<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


Hmmm is the new PES Aoe ratio is fixed to 1? Thats what Im seeing in the vid. That is without the aiming tho.


No aiming is odd…I’d prefer to see how it does with aiming.


Looks weird, like it is hitting less now but I think for this video it is due no him not having Aiming… Coz this does happen to me with PES and without Aiming (like it “misses” to hit)

Weird is that why test a Falconer without Aiming…

Looks like Asio effect is easy to proc too


sonic strike lv 10= 206%x6hit
pes is 25%
so it is 206 x (6 hit x 25%)
206% x 1.5 = 309% is PES with sonic strike lv 10

am i right?


I havent seen the description of PES… Do you mind copy pasting it here?

I mean does it say 25% of SS + SS dmg?

Or 25% of SS only? Something like this


매가 주인 근처에 머물며 음속타로 적을 자동 공격합니다. 선제 공격의 대미지는 기존보다 약하지만 디버프는 동일하게 적용됩니다. 지속적으로 SP를 소모하고, SP가 부족하면 버프가 해제됩니다.

​5초당 SP 100* 소모
습득한 음속타의 25% 대미지
1레벨 마스터

The hawk stays near the owner and automatically attacks the enemies of the speedboat. Damage to preemptive attacks is weaker than before, but debuffs are applied equally. Continuously consumes the SP, and when the SP is low, the buff is released.

5 SP 100 * consumed per second
25% damage of acquired sound speed
1 level master

google translate


Very ambigous :frowning: but I won/'t be surprised if it is a lot weaker, since weapons are a significantly stronger in rebuild isnt it?

Thanks for the description!


Question, what are your guy’s thoughts on leather armor as opposed to plate armor (or even cloth).

Even with the rework, leather still seems meh. But I’m mainly a pve player so I have been going for it for the extra crit, especially with green gems no longer providing crit rate in weapons.


Is it? I think in rework leather is more desirable is it not? I read something to do with more crit rate %?

Also we can put green gems for crit on gloves + boots. I reckon we actually end up more powerful, mainly especially with pve builds so I am pretty excited


how much hit is jump shot again? it only has 254% SFR at max level


I feel Jump Shot is AoE attack ratio affected currently


Hey guys
.what cards you all planning to use?


I plan on 3 centaurus, 1 gazing golem + 2 Rikaus cards, 3 blut cards. I’m falcon-merg though.


Rikaus cards are the sp ones isnt it? Are they worth in rebuild?


Currently as a ranger fletcher mergen i use 3 centaurus but I will change to falco fletcher mergen tomorrow and I probably will get ride of the centaurus for the poison combo. Circling is kind of enough i think.


Probably not, I just hate to drink too much SP potions.


I’m in the same boat, might do this just to not have to drink as much sp pots.

If I don’t do this though, I would maybe go bite cards and swap out centaurus for velnia for more dmg. But I like a lot of aoe ratio.


Yeah this is the problem…

Circling is really helpful with mobbing, but I am also considering velnia bite combo

But I feel that if we have more dmg, especially with velcof weaps in re:build, I dont think we have enough time to proc the effect unless were bossing?


Yup yup, keep in mind in re:build, SPR doesn’t increase sp pool or recovery, so Rikaus cards become more valuable to me.


That and the fact that they boosted recovery values on potions as well so it’ll have even greater effect.