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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen

  1. I just tested downfall and downfall broaden in Crystal Mines and recorded video and played it back slowly.
    THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE in the cycle time. I’m getting 39 hits for both with and without the attribute. I don’t see any dmg, hit or anything different with the attribute on. This puts a huge damper on downfall. It might be bugged, but it’s still good for single target. It’s SFR is a lot higher than anything else, but its over time.

  2. Barrage, High Anchoring, Bounce, Spiral are all really good still. Their SFRs are really high. It’s hard to decide what to pick. I think 1 in crit shot is fine even though the SFR is pretty good too.

  3. Jumpshot hits 4 times, still kinda weak though imo. Sprinkle does a ton (almost 50 hits) with aiming up.

With my wanting to do more single, I specced into jumpshot, more into sprinkle, and took out some from homing. My AoE seems more than enough with pheasant, tomahawk, barrage, high anchoring, and bounce.

This is my current iteration of my build:


Bugged Mergen Attribute - Downfall Broaden

Yeap. That’s the result i got from testing Broaden attribute. Thanks for testing and sharing the result!

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Thanks for that info. Did you also test in slow mo that arrow sprinkle hits for 50? If so that is good. I would then move points from jump shot to arrow sprinkle. Good for bossing as well



Yeah I watched it many times. It looks like 50 hits.



hmm, try to take corsair with you
put flag
cast aiming+arrow sprinkle
let the number counting up

just tested it with my mergen friend: indeed 50 hit with corsair flag
sadly for bossing, it has 40 second CD and only 1 OH, downfall is still better at this part because has 2 OH, and if you wait patiently for each OH finished, you wont get into downfall’s CD

sorry, i just sold my hawk for squire slot, cant help testing with aiming until 5th week



Great news then! On top of that, sometimes jumpshot actually bugs (it doesn’t hit). Thanks a bunch



@sandynicole320, @Ennislol, @adrian.agulto.rn
Thanks for sharing your builds.



I’d add Pheasant as core. It’s a nuke button and nobody should have it unskilled. How many points you put in it can vary, but I’d say at least 12 points.

My current build:

5 Swift Step
5 Concentration
5 anywhere that doesn’t matter and will never be used (unless you’re starting at level 1)

5 High Anchoring
15 Steady Aim
10 Critical Shot
10 Spiral Arrow
5 Bounce Shot

1 Roost
15 Circling
12 Pheasant
1 Sonic Strike
10 Aiming
5 Tomahawk
1 Preemptive Strike

10 Homing Arrow
10 Triple Arrow
10 Down Fall
10 Arrow Sprinkle
5 Zenith

This gives me 11 skills for damage, but I really want to keep only 10 to match mouse-user quickslots (1-0), so I’ll have to ditch one. Probably Zenith (doesn’t seem impressive). I’ll make more tests for fine tuning.

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Thanks for shring your input, but I might say I feel Tomahawk might be more core than Pheasant due to significantly higher sfr. My tomahawk sfr iirc is almost 1800%, while phesant is near 1000% i think…

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infinite downfall trick:
each OH will refresh itself after 15 second, so after cast lv 15 downfall, you just need to wait for 5 more second to refresh and use your first OH again, this way you wont get into CD and each downfall OH will only have 5 second down time



Isnt it the same as using 2 OH and having 10 second down time??



downfall CD is 20 second, and you must wait for the first OH finished to cast the 2nd OH, and then it goes to 20 sec CD. That is the normal way

1stOH -2nd OH- 20 sec CD -1st OH

downfall lv 15
1stOH (10sec)->5 sec ->1st OH-> 5sec ->1st OH
so in 1 minute you can do 4x 1st OH

hmm… i think you were right, it is the same



Hey people, I’ve read through the thread and have learned lots. Thank you very much for all the thorough testing.

I know a lot of you here are a big fan of the bird but having played so much falconer before Re:Build, I’m kinda sick of it and want something different (also, I don’t wanna spend more unnecessary TP on another character slot for a companion).

I tried out Mergen and it feels very much what I had in mind for an Archer class: mobile, deals DPS from a distance and is a little squishy. I understand that the Falconer class is a no-brainer for Mergen because of AAR issues and how circling circumvents that but I really don’t want a Falconer in my build.

I am looking towards making a single-target DPS build with some AoE. Something like a 65-70% single-target focused build and the rest for AoE mobbing.

I have come up with this build so far and would like to hear what your opinions are.


I am leveling up my archer from scratch (testing out levelling up strictly via questing atm) to get a rough feel of what a beginner would feel like playing TOS for the first time (working on a guide).

I only plan to allocate around 40M silver for this build. With that said, do you think this build would serve my intentions well?

My thoughts when creating this build:

  1. Pairing [Wugong Gu] with [Downfall] and & [Spiral Arrow], followed by [Cresendo Bane] to get manymanymanymanymany damage numbers overflowing out of the target (bosses in general)
  2. AoE DPS will pretty much be everything else.
  3. SP consumption should be quite about the same as your builds in this thread as you don’t really need to spam Wugushi skills too often (tbh I think of Wugushi more as a single target DPS class and majority of the game will be AoE orientated)
  4. If my SP consumption is not too high, I am thinking taking out two points from [Arrow Sprinkle] and putting one point into [Spread Shot] & [Jump Shot].
  5. I feel its not that great for solo-ing CM 1-5 unless I spam Wugong Gu
  6. Investment wise I think it will generally be the same for all Mergens. Hey at least I have another empty character slot.
  7. Are there any accessories/gems that go well with DoT? Something that increases dmg per hit or smth like that.


If you don’t like falconer, try ranger-piper-mergen. Piper is really good in rebuild imo.

I haven’t done much with wugu this rebuild.

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I would also say (And I’m a former Wugushi Mergen too) try Pied Piper instead of Wugushi for ReBuild! :smiley:

P.S. So what’s the verdict on Jump Shot then? xD Yay or nay? I’d get it instead of Downfall.



I ended up having it a filler skill, personally speaking

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Base factor of level 12 Pheasant is around 600% and base factor of level 5 Tomahawk is around 1000%, but you have this:

Pheasant: Rapid Attack

" Damage of [Pheasant] decreases, but the skill hits 5 times"

I have no idea what the decrease is, but surely the x5 multiplier largely surpasses the loss of base damage. I’ve tested both skills in the level 330 dungeon and, while every use of Pheasant clears all mobs in its AoE, Tomahawk does not. In the end, it doesn’t matter much, as the burning effect of Tomahawk finishes off anything anyway :wink:



Made my mind, and the choice was really easy. Zenith will have to go away. I don’t see it being that good, but the DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA horrible sound effect it makes is unbearable…



Oh thanks for pointing that out. I almost forgot pheasant does have that attribute

It sounds like triple arrow: triple attribute. So does it mean it gives more dmg… :scream:



Would you be able to test this out? Pheasant dmg with and without attribute?