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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


I need a little help about how to allocate my skill points for my Piper. I used to run CMs/Raids/Daily Instances/Saalus with my guild. Would like to help them with my musical skills, and also ease my gameplay a bit when i am soloing. Can you guys help me out, please? :slightly_smiling_face:





Interesting. You’ll keep Sonic Strike 5 for the Confusion attribute?



By confusion you mean the blind, it only requires lv1 sonic. The lv5 id for -25% defense reduction I suppose :slight_smile:



No? It’s called Sonic Strike: Confusion :stuck_out_tongue:



No, he’s right.
Lvl 1 provides blind (7 second debuff)
Lvl 5 provides confusion which is defense reduction for enemies affected by blind.

In the end, I am changing to 1-sonic now and going 12 circling.



I asked about the level 5 one, which is called Confusion. Didn’t ask what they do, just asked if you’re keeping SS at level 5 for the attribute, lol :sweat:

And OK, thanks. I considered SS 5 at first but I figure those 4 points are better spent elsewhere, hehe. :blush:



My bad.

Yeah I had it at first, I liked the defense reduction. But if they change blind to be like this…I might barely use pre-emp anymore (it’s a ridiculous sp drain). So it might be better to not even have it. I’m a fan of it though. I know a lot of people rather have maxed circling.



That’s what I feel. I’d rather have more Circling, hehe. It is indeed an appealing attribute, though. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



It could be a useful cheap auto attack skill if sp is managed right (as I want to believe) especially if clearing mobs with high defense values, as for example cm6 (as up until cm5 mobs barely have defenses I feel) but this is just me still rooting for PES…

Falcon also has a min crit chance attribute which (again I want to believe) will shine when he keeps auto attacking. Together with gold marnox and the falcon atrribute then my crit rate, I hope to see PES crit most of the time even with low sfr

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I still root for PES, lol. I miss the old one! :disappointed_relieved:



dont get your hopes up to aim for 100% crit chance
here is scout video with 2100+ crit rate



This is my endgame ranger-falco-mergen.
For those who haven’t seen it, enjoy.

@redwea my sr turned into support healer now, creating another dps is quite expensive when rebuild came.
edit, my bm is the one turned to healer, and the sr remain a dps but now a ranger-wugu-fletcher as experiment. my mistake XD



Crit is hard capped at 60% with leather gears. Crit formula is simply CHR / Target crit resist. Other factors include monster type etc. Against a devil boss, 800+ crit rate should hit 60% cap but against a plant boss you won’t even crit.



You guys are way too serious =).

We melt CMs, Velcoffer is easy, Ennislol has already conquered the Bernice Dungeon in our name etc. I wouldnt get too hung up on all the math, we are 1 of the lucky builds that wasnt obliterated by Re: Build.

I miss my pre-emptive but our new overall damage makes up for it, the only thing that honestly bothers me is the down time on aiming, aside from that its all roses.

Just dont sweat the min/max number crunching details too much. There are multiple loadouts that work well, and even multiple class circles; ranger can easily be swapped out for pied piper and all your abilities can be tailored to mobbing or single target or a mix for general pve.

Try multiple things, dont get caught up copy/pasting what you see all of us type in the thread, find something thats comfortable to you. I personally have only been back for 2 months after over a year and a half away, ive managed to get myself a Velcoffer Bow, a Velcoffer Chest (not the freebie non team storagable one) and I have enough cubes to get my Velcoffer bottoms, just working on the silver to reroll them all.

Its all doable is my point, try not to get caught up in the race to the top. We could play 24 hours a day for the next 2 years and still not catch some of these folks.



Can’t agree more lol. At any given setup, if the only target is to have a decent farm even lv1 on skills with lv10 attributes is more than enough.

I just like PES, period. Brought by the old PES. Any other loadout, skill allocation or whatever is based on your preference and again there is no permanent allocation. The build works just fine.

At the end of the day we still accomplish what we want to accomplish, “top dps” or not. Doesn’t really matter to some. Just enjoy playing.



Hi, I am not too familiar with scout. Do they have a skill that double’s crit rate?

Also, his build may have fake multi hits… In my observation he does crit quite a lot… What I just meant with the falcon’s attribute btw is the one they added not too long ago that adds minimun crit chance?

Afaik, there are quite a complicated math with it that I honestly dont fully understand yet… Though I recently have put a lv4 gold marnox and I must say I do feel my crits a lot more often than without it even with onpy +8% minimum crit chance. Not willing to test though since it takes 4mil to unequip it :frowning:



that is because of wastrel sword bonus effect, give 2x crit rate.

i dont quite understand with min crit chance, afaik there is only 1 crit chance, not min-max crit chance like min-max patk



Oh wastrel sword…

Afaik, I’ve been told we have our normal crit rate, yes? But the other mechanic of “minimum crit chance” is like another chance for you to crit in case the first algorithm doesnt crit sorta

Have a look at Blindside debuff description for instance… It gives a crit chance that is separate from our own crit, hence giving us 2 chances to crit

So if I am not mistaken, the same may be the same with that falcon’s attribute. And then another one for gold marnox which gives minimum crit chance



@crevox can you help explain this min crit chance from falconer attribute?