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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


hello, after this update, I would like to learn about your new builds, and how you awarded your points?
I tested the leap but it is not great, sometimes my character jumps but immediately returns to its position of origin … so I hesitate to the max against the multishot to jump further …


Personally can’t help, haven’t tried it yet… But I feel like it may be more if a utility skill or a run reset thing though


Isit me or does downfall damage tick so much slower even with Broaden attribute?


Apprently they made it with less ticks in exchange for that new aoe attribute. + more seconds would mean bigger gaps between ticks therefore yes, less procs now


The change for broaden was reduction in proc from 1/2 of 0.3 sec to a 0.1 sec reduction. but i feel that the proc is so much slower if we count 0.05 sec difference.


Trying to open up a discussion, is SS really that bad of a skill post rework?

Also has anyone noticed that the bonus +10% at max attribute level seems to be bugged? It does not seem to add a bonus even at max lv100 attribute


At lvl 10 ss,

PES does 25% of 298% SFR = 74.5%
For 120 sp per 5 seconds (at lvl 420)

Thats a crazy sp drain for something that small.

Also, you’d have to sacrifice points from somewhere else. I’ve personally liked having maxed aiming and high lvl circling for the aoe ratio.

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If we consider cm farm setup, with sp reco cards this may be neglibible no?

Pes has low sfr on face value but procs every 5s. If computed vs other skills with consideration on their cd it actually gives the most juice over time…

I agree, but I notice I dont use Roost that much so I personallly took out points from Aiming to utilize it with my rotation which basically puts both my aiming circling combo under a minute with roost reset. At lv2, it actually has almost the same duration with max circling. But this setup is very, very limited to cm farm


This is crazy, cm reset prices are skyrocketing… Got a stock of more than 1.1k of them. :smiling_imp::heavy_dollar_sign::money_with_wings:


Where do you get CM resets outside of events? :o


Hey guys. There are too many messages here, so… is R-F-M build good? Because I just canged my class tree and ranks into this build and I need to know if I did good lol

And more: I need to learn how to play with an archer :stuck_out_tongue:


ive change my ranger- falco- mergen to sapper - falco - mergen, why does it feel weaker? or i just dont know yet how to combo effectively with sapper?


Sapper is really strong too, someone even made a thread about it with it he claims Sapper deals the most dps in the archer tree… The downfall is no Critical Shot buff, as well as Sapper’s hardest hitting skills do not hit flying mobs


Players get it from TP letitia iirc. Me, I just bought them before with all my silver planning to farm cm. It did pay off, and now it is even rewarding me more minus the effort of actually farming cm lol

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The build still works great


lol ive read that whole thread just for popcorn purpose. well going back on topic, im not really sure how to utilize sapper traps efficiently with mergen falco skils

is it pretty much turn on aiming , bring down broom trap and spike shooter. and spam mergen skills?


I am no Sapper expert that’s for sure, but I would say to maximize your rotations you will have to know which skills rely on aoe attack ratio and which don’t (since Circling has a long downtime). While rotations may not seem important until CM 5 solo, wait until cm 6/7 solo…


before ep 11, my ranger falco mergen can solo cm6 with minimal gear, now i change ranger for sapper i cant solo cm6, i dunno if its because of the buff of stage 6 and 7 from the patch or i just suck at “sapping the world” to quote his term. Well anyway thanks i guess im just used in using ranger, should get comfortable enoiugh with practice. Thanks dude


Sapper is prolly the best PvE spec atm. It’s damage is outrageous if the mobs stay within range and get hit by all your traps. It’s why it crushes things like Boruta, Bernice, and Velc.

But the second things get mobile is where it gets dicey, I haven’t looked up future raids, so it’s possible it’ll suffer later, and honestly IMC can’t make content thats remotely challenging or requires you to move around a lot, so it may stay king.


Yeah I’m stunned how s6+ is significantly a lot harder now. I can feel the elites way more, due to them dying longer… But maybe it will be evened out by armor buff?