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<Re:build> Mergen


Yeah I finished my build, I think this is what I’m going to use:
I’ve tested a lot in Bernice Dungeon. I’m currently tied for first on archer there and rank 7 overall.

Enjoy, I can answer questions if ya got any.


testing without frieno set
+12 T8 Velco Bow - 3 redgem lvl 7 (2 still unopened)
Full miki set T6
3x hair accessory AAR
All attribute at lvl 40 only
No elixir

@Battle_Forged Me too, trying to reduced as much as hotkey.
I probably can add another hotkey so i’ll give Homing Arrow another try. Just confirmed jumpshot negate damage during that run so I’ll dedicate that skill for survivability instead. Will test again with kraujas set + frieno.


Ya youll like Homing Arrow, it hits for a such large radius, like the whole screen and does great damage.


Thanks i’m not comfortable swapping but i dont mind putting my buffs on switch so only have to rebuff every four mins+
That was exactly what i was looking for.
Only other thinf i don’t know what i’m doing as mergen and why aiming is so good.


Fletcher Mergen won’t have that luxury hitting all mob. Same reason I ditched it at first.


are PES, roost, sonic strike not good falcon skills? no need to put points on those skills?


try to use japanese voice for a change


That’s my channel and thanks for sharing it. XD
You might as well try to watch my rebuild cm which is the latest one.
The video you linked is before rebuild.


Upload stage 6-7 pls in any +380 map pls.

Edit- and your SR too


Wow, what an amazing gameplay! I really hope one day reach that level,

+1 subscriber.


I feel you. I crafted all my Fietas pieces, farmed even the recipes, I just bought the Practoniums, cause I could get just 2 by myself, I only have 1 character.
I’ll focus on Velco then, but I didnt knew you could get 2 gems each day for gemstone feud.


if you play feud you will get badge, whether winning or losing. Minimum 1 round i got 700 badge, max i got 3900 badge. 1 day has 2 round, at 9:00 and 9:20

you can trade 1000 badge for 1 BG. Max 2 trade/day only for BG.

btw, every char can get 1 practo from mishekan quest and 2 practo from frienel quest


I will do the Frienel quest, didnt knew about it. Nor the gemstone feud, thats nice, Ty very much.
I also have a question about the Velco Bow, how many sockets is it worth to open?


Any ideas how to push maximum physical damage higher? I feel like aiming for 20k max, currently at 19.2k mark. Ignas plate armor/pants ichor?


Nice you’re crushing it, thats higher than my pattk. You have high str. ichors on your gears? Or going ignas?


3 to 5,but the increase is not as significant as transcend


I am long away from ignas ichors my friend, I am actually quite considering trying glass moles for red cards and see how clearing cm goes… I feel 17 aoe attack is sometimes overkill…


I think most of us are far away from Ignas Ichors until those prices drastically calm down. Ive tried running the raid but I just get fragments every time and with the price of dusts atm I cant afford to throw away that kind of money on making stones.


Well good news, I think the event that runs with Ignas will surely drop the prices on all ignas recipes now

As well as with wastrels

I hope to get them ichors like you @Battle_Forged


Looks like falconer blind is a bug? They are fixing something regarding it in this weekly maintenance.

@adrian.agulto.rn can you show a screenshot of your gear and stats page please?