammers… they are most certainly the cause of the queues

please add more servers to allow more players, I am in queue for more than 2 hours from 1600 to 500

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