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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


why confuse which one to pick if you can pick both?
just go pheasant 15 and tomahawk 4
then go to crystal mine 1F farm bat gem in there



I think there could be not enough points to play with. I personally want to make my dps as efficient as possible in many ways, and having 45 points is a bit of a dillemma for me. I am just saying this as I want to clear cm7, which I have only done once so far with a geared friend.



bat gem: tomahawk skill +1

voila! you can go max circling, aiming, pheasant, roost and tomahawk 4 (+1 from bat gem)



Excuse me.
Would you mind sharing any tips for soloing CM? How does one solo CM 7 with such a squishy class? Im main mergen, only char, I love the class but its so squishy, any advice to solo CM besides getting full velco+11 trans 10? lol
Thanks in advance.



That was adrian going for 7, I just solo 5-6. Eventually id like to go higher but I only have cheap, temporary 40ish con/str primus armors, no transcendence. Im saving for the Velco Armor pieces and Ignas Ichors now, I have over 500 million into my Velco Bow so for me atleast, it takes a long time.

Ive personally only been back about 2 months so its tough catching up with these folks that didnt leave or started 2 years or so ago.

Sorry for not replying in a bit but seems like people have the build figured out for the most part now. Mines been done and ive been working on my alchemist mule for a few days.



I dont think it is possible for us to solo cm7 but i am still hopeful there can be a way to do it :disappointed_relieved:

I did choose plate over leather to begin with. And this is why I am so enthusiastic finding out the best dps skill allocation with this build because until cm5, you dont really much need to worry about skill alloc. But if you wanna go higher every skill rotation will count

It makes me have goals in game so i dont get bored



Tested on level 300 mobs. Without attribute, Pheasant does average 100k damage. With attribute, it does average 50k multiplied by 5. So the damage reduction is 50% while total input is 2.5x the normal damage without attribute.



Thank you @angrybird, I did also test it out and saw it. I have greatly overlooked this skill’s potential. Thanks for testing



Yeah I think people are pretty much done or doing a little honing into their builds now. My most recent one I posted, I am tied for first in archer for Bernice, and I even died with like 2 mins remaining.

I’m still tinkering a little, but have pretty much made my decisions.

I’m overall very happy with rebuild and mergen in general. I’ve always been a fan of the playstyle and class, so I’m enjoying it a lot. They should tinker a little with some sfr but nothing is too over the top or too low atm I think.

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what has become to that 5 point ex zenith?



I have to believe at some point Zenith will be buffed though.

Its just strange that our circle 3 lone skill is our weakest pretty much. Its not that big of a deal b/c we have more good skills then we can pick already but when you only get 1 circle 3 skill you just assume its going to be good or at worst not suck



For now it’s 5 spares. They will go either into Homing Arrow or Triple Arrow, I’ll check tonight.

By the way, my Ranger skill set has now changed to:

15 High Anchoring
15 Steady Aim
5 Critical Shot
5 Spiral Arrow
5 Bounce Shot

Yes, High Anchoring is your best skill for Ranger so I maxed it by taking away 5 from Critical Shot and 5 from Spiral Arrow.



Yep, good thing someone told you guys a week ago to max anchoring and homing arrow =) wink wink.



Have you tried Fletcher instead of Falconer? Which one is better?



Falconer has 2 nukes (Pheasant and Tomahawk), Aiming and Circling to help your party kill stuff faster. Fletcher has… well another set of pushbutton skills I guess if you don’t think managing 10/12 skills is not enough.



The only variation to the build that is legitimate tbh is replacing ranger with pied piper, that version is actually preferred in alot of endgame guilds for velcoffer and other raids.



Fletcher is more of a headache. You add so many skills with so many OH, you’ll burn out your keyboard or your sp.



I have to agree. 1pt zenith is probably the way I’m eventually going to go. Atm, it seems far too weak as our last tier skill. It needs another OH and better sfr scaling.



Thanks for the replies about CM.
I have about 800 blessed shards and im looking for a good bow to invest into. Do we have something established about the best bow for mergen beside Velco? Is it better Asio, Wastrel or
both doesnt have much difference from Masinios? Im falco-mergen-ranger
Thank you in advance!



Wastrel for stats.
Asio is interesting, but I never really like those kinds of procs.
I personally prefer Masi over Asio. Giving a crit debuff on bosses so everyone can benefit now is pretty good.

But really… I’d work toward velco, the transcendence and base weapon dmg changes make such a huge difference. You’ve saved up a good amount of gems, it would suck to invest into a unique weapon then a few months later get velc and you needa refarm shards again. That’s my personal view, I also don’t know how far you are from velc.