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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen

Hey guys, with the new changes, for now we need 30 AAR to hit 6 times ? thats too much right ? i wonder if i need to invest on that-…

You need 20 aar, it’s a bit easier to obtain now that circling essentially gives you 8.

I’m trying to get 20, but not too concerned as it mainly affects triple arrow and it does not seem like I will be maxing that skill.

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Exactly what he said ‹‹‹

So, its too much investment on 30 AAR, 20 es fine. For u guys, which is a good skill point distribution for mergen now ?

20 still a lot and may be challenging for most. As he said triple arrow may be less appealing now, moreso for fletchies

Funny thing when I was testing the new Pre-Emptive Strike, I had allocated a single skill point into it to test if it would cast any of the skills on level one without investing into them. It does, no matter if you have allocated points or not.

The funny bit is that the game gives you the level 1 skills temporarily, and yes you can cast it on your hotbar. lol

Notice that I still have 44/45 skill points. After changing channels it goes back to normal.


I see. Tho wont rely on it since it is a bug…

So the new build is 15 Spread Shot 5 Triple Arrow 10 Down Fall 10 Homing Arrow 5 Zenith now?

Spread Shot seems to do a ton of damage if maxed, I didn’t skill this one before so I’ll have to spare 15 points from my old build.

Triple Arrow was maxed before, at 5 it does half damage.

Down Fall at 10 should be fine.

Homing Arrow will destroy everything, now has 3 OH too, so clearly a must-max one.

I was using Arrow Sprinkle a lot before as an opening vs bosses. I feel I’m missing something by not taking it. But we’re lacking points for everything and can’t keep skills at level 1 anymore since they tend to hugely scale with level now. And the CD is longer.

Now Zenith… Didn’t skill it before simply because the sound it makes is horrendous. But the damage seems great now.


that exactly how i distribute my skills yesterday, triple arrow5+attribute is strong enough, more than that is a waste of skill point,

but still take arrow rain

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yes :distinguished:


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When Mergen released, this was one of the reasons I didn’t like the skill, I had a male Mergen but swapped builds with that character for a long time. Now my Mergen is a female character and I find the female voice more bearable when casting the skill.

Another other option is changing the game’s audio to Japanese.

since the first time i played tos and found the dungeon BGM is house music/disco, i muted all volume, so zenith sound never bothered me

i only can get 26 so far


surprisingly, for bossing (which these skills excels at), HiSprinkle LoDownfall is more optimal than LoSprinkle HiDownfall
for example
2arrow sprinkle 8 downfall

8arrow sprinkle 2 downfall
give better total SFR
so dont underestimate this skill

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Downfall sucks imo lol

Good to know.

Btw I didn’t know Downfall CD increased with level…

nope, the CD is the same, but the duration is longer at higher level, and you wont cast downfall again before the previous OH’s duration still not finished yet, right?
so for your case, lv 10 downfall 8 sec/OH
1 Downfall skill need 36 sec to be usable again without sacrificing any dmg

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But the skill goes on CD immediately, not at the end of the duration right?

oh, you are correct! so the calculation is 1OH+20cd
i edited my previous post’s table

a little tips about downfall: odd level give 3 more hit, while even level give 2 more hit, always aim for lv3,5,7,9,11

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I need to have an Appraiser, and since I only have one archer, I’m thinking about changing this one to Appraiser.

Would it be good for overall PVE a Mergen>Falconer>Appraiser ?