<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


No need to apologize, i enjoy the game i want to suport it, so they can continue with their work, and hopeful solve the bugs, and the tp shop should be the way for it but srsly there is nothing that useful there hahah


No goals for me right now, just pushing my max as high as I can. Might start to consider doing boring quests for stat points…



My Review on Pied Piper > Falco > Mergen not that anyone care hahah
my english is a bit broaken so bear with me
Build: https://tos.neet.tv/skill-planner#31ceh.1151457385.112f314b516a7581.21315f8abad5c1.2e4f85615a

First of all, i’m noob, and still leveling (on 380 currently), so it probabily wont have much of useful information…

So, i’ve changed my ranger rank to pied piper, so far, it’s more fun to play if you do not care for having a little less sustainable damage.

Lied des Weltbaum, provides a HUGE damage burst with 17 sec duration and 33 sec down time, combined with Wiegenlied 100% crit and max lvl Pheasant makes your “opener” so much powerful that wont be much things left to deal after this
Lied des Weltbaum also provides +3 aoe ratio to mergen skills, making triple arrow and arrow sprinkle more powerful

Hameln Nagetier (tha Hantaro army) have a nice damage potential if only the rats acctualy hited the target, but most of time the just miss and disappear, unles you use Wiegenlied, but imo is just a waste of critial pheasant/tomahawk… i’ll be changing points from it once i make sure that i’m not using it wrong

Dissonanz is useful for hold ennemyes under Arrow Sprinkle
Hypnotische Floete if you lvl up it is good for buying time, grouping up anemies or holding they under arrow sprinkle
Friendeslied good for not taking damage ramoving debuff and you and enemyes buffs and getting time for cds to reset

Stegreifspiel is a gamble, it can extend your burst (witch is situational good) give you an extra Dissonaz, or extra Wiegenlied, worst case you’ll get your Marschi renewed

So far it’s not that great for soloing CM, can’t get past 3, mobs get more tanker for you to explode then on a single burst, or you need your full burst to clear then so it takes time, but again i’m not lvl 390 have no decent gear (only event weapon) neither skill atributes (only the ones that have lvl max 30 or less)
have no problem to deal with boss tho


Trying to do some speed runs and finished cm5 astral21f with 7mins today. Wonder if I can finish faster

Sometimes it also depends on boss knockdown ability/invulnerability. If you get them run takes longer


Thats funny, thats the only CM I do too, its like a min and 30 sec per stage for me, im sure you and Ennislol cruise through it.


You forgot the part it is tedious nd boring to some point. :stuck_out_tongue: 1.5 mins per stage sounds good too tbh :+1::+1:


Hello 2h bow peasants!

The only way to stay relevant right now is to play Sapper - Ranger( for 50% crit power) - some support. Mergen is not needed.


Explain plz m’lord

20 plz


Right now sapper does so much damage that mergen’s dps can be just neglected. Taking just ranger for 50% crit power and some filler skills and falconer/appraiser/piper will get you more dps. By digts. If you have 2h bow that is.

On mergen you have to actually use all those skills, then spam ranger skills, then spam fletcher’s skills ( i have no idea why would anyone take fletcher) That gives you a damn piano. And with that piano and sweaty fingers you will still deal less damage than sapper pressing 1 button every 40 - 60 seconds.


hmm, seeing is believing.

Can you make a video of sapper soloing CM 21f for comparison?


Too lazy to do cm - check out velco.
1 velco stage per 1 spike shooter.


not convinced, because the sapper damage is buffed by weltbaum.


it’s still flat 75000 - 101000% sf, ( depends on skill lvl )
On boruta that’s 90 - 260 k damage per arrow. ( not crit)


Do sapper skills hit flying mobs now?


I haven’t tried soloing cm since rebuild, I’ll prolly start since I need to farm urbas seals now.

I’ll post my experiences when I do.


I tested it only hit 5-6x target. Gargoyle boss running around probably wasted the trap. If no aiming, you miss more. Also does it immune to Velco’s destroy tile? It’s a good class but I think you give too much credit to sapper.


Ikr, its different now that a seal gets consumed each time you go in, it wasnt bad for us last night.

In total I used maybe 4 soul crystals and 3 seals on my squishy full leather Archer but they drop much more in CMs then Baubas for me anyways.


Spike shooter - yes.


8 hits with 7 lvl skill and aiming. Aiming peresent on all bosses and you can have your own. Imune to destroy tile. cannot be broken, can be set up several times.
Velco and gargoyle - you basically tank them, as well as boruta. if you tank them - they don’t run around.


I don’t think it’s a good idea to start another thread to post something probably many had answered already, so I’m gonna put my skill builds here. What do you guys think?