<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


it seems mergen’s jump shot will be moved to archer’s skill

btw can i solo CM only using T10 orange bow and vanilla primus armor?


I used to clear cm5 just fine with unique bow t10 before.

And afaik new content will drop new item/rc on higher cm stages.

Who says a farmer build is weak now lul :joy:


Jumpshot being archer is a much needed survivability skill for both Pve and pvp, thank God they are giving it to all archers. Edit : ugh they took the dmg portion away, kinda lame.

You guys with maxed homing, how is your single target when doing things like world bosses?


I simply don’t… If I want a toon with great single target dps I’d make a fletcher variant


I copied what some of you did earlier in the thread before I got going endgame, I split and went 10 downfall, 10 homing, 15 triple, and 10 sprinkle.

That lets me comfortably do CMs and still have enough single target for Velco, WBs, etc, I also took max Spiral Arrow from Rng to help, its nice in pvp aswell with the armor penetration aspect on the whales.


whats the deal with homing arrow? it looks a lot more like a single target skill than an aoe one for me
perhaps the trick is to cast it with dieing mobs so it jumps from target to target?

Thought Fletcher had lost to mergen in dps after rebuild, it’s also an interesting class, but the fact that you need craft different arrows to use different skills, and not that the skill effect changes based on the arrow “equiped” is kind of a letting dow…
Also would not musketeer be a better nuker for boss?


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Regarding Homing Arrow, the number of mobs it hits scales with the attackers AAR. Its not limited to a single target. Well, if I’m not mistaken. Someone please confirm.


Yea, it had great aoe if your AOE is above 8


From feedback that Homing Arrow is a weak skill, which I simply can’t accept because it is being used the wrong way hence others could be terribly being misguided.

And yeah, it is even a good single target dmg as it hits 5x on bosses per OH (no matter the AAR). And no, it doesn’t bounce or ricochet upon mob death (nice if it did though).

Fletcher will still outdps in single target. That is its forte. I’d say the falco variant of ranger mergen is more pve inclined, fletcher is more bossing inclined.

Same principle how a fletcher variant can do pve cm, but won’t be as good as a falco variant. On the other hand, I do not expect a falco ranger mergen out dps a fletcher ranger mergen in single target bossing scenarios. Ofcourse, considering all other factors are the same.


You’re right, it does scale. I have reached as high as 22 aoe attack ratio before, and I honestly do not know if it is even worth it stacking that high. I’ve been running cm a lot, and even in cm6, I don’t think I can count 22 mobs in 1 respawn (considering the effect of Circling). Hence, an AAR higher than the number of mobs on the screen is a waste.

But I am too lazy to test anything else further.


About downfall, if it is even level, it will add 3 hit (lv 14 47-50 hit), if odd level then +2 hit (lv 15 50-52 hit).

I personally think downfall has more DPS than arrow sprinkle for bossing, especially moving boss


i see it just looked like it “bounced” like killed one mob with 3 hits remaning 2 go to another mob

I miss undertod you when u had sayed “fletcher variant” for it to replace mergen not Falco hahahha, but Ranger > Falco > Fletcher gives the feeling that it will be laking a lot of things

Anyway i’m thinking on doing a build similar to what @Farms_Alot showed, since it is my first toon and i kinda need it to make a bit of everything, even knowing it wont be the best on anything, being decent is good enough


Ya youll want to experiment a bit anyways b/c your still new-ish so it takes a bit to find what is comfortable for you.

Also keep in mind your results will vary, Ennislol and Adrian are very, very high end archers, Ennislol is the #1 archer in Bernice on my server, and even I have Frieno pieces, full Ignas and a +11 / trans9 Velcoffer Bow and like 17k PhysAtt. so dont get discouraged if things take you longer then you read here.


@Farms_Alot He is right, you don’t have to be end game at once… But if you’re looking for a build that is, what I would say, a good balance between utility, dps, and ofcourse fun (which is relative though), falconer is a great choice. :slight_smile:


i’m cool with ranger > falco > mergen, was just wondering that until i get to the point of have 3 toons one for each “objective” i need a toon that can do things decently, and @Farms_Alot build makes sense for this


Alt wise I just have an wizard for my alchemist mule, then my main falc/mergen, and im building an scout which atm is just BM/Link/Thaum however I am leaning towards converting it to an SR or possibly Sherrif for pvp in the future, well see.

Originally I wanted a high end manual HG farmer but now that I can do Astral 21F CM in like 10min or less even when reset scrolls are 400k I make insanely quick money, so I dont really need an pure HG linker/sweller.


Makes sense, thought that linker/sweller was for farming crafting mats

And with the changes that are coming next pach, we wont need alts for farm Velc anymore, so realy don’t know if i’ll invest time on then for a while

as for gear fresh lvl 390 should be doing what? CM on saussi 9 and dailyes?


New players your top priority is being online at 9pm daily for gem feud, 15 to 30 minutes of that gives you 4-5 million silver per day via 2 blessed gems.

From there utilize your dailies as you mentioned, Saalus (3x is ideal on alts when possible), and CMs.

You can also supplement your income by farming hunting grounds, in HGs any trash mob can drop a blessed shard, card album, sapphire or other ore, or ancient golden coin so they can be quite profitable.

Eventually you will get to the point where your gear is strong enough that you can just mow down CMs 1-5 in less then 10 minutes, at that point its just easier to buy a kajillion CM resets and just spam them for silver and primus’.

(make sure you get in a good guild too for guild raids for a free 5k attribute points a week and card album parties)


Very well said! I laughed at kajilion resets, because at one point I had 1,2k lol