<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


Again, you are just typing words without having any idea what you are talking about.

Its ok if you want to do that, just do it in general discussion, in the class threads players are looking for help and tips to optimize their builds.

You dont use SP Return cards and clearly have zero idea how well they do work in farming scenarios when you know how to optimize them, such as running mutant sp return cards in spell tome CMs, or lightning/fire/poison sp return in 21F.

I can assure you based on multiple pms from the majority of the people in this thread that your “opinion” is not wanted here, we dont need to highlight the fact that someone is currently struggling in an CM, we try to help them.

This will be my last reply as I do not wish to de-rail the thread, I just think its important that you understand the reality of the situation and not the one in your head where everything revolves you.


Ranger Fletcher Mergen still top bossing build for 2H bow users. :tired:


Good, don’t take it personal and hope you can move on.

Still, what works for high end gear player doesn’t mean it will work when you just start up.


Us new archers on NA starting out^^

This is my starter Frieno 3 piece set;

At the bottom in red you can see my starter walking around money.

Heres an extra starter bow I am selling atm on the MB;

Heres my starter Legendary Boruta Class Seal;

Man, its rough just starting out.


Hey good job, just starting out already have all those. What I mean start up there is newer player (not you as in you) but I’ll leave at that.


Nobody disagrees with that


I can run stages 1-6 without using nearly any SP Pots using the proper card load out and gathering mobs, furthermore, you dont even play the build in this thread, you are doing a fletcher like its 2016.

it was to this comment :tired:


I wanna ask about homing arrow + circling
Is it still op? I mean I already tested it and I find the circling doesnt increase the aoe. Its just an ordinary homing arrow skill. Does the effect only when I turn on the atribute of circling?


Ah i see. I have to have higher AAR to make this skill works. It doesnt suit for new account like mine then. I’ll skip it and use it when I met the endgame


off topic a little, just watched this film and really recommended it to fellow mergeners


on red cards should i use centaurus and deadborn? no idead what get for the last slot, pirece attack?


i use 3 lv 10 centaur card, because that means 6 more enemies debuffed by circling


The first obvious question would be to ask you what’re you using it for?

If cm farming, yes centau is great.

Again, there ain’t any exact layout. If someobody tells you their loadout is the best simply because they use it, then most probably it isn’t simply because you may use it differently than her.


yeah, i keep forgeting to specify things, i’m just farming Baubas Cave, it’s tedious as hell, but is the best thing i can do for now to get stronger since i can’t solo cm until stage 5…
but 3 centaurus looks good


nonono. To get stronger fastest, you need to farm velcoffer weapon+armor, with party. Don’t rely on silver to buy velcoffer set


i’m doing velc with party, but rng is rng, and need to be doing somethin while w8 velc cd


Sounds good, I havent farmed Baubas but do they come in groups of how many? I may be a bit technical but sometimes attack ratio maybe too high than what you are farming. Sometimes, it can be more beneficial to have flat +30% dmg to what you are farming.


if no competition the packs are really large since i can move bettwen spots…

if i staying in one spot, they have fast spaw so is somethin bettwen 6 to 12 mobs with few seconds bettwen packs, but as i have no aar (no acessories with it), if cricling is on cd, homing arrow and triple arrow are not so powerful, then i always end up with big packs cause not killing things fast enough hahaha


Yeh I see just stack AAR so it seems :slight_smile:


here’s a stage 7 mobs clearing speedrun w/ broken premium potion