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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen


sadly any falconer cant use glassmole, they are cursed to use centaur card



Relax a little. Your ranger level just might not be at max thats why you’re maxing out at 10.

@adrian.agulto.rn you’re prolly missing Kraujas.
@myself how is the piper version? I debated on that too, but I feel the lack of dmg skills is hurting me for like bernice.

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Ohh thank you both for clarifying what was wrong and not just insult me because you are too lazy to explain



Have you noticed how you worded your first post? Let me remind you that I made this thread and if you read it, I clearly stated to be respectful.

You got triggered how wrong you were and even accused me of using outdated sites. If you didn’t even know about the max levels, I’d assume you’re even new to the game?

You don’t want to reply to me? But you benefit from the intensive daily testing me and the people who have contributed here are doing.



Oh yeah, I haven’t completed Kraujas. I did see that on your buff icons. Highest I did on my Tomahawk dmg on crit in dg mobs was around 620k. Thanks for that Ennislol :slight_smile:



“I made this thread”
Does it mean you have to be so disrespectful to the people?
And you aren’t the only person helping each other here. If this thread wasn’t created by you, another person would have done it because it’s very common and mutual interest among the archers. I don’t even know why I’m losing my time with you anymore
Also, I’m playing mergen as an alt, all my other characters are 390 and yeah, I didn’t know about the 31 thing, and if you knew about it you simply didn’t want to explain me that because you like to think that you’re the boss, but well, you’re not :slight_smile:



Such toxic behavior.



Sorry had to feed the kids, get my old tail on the treadmill and shovel 9 feet of snow b/c for some reason my wife insists on living 100 yards off lake Erie where we get 10 months of winter, 1 month of rain, and 1 month of humid 95-100 degree weather.

Asfar as the mini-drama just put it behind you, we all fall victim to it. Me and @myself used to fight like cats and dogs in the old days on my old account, if you really need drama just roll toons on Klaipedia and whisper people in Forbidden that so and so said they suck at pvp and just sit back and watch the ensuing 6 hour shout war.

Otherwise I agree with everyone, I have seen several people use @myself’s Pied Piper version for the double damage song, its not for me but it makes sense for sure. I think most people are going to find different loadouts that suit their needs, I guess that fits with IMC’s efforts to encourage more diverse play styles.

Lastly keep in mind @ennislol is pretty OP, in-game hes rocking full endgame partis soultion’d Velco so his damage is always gonna look better then ours =).

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piper version is less stressing, more funny
you dont have to keep critical shot buff active at all time
less DPS skill to be maxed

dmg/SP wise, you get 2x dmg for the cost of one skill use, i think it is very cheap.

i laughed everytime my friend got caught in my flame dance combo

of course you can keep ranger-falcon-mergen, and +kraujas set effect for piper replacement

edit: oh you have kraujas already… hmm, then dont pick piper

has everyone tried uphill? i got overwhelmed at stage 19 T_T



Yes please let’s get back on track

@Ennislol If you don’t mind me asking, what is your new physical attack post trans event?

All skills max enhance for reference

Sorry about the blown up size dunno why



I will try uphill once, atleast for dps testing and title reward :stuck_out_tongue:

I am so bummed lately all I do is test skill allocations and constantly respec’ing. So far pretty happy with results, even so crazy enough to test PES + lv5 sonic strike.




Pretty much, +/- allocation

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i tested max
bounce shot, spiral arrow, high anchoring
spread shot, jump shot

every mergen skill is more powerful than ranger



Ya I know alot of folks in the thread like using either bounce shot, barrage, or spiral arrow, myself though, all I really use is high anchoring outside of critical shot and steady aim.

I like anchoring now, the hitbox is much better and it does a lil damage, can clear waves itself 1st couple stages of CMs and is handy in open world aswell.



But isn’t bounce and high anchoring like 600% sfr? Jumpshot and zenith are like 300? Homing is like 500.

@adrian.agulto.rn My screenshot above shows. It’s like 14916-17013. No gems though, that’ll only add like 1500ish though.

@Battle_Forged high anchoring and barrage are doing pretty well, I’m surprised. I specced a bit differently, I’m debating getting less Spiral arrow, the single target is surprisingly not as good as I want it to be. And yeah, my gear is pretty end game, don’t use my numbers as the rule but more as the potential it can be I suppose.

I’m currently 3rd archer in Bernice in klai. And I feel like I’m doing something wrong or speccing wrong. I want more single target damage. I hate to do it, but I might spec a bunch of 1 pointers just to have a skill to use on single target.



jump shot tooltips didnt write how much it hit, stronger than spiral arrow

bounce shot doesnt have overheat and only fixed at 6 target, dmg at 33k

high anchoring dmg at 80k

homing sfr is 407% x 5 per OH

spreadshot dmg at 100k per OH

downfall is a little hard to measure because each hit is fast, hard to catch by eyes, sometime it hits shorter than the other time, dunno why. If only looking at SFR, it has 10.5 second/0.2= 52 hit x 83%= 4357%
it is DoT, so looks weak, but the total dmg is great

zenith hit is too spread out, hard to measure



Ya ive had anchoring maxd for a few days and use it regularly now. I tried spiral arrow 1st b/c I thought with it being semi decent pre re:build that with circles being balanced it would be OP but it felt meh at best to me. I have np with boune shot’s damage, its the fact that it only hits 6 targets regardless of aiming, circling etc, so I dont even put it on my bar, I have it, just dont use it.



Yeah for some reason Downfall is really great on paper but feels… :flushed::weary:



it still deliver that 4300%, but after 10.5 second (which most of us dont have patience to wait that long when measuring)
its real DPS is 83%*5=415%



Hi there,
How do you feel about leaving both Spread Shot and Arrow Sprinkle at 1?

Just like @Battle_Forged here, goal is all PvE content + strict limit of 11 damaging buttons. Less buttons is even better (9-10 is fine), so I am kinda eager to throw something out and put more pts elsewhere. Thank you.