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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


I think it is a lot more that isnt it? Downfall has an attribute than reduces its cycle by “half” so 0.2 becomes 0.1. 83% dps every 0.1 I think?



What works for me is 15 homing, 15 triple, 10 arrow sprinkle and 5 zenith.

Now the reason I stay with max sprinkle is twofold, single target boss damage, it helps on boss fights, and mainly, the solo CM i do, I use a statue in the bottom corner to lure mobs behind and then sprinkle the opening of the path.

Spread shot is decent now it just pales in comparison to homing so I gave up few days back, havent missed it.

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  1. Can you show it in dungeon or Lvl 1 CM or something? You’re saying the tooltips are wrong for jumpshot? If the tooltips are wrong, then jumpshot might be better yeah.
  2. Bounce does have 3 OH, mine are hitting for a lot because of the 604% SFR.
  3. High anchoring is the same, 886% SFR is hitting hard.
  4. Homing seems good.
  5. Spreadshot looks good too.
  6. I’m a fan of downfall, others may not be.
  7. I specced 1 into zenith for the skill to be able to have more skills for bernice.

Lemme know what you find out.



ups sorry, too many resetting made me forgot bounce shot has 3 OH, hehe. Btw, i tested all of these skill using 0 attribute and non-velco weapon, i am poor AF. That is why my bounce only 448% and high anchoring 681%
here is a screen shot of vanilla jumpshot lv 15 (tooltip show SFR 254%) against astral tower 1f monster



Doesn’t help if you don’t also do the same with high anchor, spiral, and bounce.

At that Pattk, that jumpshot still seems low. But it hits 3 times?

This is my current build:

I’m debating putting less in spiral and more into barrage. I want more single target and barrage shotgunning seems good. Bernice, the hardest part is the bosses.



spiral arrow

high anchoring

bounce shot

jump shot hit 4 times, has 2 OH

for bossing, jump shot and spiral arrow is still better than high anchoring and bounce shot

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Spiral hits 6 times though, increasing up to 11 though right? It has increased crit rate, ignore defense too.

I’ll give jumpshot another try…



I put 1 into Jump shot atm, 1 in spiral



I want Asio ichor haha. The way we spam skills I think those bunnies are easy to proc



yup very easy to triggered. Bunny also can:
-provoke enemies
-be a tank bait sometime

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Thanks so much for posting this.

You build Falconer like I built mine. I have an idea of what I want as Mergen now, except with Jump Shot.

I’m just having doubts with Ranger now, hehe.

I’ll post my current build in a bit! :relaxed:



This is what I got. Mergen stuff can be changed since I’m not even done leveling yet, hehe.



That’s great to hear. :slight_smile: I will try to update in a bit, to my final skill allocation.

Some changes I did include 8 points in High anchoring, 1 point Spiral

Jump shot 8, zenith max, homing max

For your falco, I dont encourage having PES and sonic strike. If you have budget build and want dps, go for Pheasant.

I only started feeling my hawk doing dmg when I invested heavily on it, which may not be the case for everyone who is buulding up



It’s just 2 points. I might just do what Ennis does and move points from Circling to Pheasant.

What bugs me now about my Ranger build is the fact I skipped Barrage because I thought nobody was using it anymore, lol. And it seems people don’t max Crit shot either.



We didn’t think to use it much, but we’ve been afford a lot of time to test stuff, so people have been experimenting. We have another week to keep respeccing and trying new skill combos.

Honestly, you shouldn’t take anyone’s word as gospel here. Just take into account what people say when making your own decisions and how your experiences are going with them.

Like my skillset is very different than everyone else’s because we all focus on different stuff and we focus on different content. Find something that fits your playstyle and what your mainly do in game.



That’s what I’m trying to do. Get the best out of you 3, haha! :blush:



What he said is true.

Oh and I like Barrage mainly because it is spammable, is based on your aoe attack ratio, and reduces cd with high anchoring for which we now get both for dmg and utility

I remember when I still had rogue that makes barrage hit twice. 3 oh, 5 arrows then x2 = 30 arrows per skill factor.

I just use High anchor atm, Barrage, Bounce until about cm stage 4. After that, I need to use bigger skills, Triple and Homing. About 1 min per stage until cm 5



Does anyone have a leveling build, or good all around? I havent played this game in like 3 years and I am so lost on what to put points in. So far I gathered advance to ranger, then falcon, then mergen? Just dont know what to put my stats and skills into :frowning:



some thorough testing about downfall
-at max level it has 50-52 hit (dummy testing 50 hp is deleted with 1 OH of downfall)
-attribute broaden that double the cycle doesnt make it become 50x2 hit (so turn it off when you do bossing)
-you must be near the target or else downfall will stop in the middle

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How I understand it is this:
Lvl 10 downfall example:
83% SFR per 0.2 seconds for 8 seconds. Meaning it hits 40 times.

If you have Broaden: It does 83% SFR per 0.1 seconds for 8 seconds. Meaning it hits it 80 times.

This week I’ll test the SFRs in Dungeon 330 on:
Ranger: Barrage, High Anchoring, Crit, Spiral, Bounce
Mergen: Jumpshot

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