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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


Agreed with @Battle_Forged.

Also, for being back only 2.5 months, you’ve geared up pretty well. It’s taken me since velc started, and I dunno how much money but if I had to guess around 800m+ on rerolling, bricking, anviling, ichoring, all my stuff. I’m glad to see it’s possible for people to come back and be able to get onto a good path for gearing.

But as for builds, we’ve had a lot of time to test stuff and tinker with things to fit our playstyle and what we do in game.

We don’t need to get too caught up in numbers unless you guys really want to push for rankings in things.

Like for myself, I want to go high in Bernice and I want to rank 1st on world bosses, so I’m incredibly particular in what I’m picking. I doubt unless you want to and have gear capable to do these things, the difference in certain skills are pretty small. You might as well go for funner skills. (I personally don’t like homing, but it’s better than I originally thought, so I took it).

But this doesn’t mean we can’t change, they introduced that system where we can freely change by accumulating points by doing in game stuff. So play for a bit and if you don’t enjoy it or like it, change. We don’t need to wait for rank resets anymore.



Ya its really nice now with the necro bots being gone, you can actually make money.

All ive really done is my daily CM solo, daily Saalus, I just recently started doing gem feud for those 2 gems, and then mainly, I farm HGs for blessed shards, sapphires, mithril ore and albums.

The majority of my money/play time has gone into my weapon, im just now starting to work on my armors to ungimp my defenses. I just got a tier 8 yellow gem onto my Velcoffer top too, I cant believe the amount of PDEF those gems gives,its literally higher then the armor itself.




Honestly it’s just playing the game. I make a decent amount from doing daily cm, saalus, dungeons. Then weekly velc raid and then throw in some random uniqurle raids.

It just comes to not spending frivolously and making better decisions on investments in things.

I’ve made almost 70m since rebuild has started from just doing the things above.

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Hey there. I was wondering: any good replacement for marnox card? I dont feel like spending 45m on 45 crit rate (15 each). I took a look at Reikarus (is that the right name?) Is it worth it?



@adrian.agulto.rn Hey, I tried to PM you but I guess it isn’t possible anymore. :laughing:



Theres no need whatsoever for Marnox cards, the only people that should ever even consider forking over 20+ million for one is Sorcerers and even they can get by almost as well with an 400k Netherbovine.

On this build your purple slots need to be for SP management anyways, whatever combination works for you of Rikaus, Muscharia, Specter Monarch, Throneweaver, Rocktorgua, Carapace, Salamander etc.

You are looking for either the ability to boost sp potions, boost sp recovery, or return sp based on specific types of mobs you are farming the most.

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Thats what I though about Marnox. Didnt knew about these SP cards, thank you again!



I’m getting a lot of mileage out of Rikaus, I suggest it. Unless you are using your character for specific farming areas you can use the cards that restore sp for those monster types.



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any definitive answer about mergen skill distribution? I read a lot on the forum but I’m more confused than anything >.<

edit: my build is appr/falco/mergen, took appraiser because I thought for a badly geared char +7 on weapon is better than +20/30% missile dmg, plus i kinda hate the idea of having to mantain a 10s buff (critical shot).
With this in mind I need at least one point in every mergen skills to not have downtime I think



In both cases, we max Triple Arrow

Now you’re mergen could be leaning towards pve or bossing, your skill points will start to vary

For obvious reasons, 15/15 Downfall outright for bossing goals, then suit to taste/gamestyle

For pve, with aoe stacking, Homing arrow. I know math is important in this part, but I am speaking of knowledge based from experience. With good dmg, 1 oh of homing will clear an entire screen of mobs when done right

Some ppl like some skills, some ppl like others. There isnt really an exact layout, what we avoid is give an “exact” build that works for me, but will not work for you so try not no listen to ppl when giving exact skill builds

Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: if you have more questions feel free to post here so others may answer as well



thanks for the quick answer, for starter, what do you think about jump shot? it’s supposed to be a true aoe, I have it a lv1 but it does so little dmg/hits even with aiming



I understand not having to maintain critical shot buff, but its absolutely huge. But no one’s going to force you into a spec or class you don’t like.

Your circles are fine, not optimized, but unless you’re trying to push hard for top end stuff, it won’t matter. Just have some fun.

All of the mergen skills are great, imo. Triple shot is probably the only one that absolutely needs to be maxed. The others come down to preference, playstyle, and what you enjoy using.

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i tested both overestimate and steady aim, the winner is steady aim, give more damage.

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By how much? It also depends if your overestimate send you at an enhancement “cap” like you have a 9+>+16

Btw I’m testing jump shot, I tried maxing it for science and after all it’s not too shabby:

  • It has indeed true aoe but the hitbox is finnicky,

  • if there is some form of elevation it will miss

  • If the server is lagging you will desinc on go back to the starting point

  • It can slow enemies hit

@ennisol thanks, what you say is definitely true, I’ll keep it in mind



Oh thanks for your new input! I believe korean players do max Jump shot actually, but I personally find it very buggy. Thanks for pointing out that it bugs on *uneven terrain. Plus i didnt know it slows enemies!

Taken a few days ago. Apart from the PES that didnt crit, it looks like all were critical hit…

Homing arrow with +18 aoe attack ratio for reference



how much pdef/mdef is needed to solo cm5? have solmiki leather +11 seems too squishy for solo cm.



I m currently with 30k+ pdef base, occassional hp pots.

In line with this, I got inquiries if they can cm6 without elixirs. My answer based on 30k pdef? For archers maybe not. Anyway there is no point not to use them

You’d relly feel squishy with leather. Moreso if you use kraujas effect youre like a glass cannon type. For me, dead dps = no dps

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i forgot the difference, but i tried it with +16 T10 380 orange bow
eventhough overestimate make it +23 T10 (+940 Patk), the avg dmg is SURPRISINGLY lower than +16 T10 with steady aim (0 attribute)

and doesnt matter if it is +9 to +16, or +16 to +23, the end result is the same



Which area are you trying to solo cm5 though, the lower floors of astral tower have too much magic damage, youd ideally want like 21F for the squishy flying type mobs however if you just want silver do the old lower lv sausis room 9, can still pull close to a million silver and can solo 5 there with literally 7 or 8k defenses.