<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


i think it’ll take to long to lvl my SR, but i’ll keep in mid that i need to lvl him hahahah
which HG should i be doing?


Whichever you can handle, try Baubas Cave in Mochia Forest first. If you take too much damage there and kill too slowly go to Dina Bee Farm, enter that HG, and go to the 3rd section/map, should be called Nazarene Watch Tower iirc.


if you have a high end gear, it is possible to finish cm6 around 9mins more or less


well i can survive in Baubas cave just having a bit of mana problem, the cd of mana potion is to high hahaha


If you can find an empty room in the southern half below the Bokors just run an Salamander, Roctourga, and Specter Monarch Card and you wont have to use any SP Potions, I use a different setup but I farm Astral 21F with Harpeia, Throneweaver, and Salamander, and its the same, I use maybe 2 sp pots per CM.


All card level 10? Alchemist potion now have low cooldown and you definitely don’t spam skill non stop like in CM/bossing. It’s enough for farming. Even in CM, alchemist potion alone enough to maintain sp with some npc potion.

You can buy 2k-3k alchemist sp potion in market with lv 10 card value. If 3 card value, potion can last you 1 year(lel) for that 1 character. Even not level 10, I don’t see any reason to waste resources for such cards. Plus the cost of removing card once you decide to farm other place or using the character outside farming.


i get your point, but i’m really new, like first char ever at lvl 390 so rn i have no other thing to do than farming, investing resources on something that will sped or make the farming more confortable looks like the right path for me


It just depends on what you use the character for, myself, I typically do 30 or more Astral 21F CMs a day, so using 3 specific purple sp return cards is a no brainer.

If its just a casual, all in one character you would use 3 Rikaus or Mushcaria, or if melee gazing golems, or 1 of the damage combos like rajapearls, velnia monkey, biteregina etc.


Each of 30 character using that specific type cards? Such farming commitment.

For convenience? yes.
For cost saving? hard to break even.
For faster farm? make no difference.
Rikaus is more universal if you’re not using damage combo card. I’m using this but only on Dragoon cos the rest of my characters don’t really struggle with sp.


You really arent very familar with how most higher end players farm are you…

You buy CM Reset scrolls for 350k, 400 max, and you simply speed run stages 1-5 in 7-8 minutes each for a profit of roughly 800k per 8 minutes with average looting gear.

Its ok if you dont know things but dont be so quick to doll out advice to others and second guess people if you yourself do not know, its why so many new players struggle, they had poor advice.


All my 20 char can solo 21f in 10min ish with various build. So I can already be a higher end farmer? lel if that what you call high end farming that’s so boring.

Good job on shifting the topic (and triggered), it’s about the sp regen vs mob card. I gave credit for being convenient but that’s it. For newer player it’s better just to set your card to suits many content, not just for that map. Especially when newer player hardly can solo cm to really benefit that card setting.


He said he had no other thing to do than farming.

If you’re committed to spamming cms for farming (which is good silver to time spent ratio), getting the sp regen cards specific for they cm is a great idea.

But if you don’t like the monotony of that, Rikaus is obviously better.

This game is vastly easier to progress in when you have multiple characters specialized in specific areas. Obviously that’s a large time and resource commitment, but it’s worth it as you’ll be much more efficient in the areas you’re focusing on.


I have nothing else i can do but farming HG or leveling another toon to do it more efficiently

My archet now can only do CM until lvl 2, almost never get past lvl 3… so i`m weak as F

Leveling another toon right now feels like i had all that work with the archer for nothing, and i know it wa smy mistake not leveling a thaumathurge first

So i`ll lvl the SR > Thauma > linke/renchanter when i’m in the mod for it, and farming hg with the archer when i feel like beeing lazy

that aside i personaly preffer the refound SP cards, even if it cost more, and i end up needing to change it once i’m strong to farm CM, cause i hate carrying potions hahaha


I concur, though it is true that it may be not the “most efficient” if you do compute the max level card to its sp pot equivalent. But honestly, if you are a dedicated farmer with toons those few lv10 cards are nothing.

I’d personally go having those cards, then ultimately having less things to worry about keeping my SP spamming more keys on my keyboard (as farming a lot of cm runs are boring indeed) than mere few millions that can go a very long way (if you’re a dedicated farmer that is).

I’d happily spend, what, between 12-14m per toon so I know i will have no sp issues even without sp pots 99% of the time. But all of these are personal preferences


If you want to farm, and you’re looking for ways to speed it up and for a more comfortable farming experience, just check the mobs’ elements and get those cards that give +sp% per kill. The few millions you have to spend will go a very long way. The return of investment is worth it.


Make sure you join a good guild too, tbh you shouldnt have to spend 1 red cent on monster cards, lv 10 or otherwise.

In our guild (Forbidden) we host THREE free card album parties a week for all members and you can typically lv 2 cards to max for free a week. Other guilds dont do 3 but they atleast do 1, a 10 star card is pretty insignificant once you get comfortable farming.



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Just in case.


As he said, he don’t even pass stage 3 CM. Even if in party, you need last hit to have the 10% chances to gain sp is even worse.

The card is for convenience, yes, when you are 1-2 shotting all the way to stage 5. But when you don’t have decent weapon, decent attribute, you will still be spamming potion which don’t really solve his problem. Don’t give false impression of that card, he won’t get same result.



Please stop posting, the fact that you actually thought I was doing 30 CMs on 30 different characters with 30 different card loadouts just shows you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

I can run stages 1-6 without using nearly any SP Pots using the proper card load out and gathering mobs, furthermore, you dont even play the build in this thread, you are doing a fletcher like its 2016.


You still triggered about that? Lol ok I’m sorry it was a joke. I only gave my view on that card, chill.

And it was not about you, it’s about that card on newer player. Stop being self centered and showing off.

What build are you talking about? Isn’t this mergen thread?