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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


hey, does anyone knows if looting chance works if I equip the gear when the boss is middle health? Do I need to equip it before I start the fight or something? I imagine theres no proof of anything but…



@myself @7aniki

Hi really interested how you guys tested the Steady aim vs Overestimate dmg boost comparison? Tia :smile:



I had a detailed but slightly confusing explanation but, I’ll try to keep this simple.

I didn’t use Ranger with Mergen for long because I was using Appraiser but, if I had to switch to it again I’d stick with ranger this time around because of the changes they made to how percent works I don’t like the Appraiser debuffs now, they not bad they just not my thing anymore.

Damage does not equal attack/physical damage/physical attack/magical damage/magical attack.

Damage is the numbers that come out flying when you hit something.
The others affect either your base attack; weapon attack or your total attack in your information window F1.

This is why with steady aim you get higher numbers because it’s a % of the damage you dealt while overestimate is a flat fixed addition based on your weapons anvil level, literally what you’d get if you manually anvil that +7.

All those monster cards that say +damage to x monster are based on the damage dealt not your attack values.

This is why I’m having trouble letting go of pied piper that +100% damage dealt buff.
Quarrel Shooters block and shoot is damage dealt too while kneeling is physical attack.

The bleed or poison red/purple card combinations work well because they are +30% damage dealt on anything that you bleed or poison, this is 6 cards for 30% damage.

If you farm in a specific place you might favor 3 red cards for monsters type for the 30% if you can spare the 3 red card slots

Ah so many edits sorry I sort of just kept typing this is why I don’t usually post.

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make a ranger appraiser build
then use overestimate, AAing constantly for 5 minute buff
change to steady aim, AAing for 5 minute buff

repeat as many as you still arent sure for the result

when i combine steady aim+overestimate, the avg dmg is increased by 1000

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if you have kraujas set, you can dispose pied



This makes me want to use it with Pied Piper.
I have this thing where I wanted to make use of a Wildling Bane on Velcoffer just to see if the crit on it is guaranteed. Along with Pantorex + beast cards and pied piper. Now Kraujas too.

I had 100% crit on beast with Bullet Marker but they took that happy bug away from me when they moved BM.



i dont think you can ichor <lv 350 weapon



Oh sorry I meant use the weapon on the boss not ichor.
That would’ve been insane.

I knew of Ichor but never saw that information in the link thank you.



I wouldnt compare Pied Piper to Ranger solely based on the damage song either, as @Myself pointed out, the song can easily be replaced with Kraujas Partis Solutions on your gear but Ranger also massively boosts your critical damage with critical shot which is very easy to stack and maintain and high anchoring ontop of now being an massive and effective aoe skill also reduces enemy critical resistance, and then you still are left with bounce shot, barrage, and spiral arrow as semi usefull options if you have the room.

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i dunno if this info is relevant,
i tested using wastrel sword+enchanter (1620 crit rate)+sneakhit (+50% crit chance) which theoritically can give me more than 100% crit chance, but there are still white number

regarding wildling bane vs velcoffer boss, wont it be very weak?



Up until this moment I didn’t even know the Kraujas set existed.
@Battle_Forged I do agree with you now that I know this and that the two can’t be compared solely on buffs alone as I did before knowing this.

EDIT: @myself The effect on wildling was similar to sneak hit before the changes so if it didn’t work with sneak hit now I guess it won’t work with wildling either. A global crit ugh a hard cap for crit chance basically.



Ya I mean its perfectly fine if folks want to go piper, its just in this game you spend so much time solo.

Ranger really ramps up everything for you all the time, not just those times when your doing dailies and weeklies like Velcoffer, id recommend trying Ranger first.

The only issue with Ranger is fitting all the skills onto your layout, some folks like me have a harder time with more buttons and ranger has multiple nice things so you occasionally have to leave something off unless you have those millenial fingers and wrists, then you should be good to go.



No millenial fingers here just good ol keyboard warrior. I went out of my way to play fighting games with the letter keys just as good as with a arcade stick or control. Plain madness, I enjoy a challenge of any size.

I’ll be going back to Mergen later today. just not Appraiser or Piper this time.



@chocalota00 @myself

Thanks for all the info!

And thank you @chocalota00 That was a very nice explanation it does make sense :slight_smile: thank you all for the testings and the info



if you have wildling bane atm you can tested it against monster in nobreer forest (1 map before sausys 9)



I tested it on a few mobs in Nobreer, it always crits but there seems to be some calculation delays or something.

Sometimes the first hit of any attack won’t crit but after the first hit of anything it seems then everything crits. Extra hit from some buffs don’t crit, like priest or pardoner buffs.

EDIT oh nvm I think the cards i have on were causing some initial hits not to crit because they on hit effects. Bleed Poison Shock.

Anything in particular you want me to check?

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nice discovery! but sadly the dmg isnt practical enough for high level content to keep using wildling bane, unless wildling bane is changed to 1hand like wastrel sword which is used as a stat stick from scout

maybe it is possible to reach 100% crit after all



I was surprised to see that Critical Shot from Ranger was not actually 100% critical chance. High level mobs/bosses don’t always get hit for crits, so I suppose there’s still that Critical resistance factor checked somewhere in the formula when you hit stuff with Critical Shot.



umm, can i ask some advice for my gear?
i’m a new player to this game with low budget for gear, currently i’m at lvl 357 with a 350 primus bow, 350 rare armor with some str stats, 3 centaur lvl 10 card, 2 rikaus lvl 10 card and max petamion, today im finishing farm material for my 2 phada bracelet (so much time needed :tired_face:). now i have 30m silver. should i prepare some material for asio bow? (its worth to make that bow?) or spend for other item or an attribute?

really appreciate for help me what should i do to my gear now, and sorry if my english bad, not my main



if you want to just casually PVE, asio bow or 380 primus has the same dmg
but if you want to worldbossing/main DPS at any raid, you better skip 380 orange bow and farm velco bow using your 350 bow

In this game first you need strong weapon, and then you start gearing your armor

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