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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


From what I understood, the actual damage of the skill won’t change, but the time it takes for it to deal dmg will be reduced to 5 sec, so 4300% ATK per 5,25 sec total. Will have to try this out once server is live.

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that is what i thought at first, but dummy testing many many times with broaden attribute, it still has the same hit, not going faster at all. Or maybe we dont have korean server so we can’t reach that 0.1 second speed.
@sttr413 i can’t test the actual damage to normal monster, they died before downfall duration ended. But from dummy testing, i am pretty sure the duration is still 50 hit within 10 second with or without broaden, doesnt get reduced to 5 second.
Need to test how far away caster from target before downfall ended abruptly
I dont think downfall:broaden attribute worth taking, enemies surrounding target must be very near to get caught by the effect, moreover for half damage.



If you take downfall it should be for bossing/single target and imo you should not take the broaden attribute b/c it makes the skill absolute trash. I tried with and without and with broaden on I literally could not kill trash mobs in sausis room 9 in 1 shot with a trans 8 velcoffer bow with wastrel ichor and tier 8 gems, I can 1 hit mobs with literally any of my other skills.

Im surprised so many people get hung up on the math though, like down to the exact decimal. ToS is just a casual farming game, use whatevers comfortable for you. I could understand if there were hardcore timed leader boards with godlike rewards for the top 10 etc. but I wouldnt fixate so much on min/maxing.



like Ennislol, i am trying to find balance between AOE and bossing skill.
Taking fletcher crossed my mind, but i believe downfall has more DPS/SP cost than magic arrow, the cons is you must stay near the target or else downfall duration will ended abruptly

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You guys can also swap out ranger for pied piper though, if your hardcore and big into raiding/endgame content like @ennislol.

Asfar as fletcher goes, if you can keep the sp needed and you have like 14 fingers which alot of people do, go for it. The only big knock against it was always the “piano” aspect, some folks are really dexterious in rl though on a keyboard or gaming mouse.

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if you are leveling, you should prioritize AOE
ranger: max barrage, high anchoring, steady aim
falcon: max circling, pheasant, tomahawk, aiming
mergen: max homing arrow, triple arrow, spread shot

remember, this is just a temporary skill distribution to help you fast AOE killing, once you get to max level, you must change it to your desire



So to simply say, only take Downfall if you want more single target dps. Otherwise dont, personally i didnt take it



Ya I may change to a more heavy single target loadout in the future if I find an active guild/people to raid with but for now I dont really know many people.

I dont really get what happened when I left the game, like all the guilds literally turned into fan clubs where they were named after their leader and its just like a cult like following. For alot of us that played in beta and founders we dealt with those folks on a regular basis and dont see them as deities so its hard for me to grovel and thus im kind of on the outside looking in now for content.



Just out of curiousity, which server are you playing?)



Klai., just a handful of active guilds with more then like 6 people online and I dont want to get involved with any pvp drama so kind of limits my options. Im scared to see the level of drama that comes with Boruta aswell.

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I play on Klai too and I literally have no idea what you’re talking about here. I do not have that impression at all. But let’s not get off topic for this.

My current impressions are this on the content:
Dungeons - Aoe matters more, the bosses go down quick so dont need single target.
Saalus - Need more single target, bosses are harder than before.
CM - Aoe matters more for clearing waves, the bosses go down quick.
Unique Raid Dungeons - I’ve only done FFL and Ignas so far since rebuild, my initial thoughts are that single target is better. But honestly they feel a lot like CMs where the boss dies relatively quick.
Velcoffer - Single target, with minor AoE. I’ve done velc 3 times since rebuild, all the times it was maximizing dmg to the bosses. Adds and other gimmicks die quickly. Just think, if you kill the boss faster, there’s less of a chance for something bad to happen to you or your party.
Bernice Dungeon - Because of the party play I normally do for everything above, I have mainly been focusing on trying to maximize my spec for bernice dungeon ranking. I’ve found that even 1 point skills help here to finish off the mobs or kill bosses.

In the end, I have been speccing 1pointers because of bernice. I think if you’re solo playing a lot, speccing into 1 pointers like I have might be better. It makes me slightly less efficient in the other content, but party play makes up for it easily.

Random note: I suggest everyone do bernice once a week. It takes 15 mins (its timed) and you get a lot of dimension potions (which are better than Keistas and they share same cd, but do not share cd with regular sp pots). It’s a good way to test stuff and you get some much needed pots from it once a week.

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this is the farthest you can get before downfall stop attacking

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Thanks for this info

@Ennislol Thanks man! I same thoughts. Clearing stage 6 cm now, so 1 pointers like greyheim has long suggested is the wae to have a bit more dps. But if cm 5, no 1 pointers needed in my experience.

I did try Bernice and I died from Reflect dmg lol, I laughed. However I was quite happy bosses do more than just big HP chunks of a monster.

Oh and lastly, regarding bosses in cm (or in general), both cloth and leather bosses die easy (cloth being the easiest to kill), while boss wearing plate is the hardest.

I think I did see some info before about penalties and such for missle attacks on different types of armor? If someone has the info or link please



from @greyhiem youtube channel
Ranger: max steady aim, 1 critical shot, rest free - anything is fine
Falconer (all purpose): final point into roost or max pheasant
Mergen (all purpose bow build):
Mergen (full AoE with falcon):

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I finalized my build today. Pretty happy and content with it so far, no issues. :+1:

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May I see the finalized build :slight_smile:



Can you elaborate on Downfall - Broaden attribute? I did multiple testing with and without the attribute on mission bosses and it doesnt seem to make a difference.



For general, basic ranger falco mergen I would recommend:

5 swift step core
5 concentration core

15 steady aim core
15 barrage
12 high anchoring
1 crit shot core
1 spiral shot
1 bounce shot

15 circling core
14 pheasant
10 aiming core
5 tomahawk core
1 roost

15 triple shot core
15 homing arrow core
8 jump shot
5 zenith
1 arrow sprinkle
1 spreadshot

I put some as core as these ones are irreplceable. The rest can be up to preference but this is what I would recommend.

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Ya, core wise identical to what I settled on too minus barrage, I max anchoring but ya. Everyone is going to differ a lil bit now but I think those cores are going to be, or should be pretty static.



300 posts? Hehehehehehe