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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


Isn’t the attribute a nerf to the total hit count? By increasing it by 0.1 second per interval, it becomes 35 hits instead of 52 at max level.


Currently I have Homing 15 Downfall 10 I guess it’ll be the other way round.

IIRC the attribute is bugged and doesn’t do anything at this time, so maybe it’ll be fixed.


I totally misread that. I thought it was from ticking dmging every 0.2 to 0.1, instead it seems like it’s written as it’ll go from 0.2 to 0.3.

Thus it does seem like it’s a nerf, as you get less ticks. Maybe will put points into Zenith after.


The attribute is working fine. The AOE portion at least. The new attribute just makes it so that you hit more monsters in exchange for lesser tick rate.


The aoe portion works, that’s easily verifiable.

I recorded two different videos and slow-mo’d it to literally count the ticks of dmg with and without the attribute on a single target mob. Outside of the aoe, I don’t think the attribute did anything else. Prolly a big. I’ll see if I can record again and post in bug forums to get it fixed.


I recorded it. Just get a corsair friend and use jolly roger. it will help you count the number of hits. i can confirm that there is no change in hit count with the attribute. 52 hits at lv15

Bugged Mergen Attribute - Downfall Broaden

Yeah I posted the same results back in January, the attribute does nothing besides the aoe portion.


Inquis-Exo stronger than Falconer-Mergen

Iquis-Exo spend money 200m but Falconer-Mergen spend money 800m

Inquis-Exo stronger than Falconer-Mergen

IMC do it not fair for Falconer-Mergen


Why are we aiming for effective cm speedruns again?

Oh right, because spamming cm is a thing isn’t it.



Hi, being a new player, I am interested in all classes and I would like to move towards an build archer> tidy> falconer> mergen.
However I do not know what skills to take, already can this composition be pvp or only pve?
could someone link me a simulator link please? thanks


This build is primarily great for aoe pve. If you’re into pvp you may want to consider other builds

As to skills, there is a debate over it. Some claim there is a fixed “best” alloc, I’d say otherwise. You gotta play the build a lot and know which skills suit you. But mainly you will want Ranger’s Crit shot buff, Steady Aim.

Some prefer to pick single target skills over the aoe skills of this build’s kit due to its undeniable better dmg, but I’d say that is just simply counterproductive. You dont pick a great aoe mobbing build just to lean for single target skills, and vice versa.

Hope that shed light for ya


thank you, can I still ask for two examples of builds? what are the essential skills, sorry but I really do not know the archer :slight_smile:


Swift Step max
Concentration max

Crit shot atleast lv1
Steady Aim max
Rest of skills atleast lv1 and up except Bounce shot (too weak, max 5? Mobs hit)

All taken except skill that lets the hawk fly you forgot the name

All taken except Jump will be removed soon


ok thank you, I already climbed the level quickly, I had already taken the shot bounce to 5 thinking it was a good spell aoe …
Finally, why not max some spells? and why put 1 point everywhere? that does not make too many spells to use? Also with my 2 3 spells currently I already consume a lot of SP …
Finally, I begin, I do not know what I’m going to do with my archer, later I could always reset my skills …
With that I could read above, I go to this build

thanks for help, and if you see something wrong with this build, or do something more generalize, I’m open to change :slight_smile:
EDIT: where should I put my bonus stats points?


Erm, yes you’re right thinking that more skills will drain more sp faster. However, the point is having “a bit of everything” to have more damage output. Ergo, having lv1 skills to some.

You see, one of the best places to use this build is in maps’ “Challenge modes”. It is a content where waves of mobs have to be cleared for good loots.

Stats either go to str or con, but I will recommend you to maybe just go full con for survivability.

That build seems okay, nothing wrong with it. You can play the build with it, enjoy it to a good extent, and tweak it in the future when necessary.

Have a good day

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Anyone got to raise Critical Shot crit chance above the 50/60% hard cap?
I just changed into Ranger and seeing those white numbers is underwhelming


I don’t think Critical shot gives you guaranteed 100% crit chance, I think it’s increased crit chance. Meaning against certain types, it will still be difficult to crit, like plant mobs.

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Critical Shot most important point is not the damage but the buff you get. Stacks up to 5 times and it will boost your crit damage by 50%.

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Yes, for PvE, for that exact reason, it’s a pretty good one-pointer.
But the old sure-crit Critical Shot, coupled with the built-in Running Shot of the new Swift Step, and archer +3 movespeed, could be a great kiting tool / filler in small scale PvP (Gemstone / TBL).

If you menage to disengage from melee combat, 2620% Skill Factor, 100% Critical Shot on 10s CD is a great deal. Spiral Arrow and Twin Arrow have the same “running shot” quality. The only other skill with this characteristic is Oblique Shot, but it’s damage is negligible.

But without a reliable critical / damage output, it’s just not worth.


Max crit chance is capped at 60% with 4x leather armors. Cant get any higher than that. The old crit shot is guaranteed crit. i missed that :frowning: