<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


Remove mergen, take sapper and be OP,


Oh no, no can do. I like the build, doesn’t have to be OP. But is sapper really that OP? I might make a separate one with arch-sap-wugu-cannon.

I just need some suggestions with skill points. Thanks anyway.


Both wugu and cannon are almost useless for sapper. I wrote a guide in the archer forum, check it out.


Ok read it.

I’m gonna go arch-sapper-falc-musketeer. And no, I did not imitate you. I swear I already had this in mind as I read through your guide XD


I m amazed with the numbers, no doubt hiding that it is indeed impressive.

But personally, the mere fact it doesn’t hit flying mobs puts Sapper in a great disadvantage if you ask me… But yeah sounds really nice


I know, I hate not being able to hit flying mobs. Thus I believe sapper has to combo with another dps but probably not wugu.

@vigelfffortz hey so what do you think about this skill setup?

Edit: forgot the link…


better 15 punji, not stakes.


Be real nice and don’t hijack other class thread and say don’t play this class. You don’t have to hard sell your build especially that build won’t be that good without falconer. At least mergen still fine without falconer. Can you even figure out pros can con with each class at least before you say x class is shiit.

Sapper post rebuild, along with musketeer still not popular because how lame the gameplay no matter how good they are.


if you take Weltbaum and Stregreifspiel, Stregreifspiel will only play Weltbaum. So techincally you can have 20 seconds of damage boost every time.


Oh… right… well, can you check out the build I posted above and give some feedback? The arch-ranger-falc-mergen one.


hijacking a class thread is not cool. :sad:


Did some cms yesterday, it’s about 1.5mins per stage through stage 6. Didn’t try 7 solo as wb started to spawn.

Silver is good, it’s like 1m+ for the 15mins or so. Might start soloing more, in groups the benefit is I just act super lazy.


Ya im also almost done with a Frieno set, considering doing more CMs ala Randybk style if I can get resets at a decent price, 21F is super laid back to do.


Question regarding everyone’s attributes -

  1. What have you guys maxed or looking to max?
  2. Why those skills?

I’ve maxed both triple arrow and tomahawk. I’m close to maxing a third, but can’t decide. I’m debating between arrow sprinkle, Downfall, and pheasant.

I’m not too sure if maxing tomahawk was a great choice either… Would like to hear what you guys have thought about


Steady Aim boost every single missile skill that you use. If u want the most value for money, Steady aim is one of the best imo to max out.


did you get steady aim gem already?

@ennislol isn’t pheasant has bigger dmg than tomahawk? I got tohamawk gem from event tho


1minute - 1minute 10 seconds per stage is very doable bro… Only things that delay me are bosses with invincibility or my own laziness timing my skill rotation right…


Which spot do you like to use on the map?


I usually max the attributes of the skills with max skill levels as a rule of thumb. Then I started off with most used skills to the least.

It’s mix and match, if you’re aiming speed runs you can max both Pheasant and Tomahawk to get quick respawns of mobs. Ultimately, the principle is the same with screen-clearing skills like Triple Arrow and Homing Arrow - which some hate lul

On a side note, the crucial thing that those who say this skill is weak is that they leave Homing Arrow on level 1. So you really have to complete charging the skill otherwise you can’t use it.

Thing is, with higher Homing Arrow levels, the gauge stays the same. At level 2, release it halfway through the gauge and you get a level 1 Homing Arrow released. Ergo, higher level of Homing arrow shortens the charging time. This is a known mechanic for a long time, useful info for those others who may not know it :joy:

With lv15 Homing arrow and lv100 attribute 18 aar and more, nobody can really tell me the skill is weak - pve wise. If not for Triple Arrow’s explosions under aiming, I can tell anyone Homing Arrow stands as a more damaging skill - again pve wise


Idk how anyone does NOT use homing arrow, its my 2nd best skill behind triple for mob clearing mergen wise.

Ive been using the hallway dead end on Astral 21F where the SRs setup their camps and portals and I have the stages down to 1min and 15-20 seconds.

My Frieno set is nearly done, between that and the mb I will probally stop manually farming and just buy challenge reset scrolls when the prices calm down a bit and just start farming CMs. Its getting harder and harder to farm Baubas now b/c we all know about the Bokors on the pillars, im used to that, now they are setting up on the lamp posts too in southern rooms so theres basically no rooms left.

Atleast with a pure CM $ machine I can just avoid all the drama in open world.