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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


Your cards are fine, and phada is still good. I used phada for a long time.

Look out for a primus bow and try and upgrade that for the time being.

Work toward velcoffer is the end goal. No point in spending your silver on stuff atm.



Honestly though if I was bran new and just now looking at endgame gear id be hesitant until I know more of a date on the recently leaked Ktos content, the lv420 cap increase and new legendary raids.

Ive literally killed myself the last 2 months playing and farming around the clock to get my Velcoffer set and I doubt many people can honestly play the amount of hours I do a day. If the new legendary set is going to be here in say 4 months for example id not spend a penny on Velcoffer and just get a decent asio or wastrel bow and roll with decently stat’d primus armors and save all my money.

If its going to be like 6-10 months out though id farm velco, the bow atleast.



Even with Wastrel sword 2x crit chance, Scout/Swordie won’t be able to land much crit on CM/Saalus boss. I believe Ranger use the same formula, doubling your crit chance value when using that skill.

Either you must have huge raw crit chance or multiple crit resist debuff from party play. Imo this makes classes with this debuff have higher value in Re.



Ah ok so it’s actually +100% crit chance, not 100%. Thanks, I see now.



sorry for late reply
@myself and @Ennislol thanks for the advice :relaxed:



I want to ask if this build is good, and i want to know the skill rotation cause i’m new to mergen xD



good enough. Just asking one thing, what is the reason you taking preemptive strike? for DPS or debuff?



for the dps, i’m just following other’s builds and make a little change… what do you think of PES? is it bad?



for DPS, very very baaaaad and huge SP cost over time

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so don’t spend point on it? and for debuff, i think it’s not PES that have debuff right?



We take at most 1 point in each, pre and sonic just to have access to the blind for specific boss fights, I dont know of any falc/merg that knows what hes doing using more then that atm, the skill was completely gutted in re: build.



Hey guys, i’m leveling my first toon ever on the game, doing ranger>falconer>mergen
but a find my self in need for silver to get skill atributes also wanted to know each one i should focus
and get atributes for the falcon is goos as well?



get as many 1000 attribute point voucher from this event



Yeah i was not sure what to do withe these coins hahaha
i’ll use for it, and for the bird stats, like, Attack and crit rate, should invest on this? or just leave it be?



i know this question is a little bit off topic but, does it worth buying a bow +15 ~ 21 Raffye 350?, i see many bows around 70 ~ 100m, should i buy it or save the money? some of those bows are really strong like 10000 patk



God no, if you are going to invest nearly a 100mil silver you put that into a Velcoffer Bow, not any unique bow regardless of the level or anvil enhancement.

Dont get caught up in the shiney visuals, there is a very small difference now between +6/+11/+16, what matters more is transcendence, legendary, etc.

For example here is my bow at only +6 and Trans. 8, I have no intention of anviling it any further b/c it will just end up back at +6 and 0 potential anyways, all I have to do is Transcend 2 more stages and finish the gems.

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wow… that bow scale really well.



Because of the legendary quality. Work toward that.



Do the red gems in that bow count toward its total (9019-10906?)



no, they are added onto character sheet phys dmg

its actually pretty realistic to make t8s now w/o being stupidly rich, between the ancient golden coins that have a decent chance of giving t6s and the usual blue/purple fodder and abrasives ive already made x4 tier 8s since coming back and my 5th is almost done