<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


@WhiteDwarf So you will be using Rikaus too? I wasnt aware SPR wont give sp reco anymore in rebuild…

So that is why sp pots are always high now hmm


I think SPR (heal power, magic crit attack, summon damage) is literally useless for swordsman, archer, and scout after re:build, unless I missed something?

You’re right. SP pots got alot more expansive, but HP pots become much cheaper recently. Any idea why?


People are hoarding the supplies. And uosis is pretty expensive again since there are less bot farmers.

I’m still not sure but I’m considering it.


If sp pot chugging is a huge deal in rebuild, it’ll prolly end up being better to use it. Otherwise, what about something crazy like:
1x gazing, 1x bite, 1x Rikaus

Possibly not worth splitting so much.


If spr doesnt provide sp reco anymore, then I can understand Sp pot hoarding and your choice for Rikaus…

Coz even with food buff and cat buff, sometimes I have to use elixir to keep up with my sp management… Whatmore without spr giving sp rec…


Actually some do recommend just 1 gazing golem, nd if we consider Rikaus that is another. Bite is also okay since 10% isnt really bad to proc however might be hard to notice with pve mobbing builds, unless youre a bossing fletcher build?

Then you will have to drop 3 Centau for 3 Velnia then? I am also considering this actually.


Falcon/Mergen are 1 of the few classes that make it through rebuild unscathed. Very little changes for us, falc/mergen is 1 of the 2 top dps on ktos servers atm and is still invaluable to groups for aiming and circling.

I’m pretty happy with mine, card wise I imagine I am similar to others;
3 Centaur
3 Nuale
3 Netherbovine
3 Rikaus

I dont think there are really “wrong” answers, its just personal preference. I know some folks like pure STR, others CON, and then some split and go simorph for STR and CON.

I like gazing golem but on archer I prefer 3 rikaus and just keep distance between myself and bosses that are CC happy.

I couldnt see dropping my centaurs though, things die so quickly it just seems like way too much work to setup a status combo, maybe if people are using asio bow or velcoffer with asio ichor but that doesnt sound appealing to me.


I’ve been testing out a couple of things and I am sitting at 11 aoe ratio without 3 Centau cards I think. For greens, I am trying out Rafene (+10 to all stats), and Yeti (+1800 hp x 3) since we know rebuild have fixed stats for everyone.

For blue cards, I switched and been testing x3 Zaura cards, as someone have advised me most mobs are physical

I have yet to know if having 20++ aoe ratio is a bit overkill, but who knows. But ye I still feel Centau is our bestfriend since this build really shines in mobbing scenarios than, say, killing boss and getting #1 dps ranking…


All the Rikaus cards got bought out this past week. Seems like a lot of people have similar thoughts on sp pots and comsumption.

Random brag: had a +15 velc bow with 13 pot… Ended up +16, 5pot. Sucks couldn’t even get close to 21. But still content with it.

If you guys haven’t been making velc and ichors to get the 100% extraction vouchers, you need to either hurry and get em as they are very worth it to avoid rng on expensive ichors like wastrel/asio.


I know. I’ve been looking for Rikaus cards for awhile…


Yep, im anxious for 4am.

Came back 32 days ago after about 11 months away and have been using the time to farm in preparation for the rebuild exchange swaps.

I was able to get a clean velco mace paired with a masinios mace ichor so ill be able to swap to a 2H velco bow and get the 100% ichor voucher to use on a wastrel bow I have stored. Myself personally though, I leave my weapons at +6, I have over 1,600 hours played and both times ive quit have been for the same reason.

Bricking hundreds of millions of silver on items that I spent months collecting and making. I played from beta, through founder’s early access and into the 2nd year of the game and in that entire time I only once got past +10 before 0 potential. The game is still fun and easy at +6/Trans10, its not worth the drama unless you are 1 of the lucky few blessed by rnjesus.

Card wise I have my rikaus and centaur locked in, I may however change to zaura for blues as others have pointed out and possibly blut for green cards depending on how things go.

Overall though as main ranger/falconer/mergen we are in a great spot, our build more or less stays the same, does great dps in rebuild, and is sought after in groups, so overall im excited about something new to do.


Wow for someone who came back recetly you have farmwd really well!


Ya im just using the old methods, I imagine others nowadays can make quite a bit more, pure silver wise I do 1mil/hour, then extra off any primus, gems etc.

I may try some hunting grounds in rebuild but for now I just stick to the old 270-330ish maps for silver farming.


Yeah silver in this game comes if you don’t just needlessly spend it. You do cm, saalus, dungeons every day on 2-3 chars is decent silver. Also look out for good events, I havent spend any silver on attribute points, I just get em all from events. Also when the double drop event hit, I spammed a lot of raids and sold those recipes before they tanked in price.

I hear ya about the upgrading. I nearly quit after I bricked my first velc bow, and then got lucky on my next one. I agree even +6/T10 is good in rebuild, people don’t stress too much about the anvil unless ya like the shiny a lot or can afford to brick it.


Thats honestly the trick, just resisting the urge to buy things.

I came back in time to have 31-32 days to relearn the game, all the new maps and quests and so many new mechanics etc. and in that time, by simply doing my daily CMs and Saalus on 2 characters only, combined with silver farming was able to buy a clean velco weapon, transcend it to stage 7, craft a wastrel 1 hander to swap for 2H Bow for ichor, and craft a masinios mace that I was able to ichor and apply to cheese the voucher.

Then there were various other purchases but just decent primus armors, few new monster cards, just minimal purchases. There were many times I saw a Male Vampire costume or fancy hair accessory I wanted and just quickly put the silver into shards/gems before I made a poor decision.

I honestly would love to have a +11 or +16 but im not exaggerating, I never had “Jace” money in the old days but I made a very substantial amount for almost 2 years playing 8+ hours a day, I have bricked dozens of the BiS weapons at the time, from the time when maga bows were BiS to the 315 bows when the 1st practonium was released in the mishekan forest cube.

I just know and accept my rng at this point, and luckily even though I still get the itch to try I see someone EVERY day in town sit next to me and anvil a clean velco weapon, they go from +8 full potential to +6 with 1 potential and then make the walk of shame to the market board to list it to get pennies back on the dollar for their weeks of hard work.

Why do it? Just stop, seriously, the game is still easy, moreso now with the rebuild changes. If you have access to like 40 velco weapons like some do then yes, I get that, but for the average player just dont do it. You will be so much happier in the end.


self farmin&crafting BiS item has more memories than buying it off the market
@Battle_Forged i rarely see your name at forum, even when aufgowle bow is a trending item at forum (jsch32 guide)


its funny, you answered your own question, I am @jchsc32=), that account was banned on the forums ages ago for criticizing imc

(you can confirm that with Starkish of Dynasty in game if you have doubts)


you, nikola, unicorn, some old veteran player name that i remember


Ya I was sad to not see Nicola when I came back, was my favorite flecther back in the day when world bossing was big.

Its funny, what actually brought me back was running into Joeswaaz on MS2 when he quit.


isnt joeswaz the one who favorite squire at pvp?