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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


Thanks for the help. Thats why im going for another bow, actually I never did any velco run. :frowning:
I was always too casual and got into late game stuff just now. I was always just having fun and clearing 100% maps. I’ll get Wastrel then. Ty!



Do let us know when you finish tinkering and it’s all finalized, please! :wink:



Its exactly what I did, after being gone nearly 2 years I couldnt afford to sink 100s of millions of blessed gems that I didnt have into a weapon that wouldnt be BiS.

I started saving and eventually got 150mil to buy one, then began working on the wastrel ichor, and eventually transcended it and got two tier 8 gems on.

2 months later and well over 500mil im in good shape weapon wise, working on the armor now, takes so long though, endgame gear is just insanely priced.



so you buy your velco bow? not farm it?



Yeah, ideally you get 9 shards and 2 gems per day. Considering the investment in weapons to trans…I think saving is not a bad idea for people who are coming back.


Jumpshot does give invuln. frames. I tested it a lot on Velcoffer today. It just doesn’t say it on the tooltip. Very odd.



Please just get velco bow… It will pay off more in the long run

In my honest opinion I think unique gears now are simply to ichor velcoffer gear as they offer great stat boosts. But base stats wise, velcoffer still



So they didnt rremove it? Hm is it worth?



Bought mine off a guildee that had extra souls when I came back to the game. I left in the 315 era so quite a bit was new to me and I was nowhere close to raid ready at that time.

That being said making silver is something I do know, as ive said in the past, im just a farmer/collector, not a big hardcore raider by nature.

Moneys quite easy to make in ToS with the necro bots gone (for now atleast), the hard part is human nature. The trick to saving like a 150 million for example isnt getting that amount, its NOT spending your money for 3 to 5 weeks on all the tempting things you see on the market and in shout.

Its worth it though, specially now with re: build changes, you really need a powerful weapon for alot of the content.



Very well said!

Often times people only want to know what is the best way to earn silver

They often forget to ask what are also the best ways to avoid spending what you already have



Ya idm mind telling people how either, im just not sure my methods are the best nowadays. I typically pull 2 to 3 million per 45 minutes when I farm but im sure others can do significantly more.

I dont have a specialized farming build like corsair/linker/thaum or anything, I just use my falc/mergen and hit HGs and take breaks to work on my collections.



Hi everyone! I just returned playing and been following the thread for a while.

I have a problem on what will I do after I will reach max level. I know saving for a velco bow will be the priority. I don’t know where to farm silvers though and will the primus lv.380 +6 and 3 red gems be enough until I get my velco bow? Already have 1 10* Centau and should I get 2 more Centau and 3 Rikaus already?

So far I am pretty good with the skill builds you guys experimented on and it helped a lot, so I appreciate it very much.

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go farm velco bow using your support char, that way no one will protest you when your DPS is weak and you can save shard



Ya few things;

If you are asking if you are Velcoffer raid ready with that bow not really, as @Myself mentioned though you can farm the actual raid with a support character as an alternative.

You can farm silver though however you want to buy a Velcoffer Bow straight up from another player, its better to buy off guildees with excess souls b/c they tend to be a bit more generous on the price but worst case scenario you will typically see people selling them in shout.

Card wise, dont just automatically go 3 Rikaus, its better to find what works best for you given what you are doing, what I mean by that is > the mobs I tend to farm the most are usually darkness and poison element type so I use Specter Monarch, Throneweaver, and Rikaus, that gives me 10% chances to get back 5% of my sp on kills on top of boosting SP potions. There are SP return cards for several elemental types. Another popular purple option is Muscharia, which just gives straight up SP Recovery.



Problem is I am a casual player though and only have 1 alt and it’s not even maxed yet but I could probably max it before the reset event will be done and switch it into cleric.

It will be a long time for me to taste the endgame so I am looking to farm silvers instead rather than doing the raid. What’s the best place to farm for silvers now by the way? Thank you for the insights and I will study them on my own now.



cleric will have high responsibility to not let teammate dead, i personally avoid cleric…

do gem feud every day, it will give you 2 blessed gem/day

make a link/thaum farmer, farm any ignas armor material.

Join world boss and hope to get any legendary card (someone trade my friend legendary card with 200+ Blessed GEM)

i am a casual player too, but i like to farm&craft my ultimate weapon all by myself, so i never interested at lolo,miki,velco

TFW you finally leaving farm site after days collecting material, sit on the ground, put the recipe and material at those slot one by one, typing name and notes, and start crafting…



Anyone else playing with a controller I find I have too many skills and not enough buttons.
Returning player from previously playing Archer ranger fletcher never got a chance to try Mergen.
Just reach Mergen and find I’m still using Barrage/Bounce shot/High anchoring (always forget to keep critical shot up) for general questing.
Circling/aiming/tomahawk /pheasent for farming and CM.
What’s the skill prority for Mergen? When do you roost. What makes aiming so good?



I would like to share a gameplay, this is what I really want to my build.

I’m new in the game, but I think the build is: Archer > Ranger > Mergen

channel name: Wingzard
video name: Tree of Savior - CM Astral 21f Farming

CM start at 15:53

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that is fletcher falcon mergen, look at how full his skill shortcut, are you prepared for that?



Yes, I have pretty bad carpal tunnel and my fingers are beat up so I really only play on gamepads at this point.

Now if your comfortable swapping bars on the game pad (you just push both triggers), you can easily fit in every single skill for all 4 circles.

That being said I dont like doing that so I have all mine tailored to fit on 1 gamepad bar, it leaves a couple things out but im more then comfortable with it and dont have issues.

Swift Step, Concentration, Steady Aim, Roost on Far Left 4way tab
Circling, Aiming, SP and HP Pots on 2nd to Left 4way tab

Middle 4way tab warpstone, antidotes, fedimian and klaipedia warp scrolls

Critical Shot, High Anchoring, Arrow Sprinkle, Tomahawk on Far Right 4way tab
Zenith, Triple Arrow, Homing Arrow, Pheasant on 2nd to Right 4way tab

The only thing it really leaves out for me is bounce shot, which I really dont use, its fine dps, sfr etc wise but I need a small loadout to manage comfortably.

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He has changed to ranger falco mergen afaik

And like @myself has said, guy probably enjoys microing and has really good dexterity in real life to with all those combo

Hands down no doubt he is really good, this I know… But like @Battle_Forged mentioned before too, I myself like to keep my hotkeys compact and manageable, where I can play at my pace comfortably

Like in the original post that I have updated recently, really there is no exact build that will work for everyone. Pick the skills you need, for the content you play.

Everyone will have different skills, and I’ve read some feedback my allocations are “meh”, that’s why I have less frequently posted my test results lately. That works out for me, as they are welcome to do their test themselves, and anyway that’s their opinion. :slight_smile:

2 days to go hopefully everybody is finished, or close enough, having their falco-mergen builds completed! I wish everyone the best :+1: